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Help the ISU help you :)

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Feb 27, 2012
Help the ISU help you :)

The ISU is actively soliciting anonymous feedback/suggestions regarding the ISU's online presence -- including [but not limited to] the ISU YouTube channels.

To respond, no need to register for anything, and no need to use social media.

Below are the links to today's official ISU Twitter and Facebook posts that lead to the feedback page, but again: no need to use social media to give feedback.

Quote from the ISU Facebook post:
By taking a few minutes of your time it will help us to better look after your needs in different platforms.

Caveat: Per the ISU, the feedback page doesn't work very well on smartphones, but it is iPad friendly.

Mods, I hope it is permissible to post this information here in Share It. Seems of inherent and legitimate interest to GS members.