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ISU Skating Awards 2021


Jun 26, 2012
It seems we will be getting the Skating Awards again this year, albeit a limited edition due to the kind of season it has been:

The International Skating Union (ISU) and Art on Ice are proud to announce the second edition of the ISU Skating Awards on July 10, 2021 which will be live streamed on the Skating ISU YouTube channel.

Despite the challenging season due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which led to the cancellation of numerous events, the ISU and Art on Ice have decided to hold a special edition of the ISU Skating Awards. Because of the exceptional season and limited Figure Skating events, only the Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented this year. However the fans will be treated to an amazing show, highlighting skating at its finest, featuring some of the greatest athletes from around the world and some exclusive interviews.

Join our amazing hosts Tanith and Charlie White and the talented athletes in celebration of Figure Skating and discover who will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award 2021. Save the date of July 10, 2021 and stay tuned for further announcements.



Jun 1, 2020
That would be nice, but I nominate Dick Button. He’s like 90 something and I think that has done enough (both as a skater and after) to deserve a Lifetime Achievement Award
You got a fair point, but I would still want to nominate Midori Ito for being the first ever woman to land the triple axel and perform a 7 triples LP. She didn't get nearly as much recognition as she deserved at her time, and her 3A (and a lot of her other jumps as well... mhh, those 3T+3Ts 💜 ) are still jawdroppingly good even today.

But I get the idea that the coaching/commentating career should be taken into account as well.

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Feb 27, 2012
I would like to see a pair. Last year at the Skating Awards nominations were only about single's and ID.

To be fair: The pairs discipline had pretty good representation on the long list of candidates that was on last year's ballot for online voting.

After online voting, the long list was narrowed down to three nominees per category.
It was during this step of the process that the pairs discipline did not fare well. :frown:


Oct 30, 2014
IMO, I think it would be best to have one of these every other year.... one during/after the Olympic season and one for the midpoint between the Olympic seasons. .

I just feel like the awards show doesn't signal much that the competitions themselves signal.

I've always thought that it would be nice to have a 4-year recap show(preferably 2-4 so that all the disciplines get shown) done before every Olympics. If say the ISU produced that and if they used the results to influence what they put in it, then the awards show itself could have some value.


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Nov 11, 2013
I think they should leave the awards as only a lifetime achievement award and do it at the team Olympic medal ceremony. Its really all a popularity contest with fan voting (do we think Hanyu will ever lose anything he's up for with his fan base online? No) and they really painted themselves as a sham about the awards when last year for the best newcomer they had Young You (no offense to her) as a finalist over Shcherbakova who had a much better season and even beat Young You twice when they competed head to head but the ISU likely tipped the scales to Young You not wanting all finalists to be Russian.