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Apr 25, 2019
So I'm a newer fan of ice dancing and figure skating in general. The first time I watched ice dancing was the 2014 Olympics when NBC was pushing hard for Davis/White to win. I ended up rooting for them, because America, but was blown away by Virtue/Moir's SD that season. So much so that when I saw them carrying the flag for Canada in the opening ceremonies these past Olympics, I immediately remembered that dance. Since these recent Olympics I've been a fan of ice dancing but don't know the history of the sport as well as I would like. What ice dancers should newer fans know and watch? All couples included, whether they're underrated, overrated or just a fun couple to watch. Specific programs/performances would also be cool!


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Jan 9, 2017
I'll be back later to give you a list and help you out. ;)


May 20, 2018
Torvill/Dean - Bolero

If you've already seen the above, try:
Cappellini/Lanotte - Charlie Chaplin :)

Lamente Ariane

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Apr 5, 2017
Torvill and Dean first and foremost.

Then there's Klimova/Ponomarenko and Anissina/Peizerat. Also Shae-Lynn Bourne and Victor Kraatz are well worth your time IMO.


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Mar 24, 2019
The first ice dancers I remember were Min and Mo (Andrei Minenkov and Irina Moiseeva), then Torvill and Dean. I had a soft spot for Bestemianova and Bukin (much to my best friend's disgust) and the Duchesnays were pretty amazing. But I had 20 years out of the sport when I couldn't skate or bear to watch it, so others will be better at more up to date recommendations.

Ice Dance

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Jan 26, 2014
Grishuk & Platov
(I recommend 94 Europeans FD, 97 Europeans or Worlds OD, and 95 Worlds OD).

I have a really long list of amazing dance teams, actually; but it might take time to put together.


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Jan 9, 2017
I said I would be back, here we go:

Basically anything Torvill/Dean have done.
I'm also going to note that many watch the lady with ice dance, I almost always watch the man (mostly, I can watch both at same time LOL, IDK if this has to do with being a female ice dancer or not). And I'm going to make an IMHO statement... There are few ice dance men that can move like Christopher Dean, Victor Kraatz and Scott Moir, again JMHO. ;)

Moving on.....


Riverdance (everyone watches ShaeLynn but I watch Victor, he's a beast).
Michael Jackson medley:
Return to Innocence:
Sadeness: (my favorite)
Meet Her at the Love Parade: (fun fact: choreographed by Torvill and Dean) ;)


OD Rhumba:
Fantasy in D Minor:
Summertime (OD):
Blues for Klook:
La Belle Dame sans regrets:


Masquerade Waltz:
African Drums:
Carmen: (she's such a diva here and I love it)
Paso Doble OD:
Sacred Spirits/Last of the Mohicans:


2002 OD:
2002 FD:
2013 Moonlight Sonata gala:

Virtue/Moir: (I know you said pre-2014 but at least one of these will be after)
Prince SD:
2010 Olympic Free Dance (Mahler Symphony no. 5)
2010 OD:
2010 Gala:
Umbrellas of Cherbourg:
Pink Floyd:
Hip Hip Chin Chin:
Good Kisser: (this was post 2014 but it's worth it).


Gilles/Poirier: Pure Imagination
Gilles/Poirier: Hitchcock (2014 worlds)
Hubbell/Donohue: Nocturne
Davis/White: Phantom of the Opera
Davis/White "Charleston"
Weaver/Poje Je Suis Malade
Wing/Lowe: Coppelia OD
Punsalan/Swallow: The Race
Lang/Tchernyshev: Carmen OD
Lang/Tchernyshev: Parisienne Walkways
Rahkamo/Kokko: La Strada
Rahkamo/Kokko Beatles Medley FD
Chalom/Gates: Tango OD (she's deaf btw)
Navarro/Bommentre: "One"
Belbin/Agosto: Gypsy Dance
Belbin/Agosto: Flamenco

There are so many more I could post, but this should keep you entertained for awhile. ;)

ETA: Rahkamo/Kokko "Valse Triste"


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Mar 7, 2015
what a nice list!!! thank you !!!

I liked many of these... i also liked the Duchesnays.


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Jan 9, 2017
what a nice list!!! thank you !!!

I liked many of these... i also liked the Duchesnays.

You're welcome. Yes! I liked them too but I left some teams out, maybe I'll add on later.


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Mar 7, 2015
since i am gently picking on you, do not forget to add Valse Triste to R /K :)


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Jan 3, 2007
Historic & Important ice dance routines...
Ludmila Pakhomova Alexander Gorshkov RUS - inventors of the Tango Romantica
-1976 FD Olympics
Judy Schwomeyer Jim Sladky USA - inventors of the Yankee Polka
-1971 FD
-1972 FD Irma la Duce
Irina Moiseeva Andrew Minenkov RUS
-1977 FD
Natalia Linichuk Gennadi Karponosov RUS
- 1978 Worlds
Krisztina Regoczy Andras Salley HUN
-1980 FD
Jayne Torvill Christopher Dean GBR - Inventors of the Rhumba D'Amor
-1982 OSP Blues
-1982 FD Mack & Mabel
-1983 OD Rock & Roll
-1983 FD Barnum
-1984 OSP Paso Doble
-1984 FD Bolero
Judy Blumberg Michael Seibert USA
-1980 FD
-1982 US Nationals - Fred & Ginger
-1983 US Nationals - Fred & Ginger 2
-1984 FD Scherezhade
Natalia Bestemianova Andrew Bukin RUS
-1982 FD
-1984 FD Folk Dance
-1985 FD Carmen
-1986 FD Paganini
-1987 FD Cabaret
-1988 FD Polovetsian Dances
Tracy Wilson Robert McCall CAN
-1984 FD Noir
-1988 FD Ragtime
Marina Klimova Sergei Ponomarenko RUS - Inventors of The Golden Waltz
-1984 FD
-1988 FD Beatles
-1989 OSP Charleston
-1989 FD Mack the Knife
-1990 OSP Samba
-1990 FD My Fair Lady
-1992 FD Bach
Natalia Annenko Genrikh Sretenski RUS
- 1987 FD Romeo & Juliet
Susie Wynne & Joseph Druar USA
-1989 OSP Charleston
Paul & Isabelle Duchesnay FRA
-1988 OSP Tango
-1988 FD Jungle
-1989 FD Beatles
-1990 OD Samba
-1990 FD Missing
-1991 FD at Europeans Reflections/unisex dance
-1991 OD Blues
-1991 FD Missing 2
-1992 OD Polka Sound of Music
-1992 FD West Side Story
Maia Usova & Aleksandr Zhulin RUS
-1989 OSP Charleston
-1989 FD The Planets
-1990 OD Samba
-1990 FD Tango
-1991 OD Blues
-1991 FD
-1992 FD The Four Seasons
-1993 FD Blues for Klook
Oksana Gritschuk Evgeny Platov RUS
-1993 FD St. James Infirmary
-1994 FD Rock & Roll
-1995 FD Tap Dance Medley
-1996 FD Latin Medley
-1997 OD Libertango
-1997 FD Arabian Passion
-1998 FD Memorial Requiem
Angelina Krylova & Oleg Ovsiannikov RUS
-1996 Worlds OD Paso Doble
-1997 Worlds FD Masquerade
-1998 Worlds FD Carmen
-1999 Worlds FD African Drumbeat
Susanna Rahkamo & Petri Kokko FIN - Inventors of the Finnstep
-1991 Worlds FD An unusual night at the Ballet
-1992 FD The Future
-1993 FD Valse Triste
-1994 FD La Strada/ The Tramps
-1995 OD Quickstep/Borsalino "The Finnstep"
-1995 FD Yesterday
Elizabeth Punsalan & Jerrod Swallow USA
-1991 FD The Race
-1994 OD Latin
-1994 FD
-1996 OD Paso Doble
-1996 FD Forever Tango
-1997 FD
-1998 FD Oblivion
Renee Roca & Gorsha Sur USA
-1993 FD Creole Love Call
-1995 FD Fever
-1996 FD House of the Rising Sun
Naomi Lang & Peter Tchernyshev USA
-1998 OD Latin Medley
-1999 OD Waltz of he Flowers
-1999 FD Adonis Nonino
-2000 OD Santana
-2000 FD Anytime, Anywhere
-2001 OD Sinatra Medley
-2001 FD Air/Storm
-2002 OD Carmen
-2002 FD Parisienne Walkways
-2003 OD Waltz
-2003 FD Still Loving You
Shae Lynn Bourne Victor Kraatz CAN
-1994 Folk Dance
-1998 Riverdance
-2001 FD March with Me
-2002 Michael Jackson
-2003 FD Adagio
Marina Anissina Gwendal Peizerat FRA
-1998 FD Romeo & Juliet
-1999 FD Man in the Iron Mask
-2000 FD Carmina Burana
-2002 OD Flamenco
-2002 FD Freedom
Barbara Fusar-Poli & Mauricio Margaglio ITA
-1999 FD Dracula
-2000 FD Celtic Warrior
-2001 FD Romeo & Juliet
-2002 FD I will Survive
-2006 OD Latin Medley/ The Staredown
Margarita Drobiazko Povilas Vanagas LTU
-1999 FD Sunrise at Alcatraz
-2000 & 2001 FD Spente Le Stelle
-2002 OD Latin Medley
-2002 FD Quelques Cris
-2006 FD Phantom
Irina Lobacheva Ilia Averbukh RUS
-1998 OD Rock & Roll Tutti Frutti
-1998 FD Jesus Christ Superstar
-1999 FD Diablo
-2000 FD Alegria
-2001 FD Toccata
-2002 OD Tanguera
-2002 FD A Time for Peace
-2003 FD Rock & Roll
Albena Denkova Maxim Staviyski BUL
-2001 FD Exotica
-2002 FD O from Cirque
-2003 OD March
-2003 FD Afrah Baladi
-2004 FD Handel Suite 4 in D minor
-2005 FD Back to Africa
-2006 FD Adagio
-2007 OD Tango Volver
-2007 FD Seven Deadly Sins
Tatiana Navka Roman Kostomarov RUS
-2003 OD Waltz
-2003 FD The Feeling Begins
-2004 OD Blues/Rock & Roll
-2004 FD Pink Panther
-2005 OD Quickstep
-2005 FD Tosca
-2006 OD Latin Combo
-2006 FD Carmen
Tanith Belbin Benjamin Agosto USA
-2002 FD Sarajevo
-2003 FD Elvis
-2004 FD West Side Story
-2005 FD Russian Gypsy Dance
-2006 OD Salsa Lets Get Loud
-2006 FD Latin Medley
-2007 FD Amelie - can't find working copy
-2008 FD Chopin
-2009 OD Tap Dance
-2009 FD Tosca
-2010 FD Ave Maria
Marie-France Dubreuil Patrice Lauzon CA
-2006 OD Latin Medley/terrible fall at end
-2006 OD Worlds Ne Me Quitte Pas a better skate
-2006 FD Somewhere in Time
-2007 OD Paya d'Ora
-2007 FD At Last
Isabelle Delobel Olivier Schoenfelder FRA
-2001 FD Vivre pour le meilleur
-2004 FD Merlin
-2005 FD Frida
-2006 FD Carnival in Venice
-2007 FD The Untouchables
-2008 FD The Piano
-2009 FD Great Gig in the Sky
Oksana Domnina Maxim Shabalin RUS
-2006 FD Waltz of the Spirits
-2007 FD Polovetsian Dances
-2008 FD Masquerade Waltz
-2009 FD Spartacus
-2010 OD Aboriginal
-2010 FD Requiem for a Dream
Tessa Virtue Scott Moir CAN
-2007 OD Assassination Tango
-2007 FD Valse Triste
-2008 OD Dark Eyes
-2008 FD Umbrellas of Cherbourg
-2009 OD Charleston
-2009 FD Great Gig in the Sky
-2010 OD Farrucas
-2010 FD Mahler #5
-2011 OD Tango/Waltz
-2011 FD Hip Hip Chin Chin
-2012 OD Hip Hip Chin Chin
-2012 FD Funny Face
-2013 OD Waltz
-2013 FD Carmen
-2014 OD Dream a Little Dream
-2014 FD The Seasons
-2017 OD Prince Medley
-2017 FD Pilgrims on a Long Journey
-2018 OD Latin Medley
-2018 FD Moulin Rouge
Meryl Davis Charlie White USA
-2007 OD A Los Amigo
-2007 FD Polovetsian Dances
-2008 OD Kalinka
-2008 FD Eleanor Rigby
-2009 OD Charleston
-2009 FD Bacchanale
-2010 OD Indian Folk Dance
-2014 FD Phantom of the Opera
-2011 OD Verdi & Puccini Waltz
-2011 FD Tango Medley
-2012 OD Lets Get Loud
-2012 FD Die Fledermaus
-2013 OD Giselle
-2013 FD Notre Dame de Paris
-2014 OD My Fair Lady
-2014 FD Scheherazade
Federica Faella Massimo Scali ITA
-2002 OD Strictly Ballroom
-2002 FD The Four Seasons
-2003 SD Die Fledermaus
-2003 FD Latin Medley
-2004 FD Argentine Tango
-2005 FD Spirit in the Dark - Aretha Franklin
-2006 SD Latin Medley
-2006 FD The Mission
-2007 SD Maria de la Buenos Ares
-2007 FD Pantera en Liberta
-2008 FD Yentl
-2009 OD Follow the Fleet
-2009 FD Moonlight Sonata
-2010 FD The Immigrant
-2011 SD My Fair Lady
-2011 FD Manolete
Nathalie Pechalat Fabian Bourzat FRA
-2006 FD Les Miserables
-2008 FD Madness
-2009 FD Circus
-2010 FD Requiem for a Dream
-2011 FD Chaplin
-2012 SD Carnival in Rio
-2012 FD Pharoah & His Mummy
-2013 FD Rolling Stones
-2014 SD Roxie/Big Spender/Sing
-2014 FD The Little Prince
Ekaterina Bobrova Dmitri Soloviev RUS
-2008 OD Kalinka
-2008 FD Modern Bach
-2010 OD Russian Sailor Dance
-2010 FD Adagio by Il Divo
-2011 OD Waltz Where I Want to Be
-2011 FD Melodies of the White Nights
-2012 SD Samba
-2012 FD Walpurgis Night
-2013 SD Polka
-2013 FD Man with the Harmonica
-2014 OD Diamonds
-2014 FD1 Four Seasons/Lacrimosa
-2014 FD2 Man with the Harmonica
-2015 OD Carmen Paso Doble - can't find working copy
-2015 FD Anna Karenina
-2016 OD Masquerade Waltz
-2016 FD Anna Karenina
-2017 OD Blues/Swing
-2017 FD Four Seasons
-2018 OD Latin Medley
-2018 FD Oblivion/Beethovens 5 Secrets
Anna Cappellini Luca Lanotte ITA
-2008 OD Bubamara
-2008 FD La Traviata
-2009 OD Bei Mir Bistu Shein
-2009 FD Love Story
-2010 OD Tarantella
-2010 FD Addiction
-2011 OD Que Sera Sera/Girls
-2011 FD Umbrellas of Cherbourg
-2012 OD Rhumba
-2012 FD La Strada
-2013 OD 7 Brides for 7 Brothers
-2013 FD Carmen
-2014 OD Quickstep/Foxtrot
-2014 FD Barber of Seville
-2015 OD Cappricio Espagnol
-2015 FD Dance Macabre
-2016 OD Waltz/Polka
-2016 FD Fellini Medley
-2017 OD Blues/Boogie Woogie
-2017 FD Chaplin
-2018 OD Kaboom
-2018 FD Life is Beautiful
Sinead & John Kerr GBR
-2004 SD Man with the Hex
-2004 FD The Matrix
-2005 FD Justin Timberlake Medley
-2006 SD Cha Cha
-2006 FD The Porridge Man
-2007 SD Libertango
-2007 FD Last of the Mohicans
-2008 OD Scottish Dance
-2008 FD Enigma
-2009 SD Lindy Hop
-2009 FD Ruled by Secrecy
-2010 SD I've Been Everywhere
-2010 FD Linkin Park
-2011 SD At Last
-2011 FD Exogenesis
Maia & Alex Shibutani USA
Kaitlyn Weaver & Andrew Pope CAN
Madison Chock & Evan Bates USA
-2015 SD Paso Doble
Gabrielle Papadakis Guillaume Cizeron FRA
Madison Hubbell & Zachary Donahue USA
Elena Ilinyk Nikita Katsalapov RUS
-2014 FD Swan Lake
Victoria Sinitsina Nikita Katsalapov
Vanessa Crone & Paul Poirier CAN
-2008 OD Romanian Gypsy Folk Dance
-2009 OD Ragtime
-2009 FD Doce de Coco
-2010 SD Spanish Flamenco
-2010 FD Bohemian Rhapsody
-2011 SD Fallin
-2011 FD Eleanor Rigby
Piper Gilles Paul Poirier CAN
Nelli Zhiganshina & Alexander Gaszi RUS
-2013 FD Zombies!
-2014 FD Dancecard

Links to follow...


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Jul 26, 2003
You might try visiting the pages we have for Retired great ice dancers, which have links to all their programs we could find.

Marina Anissina & Gwendal Peizerat

Meryl Davis & Charlie White

Isabel Delobel & Oliver Schoenfelder

Marie-France Dubreuil & Patrice Lauzon

Isabel Duchesnay & Paul Duchesnay

Marina Klimova & Sergei Ponomarenko

Jayne Torvill & Christopher Dean

Virtue and Moir are still considered active. Their fan fest is here:

Great teams we still have not constructed pages for:

Pakhamova & Gorshkov
Moiseeva & Minenkov
Sladky & Schwomeyer
Regőczy & Sallay

Bestemianova & Bukin
Blumberg & Siebert
Wilson & McCall

Grishuk & Platov
Krylova & Ovsiannakov
Usova & Zhulin
Rahkamo & Kokko

2000s (many of these have fan fests)
Bourne & Kraatz
Capellini & Lanotte
Denkova & Staviyski
Belbin & Agosto
Domnina & Shabalin
John & Sinead Kerr
Péchalat & Bourzat

I am assuming you know the guys in the later 2010s
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