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IOC and IPC respect and accept Japanese decision on overseas spectators


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Jun 21, 2003

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) were today informed by the Japanese parties in the five-parties meeting about their conclusion regarding overseas spectators at the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 this summer. For the reason of the safety of every Games participant and the Japanese people, their conclusion is fully respected and accepted by the IOC and the IPC.​

During the meeting, the IOC and the IPC were informed that, as outlined in the full statement by Tokyo 2020, the conclusion of the Japanese parties is not to allow entry into Japan for overseas spectators for the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 due to the prevailing worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. Olympic and Paralympic Games tickets purchased by overseas residents from the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee will be refunded.

“We share the disappointment of all enthusiastic Olympic fans from around the world, and of course the families and friends of the athletes, who were planning to come to the Games,” said IOC President Thomas Bach. “For this I am truly sorry. We know that this is a great sacrifice for everybody. We have said from the very beginning of this pandemic that it will require sacrifices.

“But we have also said that the first principle is safety. Every decision has to respect the principle of safety first. I know that our Japanese partners and friends did not reach this conclusion lightly. Together with them, the IOC’s top priority was, is and remains to organise safe Olympic and Paralympic Games for everyone: all the participants and, of course, our gracious hosts, the Japanese people. We stand shoulder-to-shoulder at the side of our Japanese partners and friends, without any kind of reservation, to make the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 a great success.

“Together with our Rights-Holding Broadcasters, we will make every effort so that the fans from around the world will be able to experience the Olympic spirit. In this way, the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 will be the light at the end of the tunnel and a safe manifestation of peace, solidarity and the resilience of humankind in overcoming the pandemic.”


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Dec 4, 2004
It is for the best. The IOC will make money with the broad cast rights and Japan will make at least some money by putting its own citizens in the seats. I am sure my cousin and her husband are disappointed as their daughter just made it into the Olys. So happy for my Uncle, Lara's grandpaw, in heaven....I am sure he is very proud and he is the finest person I have ever met.


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Feb 22, 2014
Wow congrats to your cousin! Being in the Olympics is a huge deal!

With any luck the Japanese people will come, Japanese figure skating fans are always so supportive so I'm sure they will be for other sports too.


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Mar 14, 2007
I feel terrible for the families of the athletes more than anyone. And of course sports aren’t as fun with no fans.


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Aug 9, 2016
They now need to make a tough decision on Japanese spectators. The COVID-19 advisory board is against the plan but the government is set to allow thousands of spectators, depending on the capacity of a stadium. It is preferable if there are no spectators to minimize the risks associated with COVID-19, while Olympic advertisers are not happy with that option because they cannot reach a vast audience as expected. Some Olympic sponsors want the Olympic games to be postponed for another year.
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