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Mackenzie Bent & Dmitre Razgulajevs


Record Breaker
Jun 21, 2003
Ice dancers Mackenzie Bent & Dmitre Razgulajevs represent Canada internationally. Bent was born on Jun 11, 1997 in Port Perry, Ontario, while Razgulajevs was born in Boston, Massachusetts on Nov 19, 1996. Bent and Razgulajevs were a new team in the 2015-2016 season. They are the 2016 Canadian Junior Champions.

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Personal Best Total Score138.61ISU World Junior Championships 2016
Personal Best Score Short Dance56.76ISU World Junior Championships 2016
Personal Best Score Free Dance81.85ISU World Junior Championships 2016


SD Shoo-Shoo Baby, Love, You Didn't Do Right by Me by Rosemary Clooney
FD Malaguena, Spanish Waltz by Fermin Spanish Guitar

2016 Lake Placid IDI SD
2016 Lake Placid IDI FD

SD Waltz: Time After Time, Foxtrot: La Grande Valse - Happy Ending; choreo by Carol Lane, Juris Razgulajevs
FD Ben Hur (soundtrack) by Miklos Rozsa; choreo by Carol Lane, Juris Razgulajevs

2016 World Junior Championships SD
2016 World Junior Championships FD

2016 Canadian National Championships SD
2016 Canadian National Championships. FD

2015 JGP Logrono SD
2015 JGP Logrono FD

2015 JGP Colorado Springs SD
2015 JGP Colorado Springs FD

2015 Central Ontario Sectionals SD
2015 Central Ontario Sectionals FD

Competitive History
Season 2016-2017​
2016 Lake Placid IDI Senior554 (133.20)
Season 2015-2016​
2016 Junior Worlds9 (56.76)9 (81.85)9 (138.61)
2016 Canadian Nationals
1 (57.71)1 (87.60)1 (145.31)
2015 JGP Logrono6 (55.76)7 (75.94)6 (131.70)
2015 JGP Colorado Springs2 (54.88)2 (78.392 (133.27)
2015-16 Skate Canada Challenge--WD
2015-16 Cental Ontario Sectionals1 (59.29)1 (78.45)1 (137.74)

Previous Partnerships

Mackenzie previously skated with Garrett McKeen. The duo placed fifth in two Junior World Championships, and were the 2013-2014 Junior Champions.

Their ISU BIO:

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2014-15 JGPF SD
2014-15 JGPF FD

2014 Junior World Championships SD
2014 Junior World Championships FD

2013 Junior World Championships FD

2012 JGP Austria SD

2011 JGP Brasov SD
2011 JGP Brasov FD

Dmitre's previous partner was Katie Desveaux.

Their ISU Biography:

Their entry:

2013 JGP Tallinn Cup SD
2013 JGP Tallinn Cup FD

2013 Canadian Nationals, Junior SD and FD

2012 Novice FD on practice


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March 2016 - "World junior figure skating championships: Canadian ice dance duo crack top-10
Mackenzie Bent, Dmitre Razgulajevs finish 9th"

Feb. 2016 - "Uxbridge's Mackenzie Bent and Ajax's Dmitre Razgulajevs off to junior worlds in Hungary;
New ice dancing pair thinking Olympics after gold at Halifax nationals"

Jan. 2016 - "Uxbridge's Mackenzie Bent and Ajax's Dmitre Razgulajevs win junior dance gold in Halifax"

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