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Feb 27, 2015
Ice dancers Betina Vadimovna POPOVA (Russian: Бетина Вадимовна Попова) & Sergey Alexandrovich MOZGOV (Russian: Серге́й Александрович Мозгов) represent Russia. Popova was born 2 November 1996 in Vladivostok, Primorsky Krai, Russia, while Mozgov was born on 10 March 1995 in Moscow, Russia. The team was formed after the 2015-16 season, after the couple's former partnerships dissolved. The pair made their international debut at the Golden Spin of Zagreb 2016.

Betina announced her retirement in this instagram post:

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Their threads with former partners

Betina Popova & Yuri Vlasenko

Anna Yanovskaya & Sergey Mozgov

Social media

Betina's Instagram:

Betina' s vk

Sergey' s vk

Biographical Info​

Betina's Wikipedia:

Betina's Russian Bio (archived July 2019)

Sergey's Wikipedia

Sergey's Russian bio (archived July 2019):

Their ISU bio:

Their profile:

Their tracings entry:

Total175.24ISU CS Finlandia Trophy 2019
RD73.30ISU CS 27th Nepela Memorial 2019
RD Technical40.70ISU CS 27th Nepela Memorial 2019
RD Component32.60ISU CS 27th Nepela Memorial 2019
FD103.13ISU CS Finlandia Trophy 2019
FD Technical55.88ISU CS Finlandia Trophy 2019
FD Component48.24ISU CS 26th Ondrej Nepela Trophy 2018

Historical Personal Bests
Prior to Season 2018-19

Total164.07ISU CS Warsaw Cup 2017
SD64.38ISU CS Warsaw Cup 2017
SD Technical34.13ISU GP Rostelecom Cup 2017
SD Component31.08ISU CS Warsaw Cup 2017
FD100.94ISU CS Ondrej Nepela Trophy 2017
FD Technical52.48ISU GP Rostelecom Cup 2017
FD Component49.20ISU CS Ondrej Nepela Trophy 2017


RD: Cabaret soundtrack, including: Foxtrot: "Willkommen," Charleston: "Money, Money," and Can Can: "Mein Herr;" ; choreo by Maxim Staviski, Olga Lukina
FD: "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen; choreo by Maxim Staviski, Olga Lukina

2019 Skate Canada RD

2019 Finlandia Trophy RD
2019 Finlandia Trophy FD

2019 Nepela Memorial RD
2019 Nepela Memorial FD

SD: Alfred Schnittke’s “Tango in a Madhouse;" choreo by Anjelika Krylova
FD: Master and Margarita soundtrack by Igor Korniliuk; choreo by Anjelika Krylova

2019 Winter Universiade RD
2019 Winter Universiade FD

2019 Russian Cup Final RD
2019 Russian Cup Final FD

2019 Russian Nationals RD
2019 Russian Nationals FD
No video found

2018 Golden Spin of Zagreb RD
2018 Golden Spin of Zagreb FD

2018 Volvo Cup RD
2018 Volvo Cup FD

2018 Grand Prix Finland RD
2018 Grand Prix Finland FD

2018 Ondrej Nepela RD
2018 Ondrej Nepela FD

SD: Cha Cha, Rhumba: Formidable by Stromae, Samba: Batacuda Mixes performed by D.J. Dero; choreo by Ksenia Rumiantseva, Ekaterina Volobueva
FD: Carmen Suite by Georges Bizet; choreo by Ksenia Rumiantseva, Ekaterina Volobueva

2018 Russian Nationals SD
2018 Russian Nationals FD
No video found

2017 Warsaw Cup SD
2017 Warsaw Cup FD

2017 Rostelecom Cup SD
2017 Rostelecom Cup FD

2017 Nepela SD
2017 Nepela FD

2017 Finlandia SD
2017 Finlandia FD

2017 Moscow Open FD

SD: Dream a Little Dream of Me, Rock n Roll
FD: Going to the Run by Golden Earring; Black Betty

2016-2017 Russian Cup Final SD
2016-2017 Russian Cup Final FD

2016 Golden Spin SD
2016 Golden Spin FD

2016 - 5th stage of Russian Cup.

2016 - 3rd stage of Russian Cup.

Competitive History​

2019-2020 Season​
2019 Skate Canada688 (173.54)
2019 Finlandia Trophy233 (175.24)
2019 Nepela Memorial454 (174.12)
2018-2019 Season​
29th Winter Universiade 2019 Krasnoyarsk121 (183.01)
2019 Cup of Russia Final232 (182.22)
2019 Russian Nationals544 (176.93)
2018 Golden Spin of Zagreb533 (165.73)
2018 Internationaux de France878 (163.18)
2018 Volvo Open Cup111 (168.47)
2018 Grand Prix Finland787 (157.56)
2018 Ondrej Nepela333 (170.47)
2017-2018 Season​
2017-2018 Russian Nationals534 (167.70)
2017 Warsaw Cup111 (164.07)
2017 III Stage Russian Cup111 (167.00)
2017 Rostelecom Cup666 (164.02)
2017 Finlandia Trophy735 (152.28)
2017 Ondrej Nepela Trophy323 (161.92)
2016-2017 Season​
2017 Final of Russian Cup232 (154.92)
2016 Golden Spin of Zagreb455 (155.22)
2016 IV Stage of Russian Cup4WD after SD
2016 III Stage of Russian Cup122 (145.99)

Galas and Exhibitions​

2019 Russian Nationals EX- "Nevesta? (Bride?)" by Mummly Troll

2018 Helsinki Grand Prix Gala - Power Rangers soundtrack

2018 Russian Nationals EX -"Hafanana" by Afric Simone

Golden Skate articles

June 2018- "Popova and Mozgov feeling positive after coaching change"

Other Articles and Media

Dec. 2017 - Betina & Sergey on The Hot Figure Show (English subtitles)

Oct. 2017 interview in Russian
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Record Breaker
Mar 6, 2010
They had some interesting moves in that free dance. Not all clean but going somewhere.


Final Flight
Jan 12, 2004
What a nice surprise. They're looking much better than I expected. I like that they're going for a more hard-edged, contemporary FD. Getting a bit tired of all the soft, romantic stuff, TBH.


On the Ice
Mar 7, 2006
Here's their SD from the test skates:

I love their style and the way they move and perform. Their stationary spin-lift is super cool. They got some really interesting choreography in both their SD and FD.


Final Flight
Mar 27, 2010
Mesmerized by them. My favorite dance team now! Betina truly skates the hell out of every program and Mozgov is definitely a step up from Vlasenko. I have watched the SD more than five times.


On the Ice
Mar 7, 2006
Here's their FD (video quality is not too great):

Well, I have a new team to add to my favorite ice dance team list! Their take on Carmen is so fresh and fabulous. They are both so expressive and have great chemistry with one another. Another thing that really got my attention is their creativity in lifts, their spin, and transitions. Super excited about this team and their development.


Record Breaker
Oct 13, 2009
I was disappointed to know that their music was Carmen, but they really did a great job :gclap: :gclap: