Justyna Plutowska & Jeremie Flemin


Jan 24, 2006
Justyna Plutowska (born 27 June 1991 in Gdynia, Poland) and Jérémie Flemin (born 15 November 1991 in Apt, France) are Polish-French ice dancers representing Poland. They teamed up in May 2016. Justyna's previous partners were Dawid Pietrzyński and Peter Gerber. Until summer 2018 they were coached by Barbara Fusar-Poli and Stefano Caruso in Milan, Italy. In June 2018 Justyna and Jérémie moved to Montreal, where they are coached at Gadbois Centre by Romain Haguenauer, Patrice Lauzon and Marie-France Dubreuil. The team are three time Polish National silver medalists.

Together they share their life via the Youtube channel called: J & J ON ICE


Justyna - http://www.rinkresults.com/skater?skater_id=32895
Jérémie - http://www.rinkresults.com/skater?skater_id=32896

Justyna - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Justyna_Plutowska
Jérémie - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jérémie_Flemin

tracings.net profile

Social Media
Justyna's Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/justynaa_pl/
Jérémie's Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/jerem.ie/
YouTube channel - J & J ON ICE

Updated 5 November 2020

Personal Best Scores starting from 2018/2019


Personal Best Total Score156.49ISU CS Warsaw Cup 2019
Personal Best Score Short Program61.60ISU CS Warsaw Cup 2019
Personal Best Score Free Skating96.27ISU CS Inge Solar Memorial - Alpen Trophy 2018

Personal Best Scores pre 2018/2019

Personal Best Total Score131.00ISU CS Warsaw Cup 2017
Personal Best Score Short Program54.68ISU CS Warsaw Cup 2017
Personal Best Score Free Skating82.02ISU CS Warsaw Cup 2017

Programs and Videos

RD: The Mask soundtrack: "The Business of Love," "Hi Ho;" and "Hey, Pachuco"
FD: "Time To Go" by Dean Lewis; "Waves" by Dean Lewis

2019-2020 Four Nations Championships
2019 Warsaw Cup
2019 Asian Open Trophy

SD: "Juguete Rabioso" by La Chicana
FD: "Love is a B**"; "Same Old Song" (S.O.S. Part 1) by Two Feet ; "I Feel Like I'm Drowning" by Two Feet

2019 Bavarian Open
RD: no video found​
2019 European Championships (geoblocked in the USA)
2019 Four Nationals Championships
2018 Cup of Warsaw
RD: no video found​
FD: no video found​
2018 Inge Solar Memorial - Alpen Trophy Innsbruck, Austria
FD: no video found​

SD: Samba: "Bango Boom" by DJ Maksy; Rhumba: "Paxi Ni Ngongo" by Bonga; Samba: "Locuraleza" by Oma
FD: Overture, "Unchained Melody" and "I Had a Life" from "Ghost" (The Musical)

2018 European Championships
2018 Four Nationals Championships
2017 CS Warsaw Cup
2017 Cup of Nice
SD: no video found​
FD: no video found​
2017 Open d'Andorra

SD: Blues: "A Woman's Worth" by Alicia Keys; Hip hop: "Recess" (Milo and Otis remix) by Skrillex and Kill the Noise
FD: "The Great Gig in the Sky" and "Hey You" by Pink Floyd; "Miss You" by The Rolling Stones

2017 Four Nationals Championships
2016 NRW Trophy

Competitive History

Season 2019-2020​
European Championship 202022 (58.49)-FNR
Four Nationals Championship 20202 (65.44)2 (99.35)2 (164.79)
Warsaw Cup 20197 (61.60)5 (94.89)5 (156.49)
2019 Pavel Roman Olomouc Ice Dance2 (66.65)2 (97.40)2 (164.05)
2019 CS Asian Open Trophy8 (55.96)6 (92.87)8 (148.83)
2019 ISU U.S. International Figure Skating Classic 7 (52.18)6 (87.66)6 (139.84)
Season 2018-2019​
2019 Bavarian Open5 (60.02)3 (95.48)4 (155.50)
2019 European Championships22 (52.08)-22 (FNR)
2019 Four Nationals Championships3 (56.06)3 (90.30)3 (146.36)/2nd POL
2018 Cup of Warsaw4 (58.58)4 (95.14)4 (153.72)
2018 Inge Solar Memorial - Alpen Trophy Innsbruck, Austria6 (56.23)4 (96.27)5 (152.49)
Season 2017-2018​
2018 European Championships21 (49.91)-21 (FNR)
2018 Mentor Torun Cup9 (53.37)7 (83.19)7 (136.56)
2018 Four Nationals Championships3 (58.10)4 (85.46)3 (143.56)/2nd POL
2017 CS Warsaw Cup 7 (54.68)9 (75.17)9 (129.85)
2017 Open d'Andorra7 (49.48)4 (81.40)6 (130.88)
2017 International Cup of Nice 13 (50.80)12 (78.28)12 (129.08)
2017 CS Minsk Arena Ice Star, Minsk10 (52.39)9 (77.41!9 (129.80)
Season 2016-2017​
2017 Four Nationals Championships
2016 NRW Trophy3 (53.71)4 (82.61)4 (136.32)
2016 International Cup of Nice10 (50.36)10 (74.22)10 (124.58)
2016 Warsaw Cup5 (48.98)3 (82.02)4 (131.00)
2016 CS Ondrej Nepela Memorial11 (48.68)11 (75.98)10 (124.66)
2016 CS Lombardia Trophy5 (46.26)6 (68.08)6 (114.34)

Articles and Interviews

Jan. 2019 Interview (in Polish)
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Jan 24, 2006
Their FD had the 4th highest score and in total they finished 5th. Quite a good start of the season for these two. Good luck this week in Warsaw Cup. I'm very curious about their direct confrontation with the other Polish duo who has just also finished 5th, but at GP Rostelecom Cup.


Jan 24, 2006
BTW, I have updated their OP with their music choices for this season:

SD: "Juguete Rabioso" by La Chicana
FD: "Same Old Song" (S.O.S. Part 1) by Two Feet / "I Feel Like I'm Drowning" by Two Feet


Final Flight
Dec 13, 2015
BTW, I have updated their OP with their music choices for this season:

SD: "Juguete Rabioso" by La Chicana
FD: "Same Old Song" (S.O.S. Part 1) by Two Feet / "I Feel Like I'm Drowning" by Two Feet

And a small correction there
FD: "Love is a B**", "Same Old Song (S.O.S Part 1), "I Feel Like I'm Drowning" by Two Feet :)


Final Flight
Dec 13, 2015
As per FB, they will skate first tomorrow. Will be at the rink to cheer them on.

Cheer them on also from me please :D

[EDIT] I'm so furious about FD scores. They had the best FD outing of the season (despite RoLi issue) but still got so dinged especially PCS vise -,-


On the Ice
Mar 22, 2018
Cheer them on also from me please :D

[EDIT] I'm so furious about FD scores. They had the best FD outing of the season (despite RoLi issue) but still got so dinged especially PCS vise -,-

Yeah, me too. For me that was the FD of the night.


Jan 24, 2006
On 31 December in one of the main Polish sports webpages (sport.tvp.pl) there appeared an interview with Justyna and Jeremie. I didn't have time to translate it earlier (it was before their start in the Europeans), but finally managed to do so. It's quite interesting and gives some details on their training in Montreal and their hopes for the future. I hope you'll enjoy it. Forgive any mistakes or strange expressions as it's quite long and I wanted to translate it as quickly as possible.


Justyna Plutowska and Jeremie Flemin in the school of champions. “We have made our childhood dream come true”

Article by Mateusz Górecki, SPORT.TVP.PL (31 December 2018)

During the PyeongCHang Olympic Games Marie-France Dubreuil, Patrice Lauzon and Romain Haguenauer celebrated double success thanks to the gold and silver medal of their students. Now Polish Nationals silver medalists have been accepted to their school. “That’s incredible. Our childhood dreams have come true” – Justyna Plutowska and Jeremie Flemin admit.

Justyna Plutowska and Jeremie Flemin – double Polish Nationals silver medalists in the category of ice dance. Participants in the 2018 European Championships and other international competitions. Last summer they started to train in Montral along the medalists of the Olympic Games, World and European Championships. They have a canal on YouTube where they talk about the figure skating.

Mateusz Górecki, SPORT.TVP.PL: – In 2014 you were very close to qualify for Sochi Olympic Games and then… you disappeared? Why did you decide to return to sport?

Justyna Plutowska: – I felt there was something missing and I knew that as an athlete I had not achieved what I wanted. I started various jobs, but they gave me no satisfaction. I thought I was still young enough to skate and make my dreams come true. At first I got in touch with various skaters, among them one from France. However, he was not appropriate for the sport due to his party-like lifestyle. Then I got message from Jeremie, we made some tryouts and that’s how it started.

Mateusz Górecki: – At first you trained with Barbara Fusar-Poli, World and European champions and Olympic medalist. Why did you decide to part ways?

Jeremie Flemin: – A lot of factors contributed to our decision. We felt we weren’t making the progress we had hoped for. After two years in Milan we didn’t notice big changes in our skating. In the training centre there were a lot of situations that demotivated us. We lacked motivation to work, we didn’t feel the understanding with the coaches. Negative emotions flew among the skaters and the atmosphere was not the ideal one. We needed something new.

Mateusz Górecki: – You chose Montreal.

Justyna: – It was the aim from the very beginning of our partnership. Jeremie knew Romain Hagenauer and tried to get in touch him. We were told that there was no place, but it was probably an excuse. We understand that perfectly: we contacted them two years before the Olympic Games and there were already Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir and Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron training in their centre. Nobody knew us, we did not have any results.

Mateusz Górecki: – How did you manage to get accepted to the school considered Mecca of international figure skating?

Justyna: – Romain and Marie-France Dubreuil saw us during the run-throughs before last year’s Europeans. After the competition we contacted them and asked once again for the possibility to join their centre. This time they agreed. We met once more during the World in Milan to talk about all the details. We still had to obtain the acceptance of the Polish Figure Skating Federation, but everything went good.

Mateusz Górecki: – Did you work hard to be admitted?

Justyna: – That was exclusively their decision. We didn’t have to meet any specific conditions. They also didn’t mind that we are the second team in our country because they think that everything depends on us and thanks to hard work we can be the best. We also know that the Canadians Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje also wanted to join the Montreal team after the Olympics, but were not admitted. Maybe the coaches did not want excessive competition in the centre as they already have two Canadian couples.

Mateusz Górecki: – This way one of your dreams have come true.

Jeremie: – I remember that as a young boy I was watching the world championships on tv and saw these coaches with every champion. They are figure skating gods and make every skater skate excellent. Since I was a boy I dreamt of training with them, but back then I was living in a small town in France. When I was told how much it costs to train in Montreal, I thought there was no way I could ever afford it. And that’s crazy because in the end I train there. I feel as a young football player who is given the opportunity to train under Cristiano Ronaldo or Zinedine Zidane.

Mateusz Górecki: – Good coaches cost a lot. Are the costs high?

Jeremie: – It’s expensive, but not as much as in Milan. Here we can choose various options, decide how many hours a day we want to work with the coaches. For example, Papadakis and Cizeron purchase only full sessions with the coaches and we sometimes skate alone. Everything depend on the financial capacity of each couple. If in a given month we have more money, we can buy additional hours with the coaches. What is important, we also know how much we’ll pay each month and don’t have to worry about high invoices. In Milan we got sometimes surprised with the costs. We didn’t note down the hours spent on the ice, so we were never sure about the final cost. Travels are the biggest problem. Flights for competitions from Canada to Europe are quite expensive.

Mateusz Górecki: – Do you finance everything from your own money?

Justyna: – We have big support from our club and the Polish Figure Skating Association, who help us finance the training. But apart from that there are everyday life costs and in this matter we have to rely on our own. We have to be careful with our spendings. In the summer we were lucky to participate in the „Art. On Ice” show. Thanks to the money gained in it we are able to live in Canada. Due to visa issues we cannot start any work. If we were employed illegally and the authorities discovered it, we would immediately have to pack our bags and leave the country. For some time now we’ve had our canal on YouTube and before the videos there are ads. They generate some money, although not too much. So far we don’t know what will happen next year and we have to find some way to earn money. The most important thing is that we have a very small, but nice flat close to the ice rink. The area where we live is not the safest one…

Mateusz Górecki: – When you are in Poland, you train mainly in Gdansk. The difference must be big.

Jeremie: – In Poland we often do not have competitors, because usually we are on the ice with one junior pair. The club offers us a lot of ice hours, but in such a small group we have some motivation problems. There’s not good sound system in the ice rink and that’s something important to me because while skating I need to immerse in the music. In Montreal everything is perfect. There are two ice rinks, each day we receive training schedule for the next day. Thanks to it we know what we’ll do in each quarter of hour and who will be working with us. We also like a lot the system of preparations to the competitions. Two weeks before the start we repeat the programs several times during the training. Thanks to it later everything goes automatically and even if there is some mistake, we know exactly how to react. In Milan we only skated the program once a day, so after summing up, in one month perspective we repeated the program about three times less than now.

Mateusz Górecki: – In your training participated one of the biggest figure skating stars Scott Moir, a three-time Olympic champion and world champion.

Jeremie: – The fact of meeting Scott was great privilege. He’s a great champion and figure skating legend. I watched his performances while looking for motivation for the training and suddenly it resulted that I would have the opportunity to work with hi,. I remember that during our first meeting I was very stressed, but he resulted to be very sympathetic and there was even time to joke. He gave us some advice and showed to what we should put our attention and suddenly everything started to function. I think that he is not so gifted in sharing his knowledge orally, and he’s a lot better in showing the elements.

Mateusz Górecki: – I know you were a little upset with him…

Jeremie: – That was very strange because during our first meeting he approached Justyna’s hand to his face and … smelled it. Maybe he wanted to charm her, but I must admit that for a moment I felt jealous. I thought: “I adore you, you are a legend, but she’s my woman…”. Of course, I’m joking. I have to admit Scott is an excellent actor. When you see him with skating with Tessa Virtue you may think there’s more than sport between them.

Mateusz Górecki: – Did Tessa also appear in Gadbois?

Justyna: – When we arrived in Montreal, they travelled through Canada with their show. During a week they also trained in our center, so we ha dan opportunity to meet Tessa, although we only spoke a few minutes. However, we had a chance to train with them and that we’ll remember for a long time. It’s good to have idols and someone who serves as your model role. Of course, we don’t want to be their copy, but they are athletes who inspire a lot of skaters.

Mateusz Górecki: – Are you additionally motivated by training in one group with Olympic and world medalists?

Justyna: – Just the simple observing of the couples, their trainings and ice behavior gives us a lot. Everyone always performs at 100% of their abilities although we train several hours a day. That’s huge motivation, because we don’t want to be ashamed of our skills and presentation. I thinks that not only the coaches, but also the group with which we train, have contributed to our big progress since the last season. When I skate with other girls I always repeat that I am not worse than them and that I can reach similar level. In the end I have two arms and two legs and the only difference is the country we represent. Even when we have breaks, we sit in the audience and watch other pairs. Thanks to that you may learn a lot – interpretation, expressions of emotions or moving across the ice.

Mateusz Górecki: – Are there no conflicts in such a strong group?

Jeremie: – We are like a big family. It’s very nice when we perform our programs during the training and everyone motivates us and keeps their fingers crossed for good performance. We don’t feel the pressure and we can’t see the rivalry between the couples. Nobody observes you with superiority because of better skills or results. The atmosphere is incredible and it only encourages us to work harder.

Mateusz Górecki: – How are your relations with the coaches?

Justyna: – The collaboration with Romain is excellent. He’s a very sincere person and he always talks openly about the things he doesn’t like. That’s good, because in this way we know on what elements we should concentrate and we are very motivated not to show him bad skating. In total, we have six coaches on the ice and two off the ice who dedicate to dance. Romain, Marie-France and Patrick are the main coaches. When you perform in front of them the pressure is higher because you want to hear appraisal. However, they are not always in the centre as they travel a lot to competitions with other couples.

Mateusz Górecki: – Apart from them, is there anybody who deals with other issues, such as for example the diet?

Jeremie: – We had a nutritional meeting, but in fact we didn’t learn anything new. We observe our bodies, we consult various books and we know how to eat healthy. We eat meals adapted to our lifestyle. Before I started to skate with JustynaI used to eat my mom’s meals. I can reveal that I was a bit fatter and the leading plate was lasagna and other not too healthy meals. Justyna sometime prepares Polish cuisine, but adapt the receipts so that the meals are more healthy. That’s good because when you do sport you can’t be bothered by your stomach full of strong food.

Mateusz Górecki: – While observing you during the competitions I have the feeling that Montreal trainings have also changed you mentally.

Jeremie: – Indeed, over the past years there was a lot of frustration when something did not go as planned. Now we are more calm and even when we obtain good results, we do not get overexcited. In the end there are always things to correct and you can skate better. It would be ideally to repeat during competitions what we are able of during the trainings – without stress and unnecessary thoughts. Our trainings in Montreal let us believe that what we do makes sense and that our level is good. Of course, we would like to skate without errors at every event, but even the best pairs are not error-free. Sport is full of ups and downs and you have to be aware of it.

Mateusz Górecki: – In Poland you are currently the „number two” couple. Do you feel strong enough to move up in the hierarchy?

Justyna: – We do all the work to be on the top. If we didn’t have such a goal, we could have given up skating long ago. We think we are capable of it because we don’t feel worse from other duos. With clean programs we are able to fight with the best couples and each week we are closer to achieve the goal. If not this season, maybe the next one. This year we would like to go to the World in Japan, but our main goal are the 2022 Winter Olympic Games. We are glad with positive comments from the judges who appreciate our work and observe the progress we have made. Everybody think we are a different couple than, for example, last year.

Mateusz Górecki: – You dream about the Olympic Games, but Jeremie without Polish nationality won’t be able to participate in them. Have you initiated any proceedings in this regard?

Justyna: – In fact we applied for the nationality two years ago. However, from some time the proceedings have been in standby and there’s little we can do to finalize this subject. We applied shortly after Igor Reznichenko (Polish Men figure skater) and he’s been enjoying his Polish nationality for some time now. I think the persons handling the subject do not press the right authorities because so far it’s not needed. However, we want to go to the Olympic Games and it would be better to have it finalized now and not wait until the las moment.

Mateusz Górecki: – Ahead of you the start in the European Championships. What are your objectives for this competition?

Jeremie: – We want to be the best Polish ice dance team and last year Natalia and Maksym placed in the Europeans’ top 10. So that will be difficult, but you have to take such challenges. We’ll be satisfied with top 15 and that’s an achievable result. You only have to prepare adequately, make proper use of the time before the competition and concentrate on the performance, without thinking about what the other do. That’s the key to a good result.

Mateusz Górecki: – Taking into account where you train, the expectations towards you will keep increasing.

Justyna: – In our case time is very valuable. Maybe we look young, but as figure skaters we are considered older athletes who are closer to ending the career. We don’t have additional 10 years Ahead of us, but we want to go to the Olympic Games. That’s why we have to work with the best coaches and be as good as it is only possible. I’ll compare it to working with computers. You can’t have poor quality equipment if you want to make good quality materials.

Mateusz Górecki: – As a couple on and off the ice, isn’t it difficult to separate your work from the private life?

Jeremie: – So far, all our thoughts are concentrated on the sports goals and even at home we talk about figure skating. We also have other hobbies – I work a lot with computers on film editing. We spend a lot of time together, sometimes even whole days, but we are not fed up with each other. We have never had a need to escape and rest from the company of the other. Frankly speaking, sometimes I even get sad when Justyna leaves alone to do the shopping and I stay at home. A few years ago I would never believe that one can have such strong wish to be with one person. And if something doesn’t go well on ice, it doesn’t affect our private life. Montreal trainings also helped us with this. There’s less frustration because if you skate bad one day, you may improve the next one and that helps us avoid frustration. Of course, there are worse days, but we are happy together.

Mateusz Górecki: – After retiring would you like to be linked to the figure skating?

Jeremie: – Perhaps we’ll open our own figures skating school in Poland. Despite short time in Canada, we’ve learnt a lot and after retiring we would like to share this knowledge. In Poland the training is different and we think it’s worth showing Polish figure skaters other methods and attitude towards the sport. We have our plans, but for now it’s a secret. It would be great to achieve success as athletes because this would attract students to the school. I like Gdansk a lot and maybe I’ll live there in the future. Each time I know more Polish words and recently I have been learning the Polish national anthem. In fact, I am ready to sing in on the highest place on the podium…