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Finding National Championships Data


Wicked Yankee Girl
Jul 26, 2003
And the results of internal competitions.

I have been updating a lot of OPs and keep having to find the results of national championships and qualifiers.

Finally I made up a table to save time hunting for websites.

So here is what I have so far.

If you know where some data is hidden, please share, and I will add it to the table.

CountryPresent YearPast DataLast Date AvailableFed Videos
Australia to 2005
BulgariaDenkova/Staviskiy Cup
Current stuff
National competitions

Regionals are on regional sites
Example Ontario
data thru 2014-15
Because all older data is pdf, finding it on wayback requires some help via Wikipedia sources
Videos sometimes with event
ChinaGolden skate threads and wikipedia!
Chinese Taipei to 2016
Croatia Federation website
Croatian nationals results
Golden Spin of Zagreb
Zagreb Snowflakes Trophy
Golden Bear
Czech Rep.
All events for 2019-20 are listed, in reverse order
using the season filter drop down option, you can get back to 2012-13, at least nominally
There are links to result pages when you click on entries

In Finnish
FranceCurrent results can be reached from the calendar:

The last couple events are here, along with bobsled, curling, etc.
Nominally, this is the French ice dance site. However, if an event had dance, all the other data is shown, too.
some 2006, up to last season, and some of this.FFSG TV
Germany 3 season's championships

Archive starting 2011-12 back to 2005

Missing stuff can be found in Wikipedia

General.format for seniors
For juniors
Great BritainThis year's Nationals
wikipedia/ gs + wayback
HungaryThis Year's HUN/CZE/POL/SVK (Four Nationals)moves around, depending on who is hosting it. This year CZE.

It will appear on the HUN schedule page

Archive data

Weirdly, 2017-18is missing from the table

Also Junior data is labelled, but you cannot get to it.
Ireland + wayback

like usfsa fanzone change season to get earlier seasons back to 07/08
This year's competitions in English

Past results, some not available in English
Regional, National, Local & International
Netherlandshttp://kunstrijden.knsb.nlChallenge Cups function as Dutch Championships
RussiaAllskaters has a list of links to all Events here, including sublists for Moscow and St. Petersburg:
allskaters event lists

A great deal of stuff is aspirational, but they are chugging away at getting links :)
They plan to have Ukraine & Belarus competitions as well
Video links inskater bios
S. KoreaGoldenskate event threadsor wikipedia
Spain starts at 20192010
but spotty
Championships back to 2013
Future events

Same place. Scroll back through 56 pages

There is difficulty finding data formerly stored on the old Russian website
data starts Nov 2016
Before that, there was a Russian website. Some is on wayback.
With most events
USAUSA Fanzone 2019-20 Schedule
Drop down goes back to 2014-15 Season data
NOTE: Old links have stopped working. New links need ijs instead of www*.* pacific
Searches of the above type work ok thru 2009. Sometimes.

Wayback links with data back to 1998 are at this post.
old data is out there; searches work unreliablyFed Videos for Novice and below
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Oct 25, 2012
The Irish Championships were held last week, again in conjunction with Skate Southern. I plan to make a thread like I usually do, but too much has been happening this week. But, I should get it done after the weekend.

2019-20 Entries / Results Page:
Federation Website:

The ISAI website was given a re-vamp last year, and all the older stuff is now gone.

Meanwhile, the Nationals for the other country that I usually make a thread for, Cyprus, won't be held until the first weekend of May. So, no Entries / Results Page yet. However, here are some links that may be useful.

Index For Past Entries / Results Pages:
Federation Website:

Please be aware, the CSF website was been given a re-vamp in the past couple of months, and is now completely in Greek. So, I am now reliant on Google Translate.

Although I don't normally do the British Championships thread, I may as well give you the details.

2019-20 Entries / Results Page:
Federation Website:

The past Entries / Results Pages have been on a variety of different websites, so there is no index. And some of the websites no longer exist. The best bet is Wikipedia, but please be aware that the numbering for those editions that do have Wikipedia pages are up the creek.

The NISA website was given a re-vamp a couple of years ago, and all the older stuff is now gone.


ice coverage

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Feb 27, 2012
"Chinese Taipei"


2019 Nationals (held Aug 2019)

2018 Nats (Jul 2018)

2017 Nats (Jul-Aug 2017)

2016 Nats (Aug 2016)

National Team Selection Championships


2020 Nationals (held in Dec 2019) has other links to preceding years back to 2012. Such as:



Wicked Yankee Girl
Jul 26, 2003
US Figure Skating "updated" their website and made all championships data prior to 2014-15 unavailable.

I am under COVID-19 lockdown, as an old person living in CT, so I am whiling away the time by finding waybacks of the data.

I made it back to 1998!

1998 Nationals Results

1999 Nationals Results

2000 Nationals Results

2001 Nationals Results

2002 Nationals Results

2003 Nationals Results

2004 Nationals Results

2005 Nationals Results

Prior to 2006, USFSA did not use IJS

2006 Nationals Results
Seniors (pdf)
Juniors (pdf)
Novice (pdf)

2007 Nationals Results (pdf)

2008 Nationals Results (pdf)

2009 Nationals Results (pdf)

2010 Nationals Results

2011 Nationals Results

2012 Nationals Results

2013 Nationals Results

2014 Nationals Results

2015 Nationals Results

2016 Nationals Results

2017 Nationals Results

2018 Nationals Results

2019 Nationals Results

2020 Nationals Results

Thank you, Wayback Machine!!
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ice coverage

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Feb 27, 2012

The general link leads to results of specific competitions.​
The link is from (the home page of the Norwegian Skating Association).​

As an example, I believe the link below has results from Norwegian Nats in Jan 2020?​

ETA (on Dec 7):

Occurs to me that going forward, this thread would be a suitable place to keep track of links to the ISU's annual lists of "Best National Results."
(Although the lists do not include scores, they could be a worthwhile resource for other types of information -- for example, names of top skaters from some of the smallest federations.)

The latest list was published today, and the results for figure skating start on p. 24.

"3. Figure Skating
In accordance with Rule 104, paragraph 13 a), b) and c) we publish herewith the following results for the
season 2019/20:
i.e. the names of the five best Ladies and Men Figure Skaters, the five best pairs and the five best couples
in Ice Dance and the five best Synchronized Skating Teams based on the results of National Championships."

(Dec 7)​

(ISU lists for previous seasons do exist, but I do not plan to go back and systematically look up the older links.)​
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