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Daria Danilova & Michel Tsiba.


Jun 26, 2012
Daria Danilova (born 8 september 2002) and Michel Tsiba (born 21 December 1997) are a Dutch Pair team. Together they are the 2020 Dutch national champions and the 2020 NRW Trophy bronze medalist. They competed in the final segment at the 2020 European Championships and are the first Dutch pair to qualify for the World Championships. As the WC in 2020 were cancelled they could not take part. However, they took part in the 2021 WC in Stockholm as the first Dutch pair ever at a WC, but did not make it to the Free Skate.

Danilova was born in Moscow, Russia. She started as a single's skater but did not qualify for the Russian National Championships. She started pair skating in 2017 with her first (Russian) partner but it did not work out. She is currently learning Dutch. Danilova is attempting to obtain Dutch citizenship to become eligible for the 2022 Winter Olympics. She has a pet dog. Tsiba was born in Groningen to a Russian father and a Ukrainian mother. He has an older sister. Tsiba is fluent in Russian. Tsiba first skated single's but after becoming the Dutch National Champion in 2018 he switched to pairs and joined up with Danilova. Danilova/Tsiba alternate training in Berlin and Moscow every three months due to the differences in their respective citizenships' visa requirements. The pair fund over half of their training costs out of pocket via Tsiba's student finances.

They are coached by Pavel Kitashev and Knut Schubert

Biographical lnformation
ISU bio:

Daria: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daria_Danilova
Michel: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michel_Tsiba

Social Media
Daria: https://www.instagram.com/da.ryad/
Michel: https://www.instagram.com/micheltsiba/

Michel's Website: https://micheltsiba.com/

Season 2018-2019
Danilova/Tsiba won their debut international competition, the 2018 Golden Spin of Zagreb on the junior level. They then placed tenth at the 2019 Bavarian Open. In February, Danilova/Tsiba won the 2019 Dutch junior national title unopposed. However, they missed achieving the minimum TES requirements for the 2019 World Junior Championships.

Season 2019-2020
Danilova/Tsiba competed at three Challenger Series events to open the season, finishing tenth at 2019 CS Finlandia Trophy, 17th at 2019 CS Warsaw Cup, and 15th at 2019 CS Golden Spin of Zagreb.
At the 2020 European Championships in January, Danilova/Tsiba became the first Dutch pair in 24 years to compete at a European Championships since Jeltje Schulten / Alcuin Schulten last represented the country at the event in 1996. They qualified to the final segment and finished 16th overall. In February 2020, they finished eighth at the Bavarian Open and tenth at the Challenge Cup; the latter event doubled as the Dutch Championships where, as the only Dutch pair, Danilova/Tsiba won their first senior national title.

At the Challenge Cup, Danilova/Tsiba earned the necessary TES minimums for the 2020 World Championships. They are the first Dutch pair in history to qualify for the World Championships. The event was eventually cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Season 2020-2021
During the offseason, Tsiba underwent surgery to repair a torn meniscus. However, the pair did not start training together again until the end of August due to issues with Danilova's Dutch visa. Danilova/Tsiba made their season debut at the 2020 NRW Autumn Trophy in November and won their first senior international medal, bronze behind Germans Annika Hocke / Robert Kunkel and Minerva Fabienne Hase / Nolan Seegert.

SeasonShort programFree skating
  • Bad Guy
    by Billie Eilish
    performed by Ariana Savalas
    choreo. by Joti Polizoakis
  • All by Myself
    by Eric Carmen
  • I'll Be There for You
    by The Rembrandts
    choreo. by Joti Polizoakis
  • Don't Stop Me Now
    by Queen
    choreo. by Paul Boll
  • Greased Lighnin'
    (from Grease)
    performed by John Travolta
  • Hopelessly Devoted to You
    (from Grease: Live)
    performed by Julianne Hough
  • You're the One That I Want
    (from Grease)
    performed by John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John
    choreo. by Olga Orlova
  • Secrets
    by OneRepublic
    choreo. by Olga Orlova


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Jun 26, 2012
Today I received my copy of Pirouette Magazine, and lo and behold, there was some coverage about these two. They are training hard (for the most part in Berlin and Michel expressed being grateful to the German Federation for making it possible to train there all through the pandemic), but don't know yet whether they or their rivals - Osipova/Epstein -will be allowed to go and try for an Olympic berth at Nebelhorn. They plan to do another Challenger in any case. Daria has no Dutch citizenship yet - although she is studying the language - but they expect the Dutch authorities to be flexible if an Olympic berth is on the line (thumbs up that this is true and , obviously that they get the berth! But there's only three pairs berths at Nebelhorn, so they've got their task cut out for them if they can go). They are working on their elements, especially the twist and the throws. They will keep their programmes from last season because they haven't yet been able to show them to the full. According to the interviewer Michel seemed to be confident and upbeat.


Jun 26, 2012
Daria and Michel started the new season (2021-2022) at Lombardia. Not the Challenger (which had no pairs) but still also called Lombardia Trophy. There were 10 pairs taking part. Daria and Michel have kept the same programmes from last year, and you could see some improvements since Worlds, especially in the twist lift. Much better executed, if still not a level 4 (I don't know yet as the protocols have not yet been published). They did have a big problem with the throws, which I am sure they will be working on the coming weeks. Next stop: Nebelhorn.