Marchei and Hotarek met Team Unique


Wicked Yankee Girl
Record Breaker
Jul 26, 2003
This is interesting. Another synchro team meeting/working with pairs skaters.

Denney and Coughlin have been working with New York's Skyliners.

With the technical content of synchronized skating teams' competitive programs growing ever more demanding, Coughlin traveled to the New York City area to collaborate with coaches of the Skyliners organization, creating pairs elements for the lines.

"It takes an incredibly well-rounded athlete to make an elite synchronized skater," Coughlin said. "I think between now and the next push for synchro to be in the (2022) Olympics, we'll see an increased amount of content.

"Teaching these skaters death spirals, throw jumps, little dance lifts, in unison side-by-side spins," he continued. "Caydee and I were brainstorming ideas for their group lift the other day. It's something we can lend a hand to, and they are also teaching us a different language on the ice."