boot fitting problems... need your advice


Jan 5, 2020
Hi, I am a beginner adult skater struggling with my boots.
(Sorry for my poor English in advance!)

I have a very low instep, low arches, moderate to wide toe box and average heels.... yes, it's like duck’s feet.

Low instep and arches are a real pain because every time I wear heeled shoes my heels slipping out of them, and exactly the same problem is happening with my skate boots too. When I try to do any jumps, crossovers or turns, my heels are moving around in my boots so badly. (I lace up my boots as much as possible)
I’m currently wearing Jackson Classique and I feel my boots are so roomy on my instep(NOT the width), so I’m considering putting extra sponges or rubber foams between tongues and my feet.
Do you think it worth trying or a big NO-NO?

I want to hear your opinions.
Thanks for reading!


On the Ice
May 15, 2018
You can definitely try to add padding.

IME Jackson has a fairly high instep. Your problem might also be that your heels and ankles are very narrow or just too narrow for the boots.

It's worth traveling a bit to go to an experienced fitter so that you might try on other brands and they can look at your feet an make recommendations. For us on the internet, it's hard to give you a boot suggestion because we aren't looking at your feet. Plus a fitter will have much more experience and give you a better recommendation.

It is a struggle as an adult skater to try to find the boot with the least amount of problems.


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Oct 31, 2006
Yes, you can do that but put the pad where the problem is.

I put round, foam cosmetic pads in my socks. One goes behind my heel and one goes at the outside of my foot, just under my little toe.
There are other things you can buy besides cosmetic pads; cosmetic pads just happen to do the trick for me.
When it's time for you to get new boots, look into a custom option. (Yet my boots are custom and I still have these 2 little issues).


May 19, 2018
You shouldn't be jumping in Classiques, and your heels should never slip! You need to go to an experienced figure skate fitter and get the right size, width, and level. You might be able to stay with Jackson given your foot shape (I too have duck feet and wear a wide even in Jackson :laugh:), but it's also possible that another brand would be better.


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Jan 9, 2017
Your boots are all wrong in more than one way. Don't jump in those.

Depending on the particular fit once your foot is properly sized and traced, you may be able to stay in Jackson, but I would suggest looking into Harlick as well.

Good luck!