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Japanese Coaches


Record Breaker
Jun 2, 2014

By the way... It would be very interesting to find something about coaching process in Japan. It seems to me, that it's very different from coaching in Russia, Ukraine, US.... Different in everuthing from the first steps on ice and so on...

For me, anything regarding the coaching / training process is SO interesting. I took beginning skating as an adult so remember what that is like, but I have no idea of how things work as people are coached through the upper levels. And my guess is that many coaches would not be too willing to share their secrets. I found it so interesting that during an interview , Raf Arutyunyan said that he was coaching jumps in a new way but then wouldn't elaborate at all on exactly what he meant by that. Another fascinating thing is watching skaters work with their choreographers.


On the Ice
Apr 10, 2018
As mentioned in Hanyu thread, Jack Gallagher interviewed Shoichiro Tsuzuki on Ice Time Podcast.

He might be known for Yuzuru Hanyu's early coach, has 6 decades of teaching career led Sanoru Mino first ever Japanese world medalist (1977 ,men bronze)
currently coaching Tomoe Kawabata who will compete 2019 Jr World with his daughter Nakako Tsuzuki.


On the Ice
Aug 5, 2018
Does somebody knows where and when Team Hamada organize their summer camps? Last summer they were also in France. How to contact with Mie Hamada team? My daughter got experience with coach Mie Hamada from ISU Development program organized camp last year and she was so excited...so different than Russian coaches and she would like to try it more.