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Coach change

May 12, 2021
So, I decided to swich coach as my current one has pretty obvious favourites who always get all of her attention while I have to train more or less on my own. She also often says completely wrong things like my 2Lz being clean (I always check the landing on ice - it's always < or <<).
So, I definitely know I want to swich coach, but I don't know to which one.
Option 1: I know all the people there and think I would get along well with them, but there's mostly only one coach with a large group of skaters and all of them are below my skill level. They have a second coach who is sometimes there and who is really good. Also, my parents would have to drive me there every day for an hour each direction and it's the same rink where my current coach is during spring and autumn so there would be awkward moments.
Option 2: I could get there on my own by public transport and it wouldn't take too long. The coach there is really good I think, but the skaters always seem a little strange and are a little above my skill level.
I'm really struggling with that decision and thought, that you maybe could help me with some aspects I didn't spend attention on etc.
Thank you for every answer!


Final Flight
Oct 31, 2020
I think option 2 sounds a lot better. Being the highest level skater in your group when you're only on doubles is rarely a good thing in my experience.

Are there any other coaches? Better to have more options than fewer.


On the Ice
Dec 17, 2018
I highly recommend trial lessons. Do one or two with each coach and ask for references.

And there are always awkward moments!