Gran Premio Italia 2020/2021


Jun 26, 2012
They are always beautiful to watch, but the throws were a problem today. No fall on the throw loop, but not a good landing either, and the salchow did lead to a fall. And the combination SBS jumps were only doubles. Still, the whole is very nice to watch. And for a first competition after Matteo's loss just a few weeks ago, looking very promising for the rest of the season. Really high level stuff in the lifts and choreography.


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Jan 7, 2016
in ladies Lucrezia and Lara are good too (and 2 of my children :LOL: ) i'm looking forward to see them, last season was disappointing for Lucrezia, i hope her growth spurt is over.


here's the link to the livestream, it should be on in about 30 minutes

i've also a good news about the covid situation in Italy, many restrictions will be lifted in many regions, so the other events might take place as well
Brilliant news! 👍 Just watched Pairs FS.
Matteo G is still gorgeous! 😜
Rebecca and Filippo a bit unlucky there and shame that Viv and Marco could not compete, but given this weird year: Onwards and upwards. 😎


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Dec 7, 2018
Gosh, only 2 entries in senior dance now, a very short competition, but the one I am most eagerly anticipating to see Charlene and Marco's new free dance, as well as the debut of Moscheni/Fioretti.

Also, I think there's a slight error in your link, but it works if you remove the . after html.

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Jul 11, 2018
We need to. Last year I ended in last place, I need time redeem myself.
i don't remember if i won :LOL: probably i placed well, i usually do my best when there are no actual points to win and i mess up when it matters the most :LOL: