El Ministerio del Tiempo - The Ministry of Time


On the Ice
Dec 12, 2016
Needless to say, history was my favourite subject at school. And on top of that, I just love looking at maps, finding out about places and seeing how they change over time. I am one of those strange people who when they wake up, that is them awake for the day. So, when I was younger, it was not unusual for me to get out my historical atlas if I woke up early, and spend an hour or so just looking at old maps before having breakfast.

I'm odd! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Then I am odd too, because this was my hobby as well :)

When I saw your replies, I realized that there was something worth mentioning, but I didn´t want to derail the thread anymore, so here I am, opening a thread about a spanish TV series: El Ministerio del Tiempo.

It's a sci-fi series about a spanish ministry and their time travel squads, trying to preserve History as it was (well, as we know it). The first time I saw it, I thought it was interesting, a fun way for students to not only study but enjoy History but, at some point I realized it was much more than that, they have a way to make us see historical moments with a contemporary perspective and historical caracters as real people. It's a really good TV series, fun and funny and interesting.

You can always binge watch it, of course, but it's much more interesting to enjoy every single episode, look for info about the historical moment and the caracters of every episode or even look for "ministericos" threads in the web: fans of the series that comment and explain the facts and the easter eggs in every episode, so anyone can enjoy it as if they were born and raised in Spain. :laugh:

There are 4 seasons by now, it's in spanish TVE for free (if you live in Spain or Argentina or have a VPN...) but, if you need subtitles, Netflix had it for some time and I think HBO have it now or will have it soon.

Well, anyone interested, I can only encourage you to look for it and enjoy it and, if I can be of any help, I'm around.