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Jackson Artiste to....? Upgrade help!


Mar 3, 2021
Pain is common when breaking in boots but if it persists after 5 to 10 hours on the ice, you should see if the tech can do something for you.
It gets better every time I skate. Going from recreational boots that didn’t need breaking in because I sized myself wrong to a well fitted boot is a process. Every time I skate it gets better and better.

On another note - just the responsiveness of fitted boots made a huge improvement in my skating. I was previous skating in boots too long and wide which made it so much harder to execute 3 turns. It’s funny because I can skate backwards but couldn’t do backward slaloms for the life of me in my Artistes. In my fitted boots no problem. I will never buy another pairs of skates without getting measured! Learned a good lesson here.