Grand Prix France cancelled


Final Flight
Feb 12, 2016
Reading this thread it is clear that many people haven't experienced Covid-19 first hand and know nothing about it and I sincerely hope that you have the luxury to continue that way. France it's in a very difficult situation and, as much as I love figure skating, the health of citizens comes first; they are trying to flatten the curve in order not to deal with the very difficult decision of leaving the older patients outside of intensive care in order to have space for the younger, which is what happens when there are too many ill people crowding your hospitals (and it's what happened to my FIL). I feel the maximum possible emphaty for the people whose jobs are put on hold, including athletes, but, having been there, I feel even more emphaty for the people whose last memory of their dear ones will be them boarding and ambulance and will have to bury them all alone without even a proper ceremony.


On the Ice
Oct 1, 2020
The statement that you have empathy for people whose jobs are "put on hold" is interesting . What about the many people who LOST jobs and their houses with it? All because other people are afraid. I have empathy for your dear ones in their later years. But I have more empathy for the many many more people in their early years who are affected by over reaction.
The virus is incredibly widespread and people are dying from it every day. Shutting things down and trying to prevent the spread isn’t an overreaction.

There are a lot of people that have lost jobs and homes yes, but at least here in the states a lot of that could’ve been mitigated with more pandemic assistance from the government. There’s tangible things that could’ve been done to lessen the effects of that, and the blame does not fall on people “overreacting”.

Also as a young person I’d just like to say that suggesting older people should die so that younger people can go out (even though younger people are still dying from this) is absolutely heartless.