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Euros 2022: Gala Exhibition


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Oct 25, 2012
Ha ha I assume you mean Olivia and Adrian? I love a good fun Gala program and you can't miss someone in a fluro costume ;)

Spot on! :biggrin:

Incidentally, when Arlet came on, at first I thought was wearing a polka dot t-shirt. And I was going to post a "wake-up Moose" alert then. But, I soon realised that they were too irregular a shape to be polka dots, and so I didn't bother. However, I didn't realise that they were flamingoes until I read your post. And I went back there now to the video to check, and they sure were.

How did I miss that?! I must have looked away from the screen when they showed the close up. Either that or my glasses badly needed cleaned! :laugh:

I can't believe you didn't notice the blue make up at first @CaroLiza_fan :laugh2:

I think this confirms that my glasses needed cleaned. Although, my brain just hasn't been in gear the past few days, so maybe this was the first sign of it.

I guess they're old ones or relaxed fit...either way I respect him for not wearing jeggings, those are scary :p

I had to look up what "jeggings" were. And, wow! I didn't know they had a name! šŸ˜²

Yeah, they would definitely be too restrictive for skating in.

I've just realised...Simon can stay silent... wonder why he didn't do that during the actual event.

That is the thing I have never understood about the commentators that have come through British Eurosport. They speak a little during competition programmes to point out jumps, and then don't speak at all during exhibition programmes. It's the same for all of them!

By the way, if you can't wait until 4 Continents starts on Thursday to get your skating fix, the Bavarian Open started today. It might be a bit late now for you to join in for Day 1, but tomorrow's action starts at quite a reasonable time for you (17:30:00 AEDT), although it is very early here (06:30:00 GMT).

Early breakfast for me, methinks!