Channel One Cup: Jump Fest


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Oct 29, 2018
I agree, and better spins too, though I think Anna has a tad more musical sensitivity (but not the versatility - I'd wager Valieva is more able in those terms). And Eteri keeps them coming... have you checked out Akatieva and Petrosyan? They're already showing better performance ability than Valieva at the same age, IMO.
It's been like this for years now. With Yulia, Zhenya, Alina, Sasha/Anna/Alena, Kamila and now Sofia (and maybe others). That's crazy


Jan 18, 2018
OK the standings after the short:

Dance: +5,78 to Team Medvedeva
Men: +7,72 to Team Medvedeva
Pairs: +1,30 to Team Zagitova
Ladies: +30,69 to Team Zagitova

Overall +18,49 to Team Zagitova


The Men and Ladies will probably decide tomorrow's victory team. Escpecially Men where each guy can score anyting from 130-180 points.
The Ladies might close the gap as Trusova will go full guns blazin'.


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Feb 22, 2014
I'm catching up...Live thoughts (I'll split it up)


OMG, O....M...G they actually got REAL life astronauts on the International Space Station to introduce them!!

Oh no did Sasha T get stuck in her cape?! Whoops!!

Ha ha that dude does have the face of a hockey player.

They second dude is pretty hot though, keep wearing your mouth guard!

:laugh: Alina is so cute with her love of ice hockey.

OMG they have sparklers in their hockey sticks! Epic!!!

:laugh2: Ted, I don't think Eteri's gonna be giving new coach Plushy any mentoring.

Zambonis already?!

I love these astronauts! The floating microphone! 🤣😂 The love of figure skating in Russia is truly out of this world! (I'll see myself out ;) )


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Nov 10, 2008
I think Zheya wanted Sasha to go for 3A, Sasha wanted to go for 3A but Plushy sad "no". Zhenya was annoyed, Sasha was disappointed, and Plushy was right. It is just a fun competition and she is still injured or just coming back after an injury, and on a long distance journey for more important goals... Sorry, Zhenya! We love you, captain, but that was not the day for it.
Perhaps you are right but that's speculation. Like I can speculate that I don't think Sasha has the 3 axel even in practice.


Feb 6, 2021

Alyona was not just queen of 3A she was the queen of being a full package with amazing SS, great footwork, and amazing interpretation. She wouldn't have beat Sasha and Anna in 19/20 with just the 3A, it was the amazing PCS that helped her.

And Kamila is still 14, she still has time to grow. Thus far her skating skills are not as strong as Alyona's, her footwork is not as complicated (it's a lovely step sequence, don't get me wrong, but not as difficult as the departure one), and she still hasn't performed to the level of quality which she is capable concerning this short program. And besides, Kamila's strengths are really different from Alyona's. She is very exquisite but in a different way than Alyona.

Each skater is unique, no one will ever be able to be the second Alyona. They may be the next European and GPF champion, but they won't be able to replace Alyona.

100%. That special, gliding, buttery quality of her skate places Alyona in class of her own. There is a 3A and there is Alyona's 3A. Distance she travels in the air takes my breath away.


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Apr 9, 2016
Wow. I love Anna and Kamila.

But I also love Sasha and this is unnecessarily harsh and untrue. It's also unrealistic to think Sasha wasn't trying artistically last year. I just think she's making more improvements this year - her SP was wonderful today and at RusNats. Her improvement is especially noticeable then when she's not worried about the super challenging jumps. I've never seen her perform as delicately as she did recently. She's also only 16 and not a finished product yet - none of them are. It's also crazy to think she and her team WEREN'T working on it.
The problem is none of them will get the chance to become a finished product the way things have been going. And judging by the scores they don't need to because they are already there. Now you have to start following 11 year olds to have time to see actual development. If tiny girls jumping is not your thing, tough luck. Poor men who actually have to work season after season refining their craft and nobody thinks of crowning them at 15 (at least so far, thank heavens!).


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Feb 22, 2014
Short Dance!

This is taking aaaages to start up.

Ha ha oh poor Ted his documents have given him the wrong team names, it's Believer all over again ;)

Oh wait, he's just gonna go with Team Evgenia and Team Alina good call.

I honestly thought he was gonna say "The reason Russia can hold this event is because COVID restrictions don't exist over there".

They've mucked up the graphics! The two boys at the bottom are grouped together instead of having a line between them. (The things that annoy a person :laugh:

Rhythm has been misspelled, but I ain't mad, that word is a nightmare to spell.

Diva!Liza on the ice! I love her, such a boss!

Sasha and Ivan 🥰 But I will forever morn the loss of the tailcoat.

😱 Near collision! Gasp! And right on one teams intro.

Tiff and Jon!!

T/M with their red blankets, I love them.

I've just realised there's two more teams than usual warming up on the ice right now, be careful guys.

O...M...G Ilya Y is being cruelly tortured the ice creams are back! Maxim T you better send them to him direct.

Gasp! It's starting!

I love Burlesque don't @ me! 😝

Team Captain Cam! Zhenya and the stars!! It's adorable!

This is weird for me because I'm reading your comments in another window and am tempted to reply, but it won't make sense ;)

But I will say this @Dawn825

Am I the only one who thinks the World/Olympic team even would be more interesting if they had each country compete their team together, one after the other, instead of dividing it by discipline like they always do?
This idea would be epic!! It would be hard warm up wise but if the facility has two rinks close together (I believe some do?)it could work? It'd be lit! 🔥

Sasha T's beaming sunshine face in the Team Med KnC

Oh book I'll have It's too Darn Hot in my head all day now!

I was forewarned that Yagudin is in the Red Machine so I am not alarmed. :p

Gee Yagudin calm your farm, we're just starting!

How is this scored? Like a total cumulative score I guess?

Also love Bonnie and Clyde!

Step's Stepanova and Bukin!!

They're so amazing! I love you Nikita and Vika but Sasha/Ivan should be the #1 dance team after this season! Or at least equal #1s!!

I'm nosy! Is the kiss for effect or are they an actual couple?

Watch the stars fly!! ⭐

Diva!Liza and Igor are here to rock our world.

Alina Z is SRS BSNS in the Captain Cam, perhaps she knows the rules for ice dance levels! That would make one of us ;)

Sydney Australia shout out!

Obligatory I love The Greatest Showman too! Although they cut out the best part!

Alina is taking this seriously!

Ted is a Yagudin fan, I am slightly disappoint. :p

Did Yagudin also ask if Jon can speak Russian? We Aussies are terrible with second languages ;)

Whoot! Team Zhenya Med takes an early lead!

And yikes Men right up next!
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Feb 13, 2012
my point is that every single time Trusova doesn't get 80 in the short just because she landed her jumps someone accuse the judges of corruption. Which is insulting to the other skaters who performed much more and have better skills but have the misfortune of being Tutberidze's students hence they're labeled as "judges' pets". That's all.


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Feb 22, 2014
Men's event

I love all the men! Russian men don't get the love they deserve sometimes! Sure they're inconsistent but they all try their best and it's all one can ask for.

Oooh! Do the winners in their individual event get a little trophy?!

Oh wait no, just an interview. Which I didn't understand one word of.

Diiiima and Masquerade = OTP although I was hoping he'd stick to the new green coat...

Some of these you, guys! :laugh: Except for Makar, you've let the side down, good sir!


Makar lands his quads though! Maybe the understated costume is his secret! Petition for all black costumes...

Awww THE BOX is gone, come back Box I need you!!

Sssh Yagudin Makar is still skating!

Good luck Andrei! Your costume is more elaborate but still black ;)

Aww man TV1 did you take away The BOX because you think we know enough? Alas I do not ;)

Well despite the falls I enjoyed that! Andrei has style I tells ya.

:laugh2: Sasha Samarin's outfit, so cute.

Ah Russian men aka "Dude, where's my consistency?"

Plushy continues to hold onto it...perhaps he'll give it to Kirill Sarnovsky! This would be my greatest hope, I'm such a fan of Kirill. 🥰

Or possibly...when Plushy stops skating in shows (a truly tragic day) it will disperse into the air of Russia and find some unsuspecting junior boy to bestow this amazing power upon ;)

:laugh: Liza and Sasha T talking together, perhaps they can offer tips to Sasha Samarin ("With the Lutz you need to..." "With the 3A you need to hold your landing leg like...")

Sasha Samarin's been working on his performance and artistry, which is something he can be proud of I say! I'm a fan!

Handsome Dima!! Dance the waltz with me!

Oh yeeeah donut spin with no free leg droppin' love it.

Dima gets the jumps done! Takes back black costume petition! I love fun costumes!

Oh noooo Dima!!!! Alina is horrified!

Dima's little shrug at the end! :laugh2: I love him too.

Here comes Mark!!

Team Zhenya KnC is the best! I love them too!

Ha ha does Zhenya Med have some choreo ideas.

Mark is killin' it!!! Yaaas!

That quad sal was huuuge! And wonderful save on the 3A!

What are Team Zhenya yelling? It sounds like "Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!" (Seems apt for Med ;) )

Silence! The Professor is here and this truly amazing program of Mika's, such saaaasss!

Now we can get looooud!

Ivan B is the best cheerleader 🥰

Blows kisses at Mika! Ted is excited for tomorrow's FS.

Mika gets a star! Because he is one!

After a slow start in that segment Team Zhenya is hanging onto the lead!

Right I'll have to catch up on Pairs and Ladies later I'm going swimming with a friend and then I'm off to my grandparents place.


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Dec 31, 2019
Too bad no 3A jumper has a stable +3lo combo. A clean SP with maximum difficulty (3A, 3F/3Lz, 3Lz/3F+3lo) had no been skated yet. Mao skated a visually clean one at 2015 CoC but unfortunately tech panel always had eyes for her edges and rotation.
Sasha might be able to.

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Sep 14, 2008
my point is that every single time Trusova doesn't get 80 in the short just because she landed her jumps someone accuse the judges of corruption.

That's not true at all, what?

Although, the scores at this event were still skewed. Valieva is amazing but nobody should be getting 90 points, well unless they really have all +5 GOE elements and deserve 10 on PCS, which she absolutely does not.


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Apr 9, 2016
Perhaps you are right but that's speculation. Like I can speculate that I don't think Sasha has the 3 axel even in practice.
I agree, she hasn't fully recovered after her injury yet. Of the two jumps that were causing her the most pain she seems to have got back her 4T but she is being careful with it, and it's much easier for her than 3A.


sasha trusova is superior
Final Flight
Apr 17, 2018
How so? What makes it more difficult in your opinion?
There is much more one-foot skating for one. There is also more multi-directional skating. This isn't something inherently difficult about the step sequence itself but Alyona's edges are notably deeper than Kamila's as well.


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Dec 31, 2016
There is much more one-foot skating for one. There is also more multi-directional skating
No there isn't. Both step sequences are designed to achieve a level 4, and since the requirements for a level 4 stipulate at least 11 difficult turns/steps with 5 of those executed in both directions, they both have basically the same amount of one-foot turns and the same amount of multi-directional skating in them (skaters generally don't do more than a few additional turns/steps, I assume because of time constraints).
This is pretty much the case for every step sequence nowadays.

And I would disagree, that multidirectional skating is a sign of difficulty. I personally don't have a preferred direction for turns/steps, depending on the type of turn/step I might prefer one side to the other, and it's a good mix for both directions (I can't jump or spin in both directions though).
I also don't think one-foot skating is necessarily indicative of difficulty either (doing it with quality, effortlessness and good flow oth...). For instance I find quickness and explosiveness in footwork a lot harder (and therefore more impressive), both in one-foot skating but also in footwork that alternates between both feet and has more steps than turns.