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On the Ice
Jun 8, 2006
Hi everyone, I just wanted to let know you know about this new website and its facebook page:

NeveItalia Sport: Figure skating
Facebook: Figureskating news by Neve italia:

The website is temporarly only in Italian, but we will be uploading contents in english soon (mostly interviews). It covers all the others winter olympic sports as well and it is run, among others, by Massimiliano Ambesi, Eurosport Italy commentator.

The figure skating section is updated daily as well as the facebook page. I think you might find it interesting because, besides articles, videos are also posted and linked from you tube as soon as they're online. By following (liking) the facebook page, you will be able to find links for figure skating videos and results in real time.

Thanks and have a happy new figure skating season, everyone :) !


Wicked Yankee Girl
Record Breaker
Jul 26, 2003
Considering so many of the international events are covered by Italian commentators, the offer of links to videos is super exciting :)