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Jan 15, 2014
Ukrainian figure skater Ivan Pavlov (Ukrainian: Іван Павлов) was born 26 September 1998 in Kiev, Ukraine. He is the 2015 European Youth Olympic champion, 2014 NRW Trophy silver medalist, and 201 6 Ukrainian national champion. On 28 May 2018, the Ukrainian Figure Skating Federation announced that he had teamed up with Sofiya Holichenko to compete in pair skating and that the two would be coached by Halyna Kukhar. At the beginning of the 2019-2020 season, he was listed as the partner of Kateryna Dzitsiuk in this biography:

The team placed third at the 2018-19 Ukrainian championships in senior pairs.

September 2019 Update​


Singles ISU bio : http://www.isuresults.com/bios/isufs00014105.htm
Wikipedia : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ivan_Pavlov_(figure_skater)
tracings.net entry: http://www.tracings.net/pavl-ivan.html

Personal Bests
All in the "Historical" Era

Personal Best Total Score210.89ISU CS Minsk Arena Ice Star 2017
Personal Best Score Short Program76.31ISU CS Minsk Arena Ice Star 2017
Personal Best Score Free Skating135.33ISU World Junior Championships 2018



SP : Bad Boys (soundtrack) by Mark Mancina
LP : Blood Diamond (soundtrack) by James Newton Howard


SP : Bad Boys (soundtrack) by Mark Mancina
LP : Blood Diamond (soundtrack) by James Newton Howard


SP : Pardon y Johnny Halliday
LP : Angels and Demons by Hans Zimmer


SP : Danse Macabre by Camille Saint-Saens
LP : La Leyenda del Beso by Raul Di Blasio


SP : El Tango de Roxanne from Moulin Rouge
LP : La Leyenda del Beso by Raul Di Blasio


SP : Symphony n°5 by Beethoven
LP : The Legend of Zorro by James Horner

Competitive history

Season 2017-2018
2018 World Championships29th64.18-29(FNR)
2018 World Junior Championships8th71.05135.33206.38SP FS
2017-18 Ukrainian Championships2nd79.59140.85220.44
2017 ISU CS Minsk-Arena Ice Star7th76.31134.58210.89FS
2017 JGP Egna/Neumarkt6th66.71122.24188.95SP FS
2017 JGP Riga Cup5th67.17114.46181.63SP FS
Season 2016-2017
2017 World Championships25th69.26-25(FNR)
2017 Winter Universiade15th67.27133.17200.44SP FS
2017 European Championships 14th68.94133.93202.87FS
2016-2017 Ukrainian Championships1st77.35146.35223.70
2016 Ice Star1st77.21143.86221.07
2016 Coupe de Nice7th55.16111.54166.70
2016 JGP Ljubljana Cup7th61.71123.48185.19SP FS
2016 JGP Czech Skate4th64.91134.47199.38SP LP
Season 2015-2016
2016 World Championships23rd65.20113.69178.89SP
2016 European Championships15th68.78120.87189.65LP
2015/16 Ukrainian Nationals1st78.37143.84222.21SP LP
2015 Tallinn Trophy5th67.43133.38202.32
2015 Coupe de Nice7th66.58127.98194.56
JGP Cup of Austria 20153rd67.43128.30195.73SP LP
JGP Bratislava 20158th56.91108.92165.83SP LP
Season 2014-2015
2015 Junior World Championships16th55.10115.92171.02LP
2015 European Youth Olympic Winter Festival1st69.64130.51200.15Podium/Small Highlights
2014/2015 Ukrainian Nationals2nd--207.58LP
2014/2015 Ukrainian Junior Nationals1st--207.57SP LP
2014 NRW Trophy2nd63.42127.13190.55SP LP
JGP Croatia Cup 20145th58.43118.64177.07SP LP
JGP Tallinn Cup 20147th59.76106.00165.76SP LP
Season 2013-2014
2014 Junior World Championships15th59.39111.65177.04SP
2013/2014 Ukrainian Nationals/Ukrainian Open3rd57.95119.23177.18SP/LP
2013 Coupe de Nice Junior2nd66.54122.45188.99LP
JGP Tallinn Cup 20137th58.61109.22170.14SP LP
JGP Kosice 20138th57.40112.74170.14SP LP
Season 2012-2013
2013 Junior World Championships20th51.7397.11148.84LP
2013 Bavarian Open Junior1st55.12118.86173.98-
2012-2013 Ukrainian Junior Championships1st
2012 Ice Star Minsk Junior1st5707116.22173.29SP LP
2012 Coupe de Nice Junior4th57.84111.94169.78SP LP
JGP Istanbul 20128th53.6393.33146.96SP LP
JGP Courchevel 20128th52.7397.14149.87SP LP
Season 2011-2012
2011 NRW Trophy Novice2nd37.8370.66108.49SP LP
2011 Kaunas Autumn Cup----LP
2011 Dnepr Ice Open?----SP LP
2011 Ukrainian Cup for Young Skaters - Mariupol1st---SP LP
Season 2009-2010
2010 Tirnavia Ice Cup Novice1st----
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Jun 21, 2003
Ukrainian figure skater Ivan Pavlov (Ukrainian: Іван Павлов) was born 26 September 1998 in Kiev, Ukraine. He is the 2015 European Youth Olympic champion, 2014 NRW Trophy silver medalist, and 2015 Ukrainian national silver medalist.


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Feb 16, 2014
I like Ivan's skating a lot...was hoping he could get a medal here. But 4th place isn't shabby at all.


Feb 28, 2015
Ivan Pavlov is running crowdfunding campaign to find an ice for the summer period in order to prepare and qualify to the Olympics 2018. Please support the campaign, by contributing or sharing the word!

It was a good idea to start this campain, as the Ukrainian Federation is said to be unable to help skaters until the debts from the previous president are paid back. I read Ivan needs to prepare for Nebelhorn Trophy, and it's hard to do without training from May till mid July, when the ice rinks are closed.


Dec 26, 2014
He really has something special on his skating. Best of luck for tomorws' FP!


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Mar 24, 2017


Feb 28, 2015
I must admit, I did love Ivan skating in singles and so was quite upset when he switched to pairs. However, he looks very enthusiastic about it, pleased with his current partner, Kateryna Dzitsiuk, and very supportive. Maybe he lacked partnership and team spirit in singles, because it looks like that's what he's enjoying now quite a lot. And he's grown so strong... just in one season! :)

Love their short program in Zagreb today. Wish them luck tomorrow!