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Ekaterina Borisova & Dmitry Sopot


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Dec 21, 2011
Pair skaters Ekaterina Sergeyevna Borisova (Russian: Екатерина Борисова) and Dmitry Vlademirovich Sopot (Russian: Дмитрий Сопот) represent Russia. Borisova was born on Sep 13, 1999, in Chelyabinsk, Russia, while Sopot was born on May 1, 1998 in Tver, Russia. The pair teamed up in 2014. Borisova previously skated with Sergei Lisiev while Sopot was paired with Alexandra Evsiukova. Borisova and Sopot are the 2014-15 Junior Grand Prix Final champions and the 2016 Youth Olympic Games Champions.

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Ekaterina's Wikipedia

Dmitry's Wikipedia

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Dmitry's fskate.ru bio

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Personal Best Total Score171.86ISU Junior Grand Prix Final 2015/16
Personal Best Score Short Program60.80Youth Olympic Games 2016
Personal Best Score Free Skating111.57ISU Junior Grand Prix Final 2015/16


Season 2015-2016
SP "Ninja" by Maxime Rodriguez
FS the Lawrence of Arabia soundtrack by Maurice Jarre

2016 World Junior Championships SP
2016 World Junior Championships FS
Medal Ceremony

Ekaterina and Dmitry won the Youth Olympic Games!
2016 Youth Olympics Games SP
Good Quality SP Highlights
2016 Youth Olympics Games FS
Good quality FS highlights
Medal Ceremony and winners' interview
2016 Youth Olympic Games NOC Team competition FS highlights

2016 Russian Junior Championships. SP
2016 Russian Junior Championships FS

2015 Fourth Stage of the Russian Cup in Kazan. They won! (165.12 points)
Short Program
Free Skate

The team won the 2015-16 JGPF!
2015 JGP Final SP. They also got a great new PB score (60.29).
2015 JGP Final LP, and another PB of 111.57, and a PB for total score of 171.86
Medal Ceremony

This pair team medaled at both their 2015 JGP events this season and are heading to the Final

2015 JGP Riga SP
2015 JGP Riga FS

2015 JGP Copernicus Stars (Torun) SP
2015 JGP Copernicus Stars (Torun) FS

Season 2014-2015
SP Korobushka by Bond
FS Lawrence of Arabia Overture

2015 Russian Cup Final SP
2015 Russian Cup Final FS

2015 Russian Junior Championships SP
2015 Russian Junior Championships FS

2014 Russian Cup V Stage SP
2014-2015 Cup of Russia V Stage FS

2014 Russian Cup IV Stage SP
2014 Russian Cup IV Stage FS


Season 2015-2016​
2016 World Junior Championships
​4 (58.56)3 (110.44) 3 (169.00)
2016 Winter Youth Olympic Games
​2 (60.80)1 (107.86) 1 (168.66)
2016 Youth Olympic Games NOC Team Competition
​- (-)1 (104.80 )4 (Team)
2016 Russian Junior Championships
​2 (64.73)3 (105.52) 3 (170.25)
2015 Junior Grand Prix Final​1 (60.29)1 (111.57)1 (171.86)
IV stage of the Cup of Russia in 2015​1 (59.00)1 (106.12)1 (165.12)
2015 JGP Copernicus Stars (Poland)
​2 (55.40)1 (103.42)1 (158.82)
2015 JGP Riga (Latvia)
​2 (49.77)4 (85.65)3 (135.42)
Season 2014-2015​
2015 Nationals Elder Age, 28-31 Mar 2015, Stary Oskol
​1 (53.70)3 (94.50)3 (148.20)
2015 Winter Spartakiad Final, Saransk, 11-16 Mar 2015
​3(47.78)2 (92.90)2 (140.68)
2015 Russian Cup Final
​2(50.16)5 (86.50)4 (136.66)
2015 Russian Junior Championships
​6 (50.98)8 (133.69) 8 (133.69)
2015 Zonal Championship (the Urals and the Volga region)
​3 (44.22)5 (75.25)3 (119.47)
2014 V stage of the Russian Cup
​4 (44.14)4 (80.44)4 (124.58)
2014 IV stage of the Cup of Russia
​4 (43.00)4 (78.98)4 (121.98)


2016 Junior Worlds Gala - "Crazy in Love (Remix)" by Beyoncé

2015 JGP Final Gala - "Crazy in Love (Remix)" by Beyoncé

Articles and Other Media

March 2016 Interview

Backstage interview including hugs from Duskova/Bidar and Tsurskaya at YOG 2026
Interview with the team at YOG 2016
Interview with Dmitry's mother and pics of baby Dima at 2016 YOG

Interviews at 2015-16 JGPF
Yekaterina Borisova - Dmitry Sopot: "This is our best performance"
Google translated:
Yekaterina Borisova - Dmitry Sopot: "Feeling simply unrealistic"
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Final Flight
Apr 18, 2014
He reminds me of Andrei Chulivaev, pairs skater who was over 200cm tall but neck up looked 15.

The Finn

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Feb 27, 2015
They also broke the Russian junior record of 168 points skated by Tarasova/Morozov.

The Finn

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Feb 27, 2015
I wonder if Ekaterina and Dmitry can win three golds this season. They most likely will win at the Youth Olympics but I bet Amina and Ilia want to beat them at the Junior Worlds.


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Dec 28, 2005
Yay, they can compete at the Youth Olympics!!! I hope it is shown somewhere this time. Glad they are steadily improving from their first JGP event which was a bit of a disaster. Even then, I had the same positive feelings about them as I did/do with Tarasova/Morosov!!! I wish them continued success :peace:

LP: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bpk8k3eIXwU
Love the Italian commentators enthusiasm!!! Love Katia's reaction here and in the SP. So nice to see skaters so happy!!!
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Feb 20, 2014
Their throws were gorgeous!!! Beautiful lines and very mature already! Hopefully they will work on their SBS jumps from now until YOG/Junior Worlds, because a 2A and 2T-2T won't make the cut when it is time to move onto seniors...



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Dec 28, 2005
Their throws were gorgeous!!! Beautiful lines and very mature already! Hopefully they will work on their SBS jumps from now until YOG/Junior Worlds, because a 2A and 2T-2T won't make the cut when it is time to move onto seniors...


They are working on it and hope to incorporate a 3T by Junior Worlds. They said they are working with Panova (Sotskova's coach) on their triples. I think Dmitry's is fine but Katia needs to get more consistent. I will post their interview here addressing this.


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Dec 28, 2005
Google translated:

Yekaterina Borisova - Dmitry Sopot: "Feeling simply unrealistic"

Yekaterina Borisova - Dmitry Sopot won the junior finals in the competition of sports pairs. After a successful performance skaters admitted that "sense of unreality".

The feeling is unreal, - admitted Yekaterina Borisova. - They can not describe. Of course, the mad joy of our victory. We worked hard and it brought results.

Frankly, we went to Barcelona to win?

Dmitry: I win. It was set up for a successful performance.

Catherine: I have not thought of, setting yourself up for the net rentals.

Dmitry: Today we've got just about everything except my jump. Before any program worry more than before the short.

Your opponents Czech couple Anna Dushkova - Martin Bidart perform two triple jumps. Is it possible to say that they ask it a landmark in the junior pairs figure skating?

Dmitry: Yes, you can say so.

Catherine: Of course, the Czechs breathe in the back is very opasnenko. But I think by the end of the season we will have the triple jump in the program. Poblema something in me and not in Dima. I need to bring stability to the triple toe loop. At least make it to 60 percent. The plans had been - two triple jumps. We must always go forward and do not stop. It is necessary to p y to earn above the level, because we do not have all the elements of the fourth level.

What do you remember this final Grand Prix?

Catherine: The audience liked it. It is simply unrealistic. We have for the first time at such competitions, where so many Russian flags in the stands. It encourages and supports healthy. We really liked the way we were received. On the stages of the Grand Prix Cup of Russia and the audience is not much there.

You were in the lead after the short program, felt some pressure today?

Catherine: Of course, we feel responsible for themselves and their country. After all, we represent not only themselves, and Russia - is not unimportant.

In the adult championship of Russia are planning to serve?

Catherine: Think not yet fully assured. This season, we have planned a lot of events. We need to qualify for the Junior World Championships, in age we will pass on the Youth Olympic Games. I would like to speak and there and there.

How serious an occasion for you to this launch, given the debut of exams that had to pass Dima?

Dmitry: Exams are not to blame. I wrote the essay and forgot. Once I switched to the final. I had one goal - to Barcelona.

Ekaterina: I was psychologically difficult because to get into the top six world junior pairs - this little shrank inside. Responsibility, of course, great. It was impossible to draw any team or coach Valentina F. Bales, Paul Slyusarenko, choreographers, who helped us, Olga and Xenia Vaskina Volozhinski. And bad for the country can not act.

Interview after SP:

Yekaterina Borisova - Dmitry Sopot: "This is our best rental"

Russians Ekaterina Borisova - Dmitry Sopot lead after the short program at the Junior Grand Prix finals. Students Valentina bales and Paul Slyusarenko nearly 5 points higher than his best result of the season and today's performances in Barcelona were very pleased.

"We were going to hire such a long time. Something Katie did not, there were problems with the jump. But to correct and right. Today is our best short program," - said partner.

"I am very serious tuning in the final. In such competitions there is no detail, all the criteria are very important. If they are not taken into account, there will be no result. I carefully over all the work. Every day coached jump. And the mood right now. Just in combat" - Kate added.

KSAT, in parallel with the preparation for the final Dmitry Sopot taking exams at school, so the last few days had to be torn into two cities - Moscow and Perm. But the task skater managed.

"Wrote an essay on language Ruski. It was the main access to the exam. OK. Everything will be fine. It did not affect preparations for the start", - said Dmitry Sopot.

"While Dima studied, I worked on the triple jump, hollow, honed these elements wanted to bring stability to currently show all, to do well. At the gathering in Novogorske helped us with jumps coach Masha Sotskova Svetlana Panova, and constantly works with us Paul Slyusarenko. There hire turned out good, but you can add the levels in track on the rotation, so as not to receive at plus one and plus two plus three. While in print all the elements are not on plus three, that is to aspire " - said Katya.

Partner did not reveal the secret of what the characters written on his suit in the short program.

"I myself chose these three characters. But I will not say what they mean. It is a very private and helps me tune in. It's just for me. Even the transfer partner does not know" - said Dmitry Sopot.


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Oct 18, 2014
Very promising pair. Their height difference is an advantage over their closest rivals. Even if Katya grows a couple inches more, it won't be too much of a problem.


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Dec 21, 2011
Very promising pair. Their height difference is an advantage over their closest rivals. Even if Katya grows a couple inches more, it won't be too much of a problem.

Yes when I first saw them I mistakenly thought she was a lot younger than she was and was like ehhh, they are nice, but if she grows.... but at her age, actually, it's unlikely she could grow enough to make any real difference :hap10:

The interviews are lovely, thanks for posting those Radsotnikhanovich! I do indeed hope they will be able to bring stability to the triple jumps- I really view this as their only possible obstacle to success as seniors.


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Oct 18, 2014
Their coach had 3 pairs in the JGPF and each one had a different style, I liked that.