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Employee Evaluation Time....EEKS!!!!!


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Jul 28, 2003
Well it is that time of year - employee evaluation! We just got handed our "package" the other day to have a look at what we are being evaluated on. We had to fill out a self-evaluation page and the rest is filled out by our Supervisor and Bookstore Director. The problem is our Supervisor has only been with the College about a month and the Director is new also. I have not even worked with her at all since she came on board last year. Does anyone else here have to do employee evaluations? If so, what are your thoughts? I am not thrilled about any of this.



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Jul 26, 2003
We write ours in March and actually give the reviews in May - usually just days before the raises go into effect.

Our CIO has pretty much said that there is no way that anyone is perfect and there should be at least 3 suggestions for how to improve.

Our company did a survey of workplace satisfaction end of last year. The average nationwide is 71. The company came in around 67 and our IT dept came in at 61. So, there's a big push to make improvements in our management style. So, the executive managers (Group VP's and CEO) have put it on us middle level managers to fix things. How do you get 25 busy people in a room to figure it out? We've all pretty much agreed that the issue is that everything is driven by the project plan, which is never accurate because of all the various demands that are introduced throughout the year. That pressure comes from the top and the CEO doesn't recognize that is the leading factor in being unable to make it a happier place. Another thing we all agree on is that each group is not administered consistently. In my group, we tell people if you want training, look for it and we'll try to get it approved if the cost, timing and value is available. We also allow people to take any in-house classes as long as nothing pressing is occurring. The other groups aren't even allowed to take in-house courses and are not encouraged to look for other venues. With the exception of one or 2 people, I think people like being in our group - it's definitely less political and we make efforts not to finger point when things go wrong, unlike the other areas.

Anyway, YES, I hate writing reviews and doing my self-evaluation.


Jul 27, 2003
We get ours every six months and then the big one once a year and they always suck. No matter how hard you work they will find something so you don't get the bonus.


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Feb 17, 2007
On my last job, I got a lousy performance review. A couple of months later, I left the company and they hired 2 guys to replace me.