Figure Skating Board Game

Sep 21, 2015
Hi, I'm designing a board game that has a theme of figure skating. Hope I'm in the right forum.

I'm a casual fan of figure skating and unfortunately I don't know enough to make choices for my game that will resonate with people who do really know the sport.

I was wondering if anyone would like to advise me? If you are interested, I will tell you more about my game.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

Among other things, it still needs a title so you are welcome to make suggestions for that.

My current problem is that I need icons for each of the following elements and I'm not sure what they all look like.
I have a hard time telling one move from another.
Each icon must work for all Ladies, Men, Pairs, and Dance Couples if they do the move in competition.
I don't need pictures to be used as icons (yet). I just need to know what the move looks like so I can have my artist make the icons. However photos/art or links to such would really help me get an idea of what they would look like. Video is less helpful but not completely useless.

*Jump (I got this one. I use a female because her skirt flying out shows the rotation.)

*Spin (I got this one; I'm using a sit spin because it is so distinctive. Here I use a male so that my icons aren't all female.)

*Step Sequence (Here I need help. Could be a male or female but different gender from the Choreographic Sequence.)

*Choreographic Sequence (Here I need help. Could be a male or female but different gender from the Step Sequence.)

*Death Spiral (I got this one.)

*Lift (I have one for this but I need it to work for both Pair and Dance and I'm not sure that it works for both so I need help here. I realize that they do different kinds of lifts and there may not be one that they both do. But I was wondering if there was one that Dance does that is an intermediate position for a Pair? So it would look like the Dance Couple was doing their lift and the Pair were in the process of getting into the lift.)

*Twizzles (I think I got his one but I'm not sure how it looks different from a general spin except that I show a man and a women side-by-side because only Dance Couples do them.) [Also, is it "one twizzle" or "one twizzles" as for one element there are two or more of them as they do them in combination in competition?]

Please correct me if I said anything that is just wrong or illustrates my ignorance.

Thanks for your help.


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Jun 21, 2003

Step sequence (man). A very famous one is from Alexei Yagudin's 2002 Olympic short program to "Winter." You can look it up on You Tube. Here is a still.

Choreographed step sequence. Here is Yuna Kim (sorry for bad resolution, but you can get the idea.)

A still icon from a step sequence will not in general look any different from a choreo sequence, but these are good examples of men and ladies.

I am pretty sure that "a twizzle" is a single turn on one skate by one skater. Two skaters do "twizzles" and a dance team does a side-by-side twizzle sequence.

Meryl Davis and Charlie White:
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Jun 21, 2003
If your game has more specialized moves, things like "split-jump," "Charlotte," "Ina Bauer," "Biellmann," and "spreadeagle" have very disctinctive positions that look really cool.


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Dec 29, 2013
I'd choose a spiral to represent the Choreographed Sequence if it were up to me:yes:

I like the idea of a figure skating board game. I'm curious as to the premise though, like if there is trivia involved, any physical interaction and/or feats of strength to perform or is it that you basically need to collect cards that represent the elements of your program?
Sep 21, 2015
Thanks you Mathman. The pics really help.

I watched Alexei Yagudin's 2002 Olympic short program on YouTube. It was an impressive performance. Am I correct that the short program does not include a Choreographic Sequence so everything I'm seeing there, other than the jumps and spins, is the Step Sequence? How about when he is running his toes instead of skating on an edge of he blade?

Looking at the youtube video titled Alexey Yagudin 2002 Olympics, SP Winter posted by jeinallaher (sorry but this site won't let me post links): would you say that the step sequence starts at the 3 min 0 sec mark or after the jump at 3 min 32 seconds?

What about when they stand on their toes? (again I can't post links so I'll have to describe where on the internet to find and example picture) What about the picture on Zimbio of Daisuke Takahashi at the ISU Four Continents Figure Skating Championships - Day 2. On his photo channel on that web site, I'm looking at photo #382.

I'd love to use those specialized moves but the game may already be too complicated as it is. Of course I could use the Biellmann position for the spin instead of the sit spin.

Sam-Skwantch, you said a Spiral for the Choreographic Sequence. I'd love to use a Spiral but I thought they were replaced by the Choreographic Sequence. Are you saying it was just a name change? Or are Spirals one of the moves you can do during a Choreographic Sequence? Would you see them also as part of a Step Sequence?

My game is a tile placing game similar to Tsuro, Cable Car, and Metro. It is not a card game. There is a figure skating card game already out there called Figure Grand Prix

Before publishing, I will need to do a lot of play-testing and will be looking for volunteer play-testers. Not quite ready for that stage yet but I hope to be there soon. If anyone's interested, please let me know. I'll make a print-n-play version available to you, then you log your plays, and send me the logs with comments and suggestions. You will need to provide your own pawns (usually borrowed from some other game).