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Chelsea Verhaegh & Sherim van Geffen


Jun 26, 2012
Chelsea Verhaegh and Sherim van Geffen are a Dutch Ice Dance pair. They teamed up early 2019, and have competed at the WC 2021 in Stockholm.

Chesea was born on the 11th of June in 2000, Sherim on the 16th of July 1993. Both were born in The Netherlands and started as single's skaters. Verheagh started skating when she was 6 but Van Geffen didn't start until he was 14. Verhaegh had always been intrigued by Ice Dancing even during the time she was still doing single's. They started training together in 2018 and officially joined forces in 2019.

In 2020 at the Challenge Cup they became National Champions for the first time (at the 2021 Challenge cup there was no National Championship) but, it has to be admitted, they were the only participants. However, midway 2020 they were confronted with a rival pair, Hanna Jakucs and Alessio Galli, originally from Italy/Hungary who had come to an agreement with the Dutch Skating Federation to represent The Netherlands.

Chelsea and Sherim continued with their own plans, in the sense that they wanted to represent The Netherlands at major competitions and were continuing to improve. They managed to attain the minimum TES for the SP at the WC at the Ice Star competition in Minsk (Belarus) and the minimum TES for the FS at the LuMi Dance Trophy in Odessa (Ukraine). At the WC they were 29th, and weren't able to do their FD. However, they hadn't expected to. They were proud to be able to represent their country at a WC. The first time for an ID couple in 24 years.

They are coached by Maurizio Margaglio.

They have a gofundmepage (in Dutch)

ISU bio:


2020/2021 season

RD: "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend" by Leo Robin, Julie Styne performed by Marilyn Monroe
FD: "War on Hearts", "Oh My My", "Live Like Legends" by Ruelle, "Chalkboard" by Johann Johannson


EventRhythm DanceFree DanceTotal
2021 World Championships29 (50.79)DNQ29 (50.79)
2021 LuMi Dance Trophy5 (56.98)5 (86.85)5 (143.83)
2021 Challenge Cup3 (53.32)3 (75.07)3 (128.39)

Results table (taken from the ISU BIO):

International CompetitionYearPlaceInternational CompetitionYearPlace
Volvo Open Cup 2019, Riga201911.Winter Star 2020, Minsk20207.
Bosphorus Istanbul Cup 2019, Istanbul201912.LuMi Dance Trophy 2021, Odessa20215.
Mentor Torun Cup 2020, Torun202017.Challenge Cup 2021, Den Haag20213.
Bavarian Open 2020, Oberstdorf202011.
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Jun 26, 2012
Chelsea and Sherim are going to Nebelhorn! Best wishes and all the luck in the World!