Elizaveta Berestovskaya


Record Breaker
Feb 27, 2014
Well, the judges will then base her ratings on the Eteri scale. But if there is an injury here, going to TT doesn't seem like a good idea to me. You can get to Pairs faster than expected, as the past has shown. But who knows, maybe the training load at Davydov is no different today than at TT, from a health point of view it is jacket and pants in the end. Good luck to the lovely Liza.
The training loads are similar of course. Same quads the same triple axels the similar amount of hours on the ice.

Liza has an amazing personality on Ice and that's rare in figure skating. I will wish her much success at TT. Now Eteri has another threesome of girls these are 13.

I just don't know how Eteri and Dudakov are going to coach all these girls and boys in an olympic season. The focus will have to be on Anna KV and now maybe Aliona as well as Maya Dasha and perhaps evgenia if she can get healthy.. that 6 girls for three spots for the Olympic team. Really it's only two spots because I don't see Sasha being left off the Olympic team with the way she can score internationally even with a fall or two.