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Jade Rautiainen

Alex D

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Sep 23, 2013
Jade, is a skater competing for Finland, born in 2000.

Biography & Skating Style:

Jade, is a typical teenage girl, very friendly and always smiling while on the ice and I love her outfits, she definitely has a great look. At the same time, she is like most girls, very interested in styling, fashion and the like, as you can see on her Instagram account and there is one picture where she just styled up, like she wanted to go either on a date, or the Oscars. Right now she is coached by Tarja Sipilä, her choreographies are by Maikki Uotila-Kraatz (short) and Pirjo Kuha (long). She does compete for a figure skating club at Helsinki, (helsingin luistelijat), same as Juulia Turkkila and came 12th at nationals in the juniors bracket.

You can see her in action here,

Videos by mokenimo

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ISU Profile (not up to date)

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