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Oct 14, 2020
Elizaveta Andreyevna Berestovskaya (Russian: Елизавета Андреевна Берестовская) is a ladies' singles figure skater who represents Russia. She was born on December 8th 2007 in a small town of Buturlinovka in the Voronezh Oblast. She began figure skating at the age of four. Elizaveta or "Liza" first became famous at the age of ten for participating in Russian TV show competition "Ice Age. Kids." (Russian: Ледниковый период. Дети.) in 2018, subsequently winning the series. Liza is known to be a very energetic and radiant performer who landed a quad toeloop already at the age of eleven.

She currently lives in Moscow and is trained by Sergei Davydov at the famous club CSKA Moscow. Her other coaches include Aleksandra Kravtsova and choreographer Viktoria Bondarenko. She was previously coached by Irina Safronova at Voronezh.

Her season 2020-2021 programs include:

SP: The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (Score by Pyotr Tchaikovsky, from the ballet "The Nutcracker")

Here's how she performed it at the second stage of Russian Junior Cup on October 12th 2020

FP: Kalinka-Malinka (Russian folk music. This program was already performed in the previous season)

Here's an example from the third stage of Russian Junior Cup on October 27th 2020

Her famous Ice Age performances from 2018. She was coached by Tatyana Navka in the competition.

April 1st: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HhBiwJJpTZ4
April 15th: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yM-ooyElcjc ("Nochi Kabirii")
April 29th: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnaa2u07Yro ("Give It Away", with over one million views!)
May 13th: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDw4smVf1IY (Fantasia No. 3)
May 20th: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGnaJfkBaAM ("Apres Moi")
May 27th: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smedb7kmNjI ("Kalinka", with over one million views!)

Liza's recent results:

Season 2020-2021:
September 2020: Moscow Open: 195.52, 3rd (KMS)
October 2020: 2nd Stage Cup of Russia Juniors: 202.42, 1st
October 2020: 3nd Stage Cup of Russia Juniors: 204.19, 2nd

Liza has qualified to both Russian Junior Championships and Russian Cup Final (Juniors) for February 2021!

Season 2019-2020:
September 2019: Moscow Open: 189.01, 4th (KMS)
October 2019: Cup of DYUSSH STERKH. Girls: 173.05, 1st
October 2019: 3nd Stage Cup of Russia Juniors: 199.76, 2nd
November 2019: 4th Stage Cup of Russia Juniors: 195.50, 1st
January 2020: Moscow Championships (Younger Age): 265.42, 2nd
February 2020: Russian Junior Nationals: 189.72, 11th
February 2020: Russian Cup Final (Juniors): 169.10, 12th
February 2020: Moscow Championships (Older Age): 193.42, 3rd
March 2020: Russian Championships (Novice, Younger Age): 260.88, 2nd

Liza's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/liza.berestovskaia/
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Oct 14, 2020
Her recent interview can be found here (in Russian): https://mel.fm/sport-dlya-detey/7816205-liza_berestovskaya

Google translated version (with some of my corrections):

Today, the thirteen-year-old figure skater Elizaveta Berestovskaya has many reasons to be proud - she took first place in the "Ice Age. Children" and became a part of the junior national team of Russia. We talked with Lisa and her mother about how children live in big time sports and how much effort each victory costs.

"Many girls envied me, did not talk to me, cast sidelong glances"

Elizaveta Berestovskaya:

I was a very active and agile child, from early childhood I loved rollerblading. Therefore, when at the age of 4 my mother suggested that I sign up for figure skating, I immediately agreed. At the first training session, I was terribly scared. Then it seemed that everything on skates was somehow especially high and dangerous. At first, I couldn't perform much of the elements, but the desire to skate was so strong that I continued to work on myself and my technique.

It was, of course, difficult to combine ice with school - figure skating takes a lot of time and effort. Sometimes I could only attend two lessons, then go to training, and from time to time also come back to write a test in mathematics. The transition to distance learning made my life much easier. Now I am attending more lessons because I can connect to the lesson any second.

The teachers always supported me in playing sports: they never scolded me for absenteeism, and in general, they were sympathetic to the situation. But with my classmates it was more difficult - many girls envied me, did not talk to me, cast sidelong glances. In such situations, I tried to just ignore and communicate with those who believed in me.

In 2018, my coach Sergei Davydov received a call from the show “Ice Age. Children.” and offered to pass the casting. We consulted and decided to participate - I watched the adult version of "Ice Age" and I wondered how everything was arranged there from the inside. I remember there were a lot of people at the casting. Each skated one's program, then we gave interviews, and a week later they called me and said that I was in the show. I was very happy. And then everything went on from here.

It was very interesting to watch the filming process - how the lights are put up, how the set is prepared. And it was also fun to communicate with the stars: Evgenia Medvedeva, Tatyana Navka, Alena Kostornaya, Tatyana Tarasova. At the end of the project, it became difficult due to the fact that the responsibility increased greatly.

"One mistake and I could be out, one good jump and I could win"

But I tried to stay calm and believed that I would reach the end. In fact, I knew that I had every chance to win. Because I was given very good programs that I skated with high quality. In addition, I got great mentors.

This is always the case in figure skating. You need to work very hard, put all your energy into it. You can even come home after training and repeat everything, repeat, repeat. I think this is what helped me learn to jump a quad. There is no other secret here.

For a skater to be successful, he must be stress-resistant, prepared for any difficulties. He must be strong in character, always work on himself, have a fighting spirit. So that when they tell you that everything is fine, you think: "No, I need to do even better."

Therefore, now my goal is to win the World Championship, attend the Olympics and take gold there. I also want to go to a financial university. But this is not certain, because I also want to be an actress. I have not decided yet. Let's see how fate will turn out.

"I heard lashing out directed at me, that I stole childhood from my daughter"

Oksana Yurievna, Liza's mother:

At the age of three, Liza was really a very bright and sunny child, so I wanted to direct her energy in the right direction. I began to look for where to sign her up. I wanted to try a lot. For example, a music school. But having discussed everything together, my daughter and I came to a halt at figure skating.

I remember seeing an advertisement, they were recruiting children from 4 years old, and Liza was 3. I called and said: “Will you take us? What kind of skates should I buy? " And they answer to me: "Yes, any, doesn't matter, she's small." We went and bought skates for two thousand in a sports store and she skated on them.

At that time I had no thoughts about any professional sports. Liza worked on ice more for her health and general development. But then she began to show good results, and somehow it dragged out.

I perfectly understand the concerns of parents who think that professional athletes do not have a childhood. But such people assess the situation only from the outside, not seeing what is happening from the inside. There is no need to fear for children who have chosen sports. We live in a world where children are constantly busy with something - music, art, sports. Whatever a modern child does, a lot of time is spent on it anyway.

Probably, you just need to think about the fact that the parents of athletes do not have a goal to take away childhood from their child. Not at all. We just want our children to develop, to see new opportunities for themselves. I was repeatedly reproached for stealing childhood from my daughter. But this is not the case.

"The upbringing of an athlete has its own characteristics. First, a mother needs to have time to develop with her child"

Secondly, professional classes have additional expenses: on good skates, tailoring suits. Thirdly, you need to be a reliable support. Because skaters have not only physical, but also psychological stress - children are often nervous before important competitions. And I can feel it too, but I try never to show it, because it will burden my daughter even more. On the contrary, I try to cheer up and tune in to positive. I always tell Liza that I know that she will do everything that depends on her. If it doesn't work out, that's okay, we'll try again. And this makes her calmer.

In general, it seems to me that with the choice of sport we hit right on target. Liza loves people very much, to communicate with them. And when popularity came to her during the filming of the ice show, her wings literally grew behind her back. She was greatly helped by the support of the fans who wrote to her on Instagram. It was something colossal for her. I saw her charging from it. It is clear that nobody canceled hating. It will always be, for everyone - the more famous you are, the more there are people who want to tell you something unpleasant. All eminent skater girls went through this.

I, as a mother, of course, am afraid of this, I want to protect her somehow. When the avalanche of popularity on Instagram began, Liza and I agreed: if they send her something even a little bit strange, then she does not open it, does not look, but brings it to adults.

Recently she came up to me and said: "Mom, it seems to me that they sent me something very suspicious." We asked not to open it and gave the phone to the specialists we knew, so that they could open the message. They said that there were photographs of an intimate nature that no one should see.

It is important for me that Liza succeeds as a person. We often say that sport is very important, but we shouldn't forget about studying either. I constantly tell my children, “I will be happy if you are happy, whichever path you choose. The main thing is to listen to yourself. " If Liza wants to become an actress, good. Will be a coach, great. I will be happy if she does what she loves all her life.
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Dec 5, 2018
Hooray! Thank you for setting up a new fan page for Liza, Novalis. :clap:

Liza belongs squarely in the Sofiya-Sofiya-Sofiya-Adeliya group. She tends to pass under the radar somewhat, yet she continues to achieve great podiumptivity and is building more consistency in complex elements (stable 4T and working on 3A) without sacrificing great artistry.
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Dec 5, 2018
Gold - Cup of Russia Stage II - 14th October 2020



Jan 31, 2019
After watching her Ice Age performances, I really hope to see new programs for her. She was amazing in interpreting complex characters. I understand that this was a show skate vs competition, but I think she could do so much more


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Feb 27, 2014
Silver - Cup of Russia Stage III - 27th October 2020

Wow she is tall! Liza is younger than Adelia but almost a head taller than her! ;)

Interesting comments from Lizas mother in that article. It's sad to hear the girls gave her the evil eye when she was becoming famous on the ice age show. I guess that's just human nature and will happen in any country.


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Oct 14, 2020
Wow she is tall! Liza is younger than Adelia but almost a head taller than her! ;)

Interesting comments from Lizas mother in that article. It's sad to hear the girls gave her the evil eye when she was becoming famous on the ice age show. I guess that's just human nature and will happen in any country.
Well you never know who is wearing skates and who is not in these pictures. And Adelia is tiny.

Jealousy is universal indeed.