Bigger-sized ICE FLY boots causing unstable spins & delayed take off?


Jan 12, 2020
Bigger-sized ICE FLY boots causing unstable spins & delayed take off?


I have been stressed so much for the last 1.5yrs since I changed my boots from the Wifa champion light to the Ice fly ( I am an adult skater). I loved the Wifa, but they became lose after just 1 yr of skating. After the Wifa, I bought a second hand Ice fly 240 Width C (standard) from ebay thought they would fit since my normal shoe size is 7(240), I was dumb..

I couldn't even put my foot all the way in, it was too tight and small. plus, I didn't think about my toe area being a bit square (second toe is the longest one).
So, I sold those second hand to someone else and tried 245 Icefly at a skate shop and ordered a wider width. When I tried at the shop, they did not measure my foot properly, I just went there and asked if they have 245 icefly in stock to try. They had 245 but in a standard width, so I ordered D width with 245 from online in the UK because the UK was cheaper ( I LIVE IN Australia).

Anyway, new Icefly took me nearly 6 months to break in as I had an accessory Navicular bone inside of my right foot. Skin was peeled off and exposed a raw skin, but I kept skating while bleeding, and I was in a horrible pain.. literally, I was skating day to day while crying... because I really wanted to get through that break-in process.

Now, I don't have a raw skin or bleeding or horrible bone pain in that area (but my extra bone has gotten larger over time). However, my spins always (90% of time) travel a lot, hard to find a sweet spot etc. And my flip take off is always takes time after the three turn as I can't feel exactly where my right toe is to dig in.

I have come across the Edea website today and they said if the size is big I can have a trouble finding sweet spots for spins and jump take off possibly be delayed.

Those are the exact problems I have been struggling...

Also, I have to redo my lace several times during practice as my heel part becomes loose and ankles move side side too much.

I started using the Ridelle's R-fit insole since 2 days ago to aid my shallow outside edge issue. On the first day, it felt really good but yesterday and today I'm back where I used to be...

I would need to see an expert to review my blade mounting ( my blade has been adjusted a lot before by my coach, but still not 100% happy).

I would like to know if anyone had experience that they felt they bought a bigger size boots but fixed an issue without buying new boots..

For example, I am thinking to put some kind of memory foam material into the toe box area to make my feet fits more well. For the first 6month of wearing these boots, I had enormous pain in toe areas, arch, and accessory navicular bone (literally everywhere). So, I am scared that I might be in hell if I buy smaller boots or put something in my current boots to make them tighter.

Has anyone had a similar problem?? please share..Thank you.


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Mar 25, 2019
It sounds like you did buy your boots too wide. It is common to have to retie your boots during practice though, but your feet shouldn’t be slipping heaps.

I don’t understand why you don’t you to a fitter and have the boots shaped to your feet?? You can get them punched out where the accessory navicular bone is and have them squeezed in at the heel. If they are still too wide, bunga ankle sleeves may fill the space a bit. If those options don’t work, you really need to go and be fitted properly. I wouldn’t order online unless you are repeat ordering something you already have worn or tried on before and know for certain fits.

Also, did the 245 you tried in store not fit? If not, i don’t quite get your question about size- if the 240 was too small and 245D too big, wouldn’t 245C have been the right ones? And if so why did you order the D width?

Finally, there could be a lot of reasons for the issues you are having skating. I don’t think you can necessarily blame travelling while spinning on the boots, unless that is an issue that started as soon as you changed boots? Keep in mind that boots don’t last forever - they do loosen and break down over time, it is not that unusual that your wifa boots loosened after a year. It might be worth going back to those boots if they fit your foot better.


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Mar 24, 2019
How about getting properly fitted for boots? Start again. Disregard the size, make and model, get measured and fitted properly and just get the right boots for your feet and skating style and level.


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Oct 31, 2006
I agree with the above suggestions.
Perhaps Edeas are not the right boot for your feet. I haven't heard Wifa boots mentioned in years but they may be a better bet for your foot shape. Look at their whole line of boots and get fitted for the one that is correct for your skating level. A skate tech can also punch out areas on the boot that press against tender bones.

Wifa has a website so you could contact them for assistance:

Good luck and happy skating!

Bill S

Jan 31, 2019
Don't forget that blades can cause jump and spin issues too. You didn't mention anything about them or their condition.


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Apr 10, 2019
Admittedly I don't know anything about Edea sizing, but from what I know about figure skate sizing in general, buying boots that are bigger than your regular shoe size does not sound correct at all.


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Jan 9, 2017
You need to find a reputable fitter for figure skating that knows what they are doing.

Edea may not be your perfect boot brand.

Also, with the issues you have with your feet, you are probably going to need custom boots.

So, get fitted properly, make sure they take a tracing and measurement of your foot and all it's issues and what makes it unique, and go from there with what brand, and then talk custom/semi custom.

Stock doesn't seem like it's going to work for you anymore.