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Ioulia Chtchetinina & Mark Magyar


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Dec 7, 2018
Ioulia Chtchetinina (Russian: Юлия Щетинина, Hungarian: Scsetyinyina Julija; born 24 December 1995) and Márk Magyar (born 28 April 1990) are pairs skaters representing Hungary.

Together, they are the 2020 Challenge Cup and 2021 Budapest Trophy bronze medalists. They placed 14th at the 2021 World Championships, qualifying a berth for Hungary at the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Ioulia previously skated with Noah Scherer for Switzerland with whom she won three international medals and competed at two World Championships. She competed the 2017–2018 season with Mikhail Akulov.

Mark previously competed with Darja Beklemiscseva, with whom he won bronze at the 2017 Bavarian Open and competed at the 2017 World Championships. Earlier in his career, he skated with Anna Khnychenkova and Anna Marie Pearce, competing in the final segment at three ISU Championships.

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ISU Personal Bests

Personal Best Total Score175.8027.11.2021ISU GP Rostelecom Cup 2021
Personal Best Score Short Program63.9926.11.2021ISU GP Rostelecom Cup 2021
Personal Best Score Free Skating111.8127.11.2021ISU GP Rostelecom Cup 2021


SeasonShort programFree skating
2021-2022Can't Pretend by Tom OdellDust In The Wind by Kerry Livgren
2020–2021Renaissance (from Medici: Masters of Florence)
by Paolo Buonvino & Skin
Need you tonight, Legendary by Welshly Arms
choreo. by Olga Orlova
2019–2020Prodigy by Nathan Lanier
choreo. by Nóra Hoffmann
Need you tonight, Legendary by Welshly Arms
choreo. by Olga Orlova


CompetitionSP ScoreSP RankFS ScoreFS RankTotal ScoreFinal Rank
2021-2022 Season
2022 European Championships60.967110.077171.036
Four Nationals 202256.811113.701170.511
Rostelecom Cup 202163.994111.817175.806
Internationaux de France 202152.267100.506152.766
Denis Ten Memorial 202155.63994.958150.588
Budapest Trophy 202153.963103.163157.123
2020-2021 Season
World Championship 202151.2118106.6613157.8714
Challenge Cup 202158.313110.903169.213
Hungarian Championships 202160.731111.281172.011
Cup of Russia 202058.607105.177163.777
Challenge Cup 202057.114105.493162.604
2019-2020 Season
European Championship 202051.0310100.479151.5010
Four Nationals Championship 202055.651109.391165.041
Golden Spin 201955.276103.607158.875
Icelab International Cup 201939.26892.953132.214
2018-2019 Season
Finlandia Trophy 201953.67694.688148.358
Nebelhorn Trophy 201840.93985.249126.179
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