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Golden Skate Jigsaw Puzzlers Unite!

Seven Sisters

Jul 17, 2018
i just finished up a beautiful cat-themed jigsaw puzzle graciously gifted to me by Golden Skater elbkup, and had a thought about how I might be able to pay her generosity forward (while having fun doing it!)

Would anyone be interested in creating a Golden Skate jigsaw puzzle exchange? I’d be happy to pass this one on to you, and maybe you’ll have a nice one to send me in exchange. I actually have a few puzzles with subjects I think many of us might like, a cat in a library, skaters on a pond that reminds me of Lake Placid, etc. If you are a puzzle enthusiast, you probably have a little collection also.

This could be at least as much fun as the holiday card exchange. What do you all think?


Final Flight
Mar 24, 2019
I love this idea and would absolutely do it, except I'm in the UK and am also in the process of commuting between two houses in preparation for selling one and moving to a third. The jigsaws are all in the house I'm currently not in. I'll try to remember to come back to this thread when things are more stable!