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Buying FS tickets in Japan: Changes?


Record Breaker
Sep 28, 2013
It seems changes might be afoot, for the way tickets are bought and sold for figure skating competitions in Japan... to counter the black market, and address the mad scramble to buy...

The following relates to this year's NHK trophy, and I believe this is new this year?

Spectators may be asked to show photo ID to gain entry to the venue.
If the ticket buyer is not present... no entry.
People may even be kicked out after entry, if discovered.
No ticket refunds will be granted

Buying tickets from anywhere or anyone, except the official sites... therefore carries quite a risk of wasted time, money and travel...!

There will be an official reselling site for people who bought tickets but are later unable to go.
Tickets can be returned there for a refund (face value, minus a small amount).
Returned tickets will then be resold via the same official site.

For reference - NHK ticket sales, with details of ID requirements when attending:

Google translate said:
[About tickets illegal resale]
We will strictly prohibit illegal resale by ticket's commercial purpose. In the unlikely event that the resale is found, the ticket holder of the target seat will refuse entry. Even if reselling is found after entry, it may be sent out.

【Confirmation of identity card at entrance】
In order to prevent ticket illegal resale, we may ask you to present identification card for confirmation of identity without prior notice at the time of entry. If you do not have an identity card, you can not enter for any reason. In that case, I will not pay the ticket refund / transportation expenses etc. Please note. As for the identification card, it is as follows.
※ Passport, Driver's license, My number card, Basic Resident Register Card (Juki card with photo), Foreign Resident Registration Card, Health Insurance Card with Photo, Personal Handicapped Personal Handbook.
※ Those recognized as badges in two points Credit card inscribed with the name of purchaser, health insurance card, resident card, family register (extract), seal registration certificate, annuity certificate, employee ID card, student card, ice crystal member ID.

Details of official return/resell site (not live yet, will operate 25th Sept - 6th November)

Something similar might be planned for the GP Final...?
Or indeed, maybe all major competitions in Japan in future?

Systems like this may mean there is a "second chance" for people to get tickets for sold-out events like NHK. But I'm not sure how such resale sites will deal with foreigners, living outside of Japan...?

They used a system like this for the London Olympics.
I think it worked pretty well for that, and was generally A Good Thing...