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Event Structure and Medals


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Jun 21, 2003
Grand Prix
Grand Prix
8 individual tournaments10 individual
7 individual tournaments4 individual tournaments2 individual tournaments6 individual tournaments
JGP France ILombardiaSkate AmericaUS NationalsJunior WorldsUniversiade
JGP France IIAutumn ClassicSkate CanadaCanadian NationalsEYOFEuropeans
JGP SlovakiaNebelhornGP TorinoJapanese NationalsFour Continents
JGP RussiaNepela NHK TrophyRussian NationalsOlympic Team
JGP SloveniaFinlandiaIdFOlympic Individual
JGP PolandAsian OpenRostelecom CupWorlds
JGP AustriaDenis TenGrand Prix Final
JGP FinalCup of Austria
Warsaw Cup
Golden Spin
Overall WinnerOverall WinnerOverall WinnerOverall WinnerOverall WinnerOverall Winner


On the Awards tab, you will see “Individual”, “Combined Overall”, and "Crystal Ball" medals. As always, members who have the top three highest total scores at the end of the event will receive an Individual medal (i.e. bronze, silver and gold). The "Combine Overall" medal is reserved for the overall scores for each of the six categories shown in the table below.
  • The "Individual" award is for winners for an individual overall event (i.e. Skate America, GP Final, Canadian Nationals, Worlds, etc.).
  • The "Overall Combined" award is reserved for the six combined categories below:
    • all Grand Prix events including the Final
    • all Junior Grand Prix events including the Final
    • all Challenger Series events
    • all four National events (Russia, Japan, Canada, and US)
    • all ISU Championships (Europeans, Four Continents, Worlds, Olympic Games, Olympic Team event, Asian Games, Universiade, World Team Trophy, and Team Challenge Cup)
    • all ISU Junior Championships (EYOF, Junior Worlds, Youth Olympic Games, and Youth Olympics team)
    • Note: If 25% or more of the competitions for any category is cancelled, there will be no Overall Combined award for that particular category. For example: if one of the National events are cancelled, no Overall Combined Award will be given for the Nationals Category.
  • The "Crystal Ball" award
    • Novice: is for a member who has earned a total of at least 10 Individual and/or Overall Combined awards.
    • Junior: is for a member who has earned a total of at least 25 Individual and/or Overall Combined awards.
    • Senior: is for a member who has earned a total of at least 50 Individual and/or Overall Combined awards.
    • Pro: is for a member who has earned a total of at least 100 Individual and/or Overall Combined awards.
  • These awards will be presented shortly after the results have been added to the appropriate Prediction Contest thread. Please note that awards are only retroactive as of the 2018-19 season.
The system is set up so that only nine (9) awards can be displayed on posts under your avatar. However, you can choose the order and which awards you want featured! Just go to your Profile Settings and click on "Feature"

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Hot Tonto
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Jan 28, 2013
Really, this is an achievement to get all this automated and sorted out.

I play the prediction game just for fun, and not very often. It's just a lark for me when I have the time. But some people are really into it, and I think it's great that you've elevated this feature to such a professional level.