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Daria Pavliuchenko & Denis Khodykin


On the Ice
Nov 29, 2019
With 36 points from their two events, Daria and Denis are officially qualified to nationals. Congratulations. I hope that they will stay healthy and work hard in the leadup. Getting to Euros and worlds will not be easy. Same with the national team. It is good that they skated and got their events out of the way before stages 4 and 5 with the insane depth. At nationals they will face Boikova/Kozlovski, Mishina/Galliamov, Tarasova/Morozov, Panfilova/Rylov, Pepeleva/Pleshkov, Kadyrova/Balchenko, Akhanteva/Kolesov, and Artemeva/Nazarychev. I think they should work on putting the 3F in the short, and I wonder if they have worked on a 3Lz or something of that sort before. They are good jumpers.


Mar 8, 2014
Some unfortunate news... It seems that Dasha has mono (mononucleosis) and is undergoing treatment.

"She (Pavlyuchenko) has mononucleosis. This is when the body is weakened and malfunctions in the system, the spleen increases in size. There is a virus in the body that, under heavy loads and nervous experiences, works as a trigger. Now you need to bring it back to normal, and this is about two to three months of treatment. The couple will recover and prepare for the new season, "Dobroskokov said.

Wishing her a very speedy recovery!! :pray::pray: