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Kazuki Tomono


May 5, 2018
Can't believe he's 24 already, time really flies πŸ₯Ί He already updated his Twitter handle to Kazuki Tomono (24) lol
I hope he's having the most wonderful birthday. It's the fourth time I celebrate his birthday and it's been a delight to see him grow as a skater and win the hearts of so many fans πŸ’—

As usual, fans have been posting many wonderful illustrations on Twitter!



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Record Breaker
Nov 12, 2013
Soooo Misha and Kazuki were celebrating Kazuki's birthday, and there is a 'hint' re: the new SP πŸ‘€
What do you guys think? I've seen speculation on Twitter that it could be Singing in the Rain, which would be interesting.

That would be great! That's a song I have long hoped Kazuki would skate to ☺️


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Aug 23, 2003
Thanks for the heads up, @kwanette! For those who don't have IG, here's the clip:

It looks so cool, but at the same time, so many questions... Is it the SP? FS? What's the song?

Ahhhh Kazuki, don't leave us hanging πŸ˜‚