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Joy Weinberg & Maximiliano Fernandez

Alex D

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Sep 23, 2013
Joy Weinberg and Maximiliano Fernandez are pair skaters representing the U.S. Joy was born in Chicago, Illinois, on Sep 20, 1996, while Maximiliano was born on Sep 29, 1995, in Miami, Florida. They are the 2016 U.S. Junior national champions. They team began skating together in 2015.

I just saw them skate at 2016 Junior Worlds and was really impressed, therefore I made this thread now. ;) Joy is 19 years old and from Northbrook Illinois. She did compete with Michael Lueck prior to this season, while Maximiliano who is 20, did skate with Cirinia Gillett. At first I couldn't believe that this is their very first season together, as they greatly relate to each other and offer wonderful artistry. They practice at Ellenton, and Jim Peterson, their coach and choreographer, has done a truly fine job!

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SP "Hernando's Hideaway" by Jerry Ross, La Cumparsita by Geraldo Rodriguez; choreography by Jim Peterson
FS "Le Corsaire" by Adolphe Adam; choreography by Jim Peterson

2016 Junior Worlds SP
Alex D's SP Report
2016 Junior Worlds FS
Alex D's FS Report

2015 JGP Torun (Poland) SP
2015 JGP Torun (Poland) FS

2015 JGP Colorado Springs SP
2015 JGP Colorado Springs FS

Type Date Score Event Event Category Discipline Level
Total05.09.2015136.62ISU JGP Colorado Springs 2015Junior PairsPairsJuniors
SP24.09.201548.87ISU JGP Copernicus Stars 2015Junior PairsPairsJuniors
SP Technical03.09.201526.82ISU JGP Colorado Springs 2015Junior PairsPairsJuniors
SP Component24.09.201522.34ISU JGP Copernicus Stars 2015Junior PairsPairsJuniors
FS05.09.201587.89ISU JGP Colorado Springs 2015Junior PairsPairsJuniors
FS Technical05.09.201541.27ISU JGP Colorado Springs 2015Junior PairsPairsJuniors
FS Component05.09.201546.62ISU JGP Colorado Springs 2015Junior PairsPairsJuniors


Season 2015-2016​
2016 World Junior Championships ​10 (47.54)9 (88.17)10 (135.71)
2016 US Nationals, Junior 2 (48.80)1 (90.44)1 (139.24)
2016 US Eastern Sectionals, Junior 1 (46.94)1 (75.76)1 (122.70)
2015 JGP Copernicus Stars6 (48.87)7 (78.25)7 (127.12)
2015 JGP Colorado Springs1 (48.73)3 (87.89)2 (136.62)

Articles, Interviews And other media

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Alex D

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Sep 23, 2013
Joy and Maximiliano at Junior Worlds I

From my report,

That being said, there was one girl today, who was so much a lady already and she goes by the name of Joy Weinberg, coming 10th with her partner Maximiliano Fernandez. The 19 years old, looks like a million dollars and will give every men in this world, soft knees if she looks at him. She has great motion in her hands, they are a part of the choreography and it´s not less good by the "knife throwing" Max either, who hopefully does not practice his knife throwing skills, with the beautiful Joy in the target zone.
Full on target were both skaters with great presence and in character skating, combined with her amazing ability to skate with her partner, but at the same time with you in the audience – a really nice US American pair.

They don´t have the levels yet and no double Axel side by side, but for a pair in it´s first season together, an amazing level of artistry, huge expression and presence on the ice. Jim Peterson is the mastermind behind these two, coach and choreographer in one person!


9Justine BRASSEUR / Mathieu OSTIGUYCAN48.0827.54 20.545.254.865.
10Joy WEINBERG / Maximiliano FERNANDEZUSA47.5425.23 22.315.685.295.615.685.640.00#6
11Anastasia GUBANOVA / Alexei SINTSOVRUS45.0723.30 22.775.895.545.545.795.711.00#12

Alex D

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Sep 23, 2013
Joy and Max at Junior Worlds II

Well, that was an amazing performance today, really nice job the Americans who came 10th in total.

from my report,

Joy Weinberg and Maximiliano Fernandez, didn´t medal either, but scored pretty well with a new seasons best in their Free and a combined total of 135.71 points. Yesterday, I mentioned that they were lacking the high difficult elements and levels, but almost as they read along, today they delivered exactly this. Their spins received the maximum of four, especially the side by side, was gorgeous, beautifully aligned and in close distance to each other!

Another impressive aspect was definitely the quality of their lifts, like the first which was performed as a Lasso with great entry and exit, while performing the necessary change of hold and position by her when she grabs the blade while rotating! The second lift was a press lift, where he stops the rotation, she changes position and he even adds the skating on one blade towards the end, high class stuff and so easy to lose your footing there!

I really like how gentle he is with her they look great together, pity about the two popped loops by her, but they are really a fun pair to watch with great potential.


8Lindsay WEINSTEIN / Jacob SIMONUSA88.8342.9746.865.685.645.936.046.001.00#8
9Joy WEINBERG / Maximiliano FERNANDEZUSA88.1742.0246.155.755.645.825.895.750.00#4
10Bryn HOFFMAN / Bryce CHUDAKCAN85.9241.9645.965.795.685.685.865.712.00#9

Combined total:

9Lindsay WEINSTEIN / Jacob SIMON

10Joy WEINBERG / Maximiliano FERNANDEZ

11Anastasia GUBANOVA / Alexei SINTSOV


ice coverage

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Feb 27, 2012
Wanted mostly to share these gorgeous :luv17: on-ice photos of Joy and Max, especially the first one:

Idle thought:
Impossible not to have positive feelings :hap93: about a pair named Joy and Max.​

The Aug-Sep issue of Skating magazine has a nice article about them:

Good luck to them at the Cranberry Open this weekend.

@Max3pad is Max's public Twitter account.​
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Apr 7, 2014
Does somebody know are these two still skating together or have they split/quit?

ETA: So, I was told elsewhere that they are no longer skating competitively but they were planning to skate shows together. (At least that was the situation last spring.) Hope things are working out for them!