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Final Flight
Dec 24, 2007
Russian figure skater Maxim Kovtun (Russian: Максим Павлович Ковтун) was born on 18 June 1995 in Yekaterinburg, Russia. Kovtun has won the Russian men's figure skating championships three times, and is a two time European medalist.

Maxim Kovtun says his name here:

Personal Best Score
new ISU Scoring System​

Personal Best Total Score247.55ISU CS Tallinn Trophy 2018
Personal Best Score Short Program80.91ISU CS Tallinn Trophy 2018
Personal Best Score Free Skating166.64ISU CS Tallinn Trophy 2018

Personal Bests - Historic Records achieved before 2018/19 Season​

TypeDateScoreEventEvent Category
Total28.03.2014247.37ISU World Championships 2014Men
SP22.11.201392.53ISU GP Rostelecom Cup 2013Men
SP Technical22.11.201351.78ISU GP Rostelecom Cup 2013Men
SP Component07.11.201441.56ISU GP Lexus Cup of China 2014Men
FS22.11.2014166.24ISU GP Trophee Bompard 2014Men
FS Technical22.11.201485.96ISU GP Trophee Bompard 2014Men
FS Component17.10.201585.40ISU CS Mordovian Ornament 2015Men


UPDATE- yes, Maxim had a very good season, repeating as Russian champion, winning two GP's and his first ISU championship medal at Europeans (silver), and winning a silver medal with Team Russia at his first World Team Trophy

ISU bio bio

Russian bio

Ice network bio entry

Social Media

His vk account

Maxim's instagram


SP "I Can't Dance" by Genesis; choreo by Irina Tagaeva
LP Medley of Beethoven's Symphony No.5, Pachelbel's Canon and Beethoven's Symphony No.9; choreo by Irina Tagaeva

SP Bolero by Maurice Ravel
LP Exogenesis Symphony" by Muse

SP Flamenco by Pepe Romero
LP Piano Concerto No. 1 by Tchaikovsky

SP Lawrence of Arabia soundtrack by Maurice Jarre
LP Casablanca soundtrack

SP Murka by Neshchastnyj Sluchai
LP Austin Powers soundtrack by George S. Clinton

Season 2015-16 Videos

2016 - World Championships - 18th

2016 - European Championships - 3rd

2016 - Russian Championships - 1st

2015 - NHK Trophy - 10th

2015 - Trophée Eric Bompard - 2nd
FS Cancelled

2015 - Mordovian Ornament - 1st

Season 2014-2015 Videos

SP Bolero by Maurice Ravel
LP Exogenesis Symphony" by Muse

2015 - World Team Trophy - 2nd (team)
SP no commentary
FS no commentary

2015 - World Championships - 7th
SP, commentary by British Eurosport
FS British Eurosport commentary

2015 - European Championships - 2nd, his first medal at an ISU championships
SP; British Eurosport
FS; British Eurosport

2015 - Russian Championships - 1st, Maxim repeats as champion, and lands two quads in the SP
SP ESPN English commentary
LP Russia 2 Channel

2014 - Grand Prix Final - 4th
SP British Eurosport (Maxim's highest scoring SP for the season, ninth on the ISU season's best list)
FS British Eurosport

2014 - Trophée Eric Bompard - 1st
SP, British Eurosport
FS, Maxim's highest scoring free skate ever, eleventh on this year's season's best list; British Eurosport commentary

2014 - Cup of China - 1st
SP British Eurosport commentary
FS British Eurosport commentary

Previous Seasons' Highlights

2013-14 Russian Nationals SP
2013-14 Russian Nationals FS

2013 Cup of Russia SP
2013 Cup of Russia FS

2013 Cup of China SP
2013 Cup of China FS

2013 GPF SP British Eurosport commentary
2013 GPF FS British Eurosport commentary

2012 JGP Croatia SP
2012 JGP Croatia FS

2012 JGP Chemnitz SP
2012 JGP Chemnitz FS

2012 JGPF SP Maxim won this event.
2012 JGPF FS

2012 Russian Nationals SP
2012 Russian Nationals FS

2012 World Team Trophy SP
2012 World Team Trophy FS

2011 JGPF SP
2011 JGPF FS

2011 JGP Brasov SP
2011 JGP Brasov FS

2011 JGP Tallinn SP
2011 JGP Tallinn FS

2010 Russian Nationals FS

Competitive History

Season 2015-2016​
2016 World Championships132118 (210.14)
2016 European Championships263 (242.21)
2015-16 Russian Championships111 (266.13)
2015 NHK Trophy41110 (212.63)
2015 Trophée Eric Bompard2-2 (86.82)
2015 Mordovian Ornament411 (236.38)
2015 Russian Cup Stage III322 (222.48)
Season 2014-2015​
2015 World Team Trophy872 (Team)
2015 World Championships1667 (230.70)
2015 European Championships422 (235.68)
2014-2015 Russian Championships121 (271.52)
2015 Grand Prix Final354 (242.27)
2014 Trophée Eric Bompard611 (243.35)
2014 Cup of China111 (243.34)
Season 2013-2014​
2014 World Championships754 (247.37)
2014 European Championships455 (232.37)
2014 Russian National Championships211 (267.13)
2014 Grand Prix Final555 (233.24)
2013 Rostelecom Cup142 (240.34)
2013 Cup of China212 (238.65)
2013 Russian Cup Stage II111 (228.37)
Season 2012-2013​
2013 World Team Trophy784 (Team)
2013 World Championships191417 (207.40)
2013 European Championships745 (226.57)
2013 Russian National Championships355 (225.02)
2013 Junior Grand Prix Final211 (222.31)
2012 JGP Pokal der Blauen Schwerter121 (193.04)
2012 JGP Croatia Cup211 (219.19)
2012 Open Championship in Moscow --1 (192.28)
Season 2011-2012​
2012 World Team Trophy 11125 (Team)
2012 Russian Junior National Championships523 (193.95)
2012 Russian National Championships121112 (193.93)
2012 Junior Grand Prix Final444 (193.76)
2011 JGP Tallinn Cup 222 (186.87)
2011 JGP Brasov Cup 211 (182.91)
Season 2010-2011​
2011 Youth Spartakiad of Russia --4 (183.09)
2011 European Youth Olympic Winter Festival122 (161.75)
2011 Russian Junior National Championships465 (182.57)
2011 Russian National Championships61211 (188.50)
2010 Junior Russia Cup IV111 (186.65)
2010 Russia Cup III1199 (139.26)
2010 Junior Russia Cup I434 (162.05)
Season 2009-2010​
2010 Russian Championship (Older Age) --5 (163.94)
2010 Final of the Cup of Russia (Juniors)--5 (153.58)
2009 Stage IV of the Cup of Russia (Juniors)--3 (155.58)
2009 Stage II of the Cup of Russia (Juniors)--1 (157.55)
2009 Stage I of the Cup of Russia (Juniors)--6 (146.52)
Season 2008-2009​
2009 Award of S.I Cherkosova --1 (156.80)
2009 Youth Spartakiad of Russia(Juniors)--7 (138.44)
2009 Junior Russian National Championships--18 (124.61)
2008 Stage III of the Cup of Russia (Juniors)--7 (137.31
2008 Stage II of the Cup of Russia (Juniors)--8 (129.00)
2008 N. A. Panin Memorial--4 (131.62)
Season 2007-2008​
2008 Crystal Skate of Russia--2 (117.38) )
2008 Youth Spartakiad of Russia(Juniors)--14 (117.89)
2008 Russian Championship (Younger Age) --2 (163.03)
2007 Stage III of the Cup of Russia (Juniors)--15 (95.31)
2007 Stage II of the Cup of Russia (Juniors)--11 (98.42)
Season 2006-2007​
2007 Crystal Skate of Russia--1 (110.41) )
2007 Russian Championship (Younger Age) --1 (140.82)
2007 Games of pupils of Russia
--2 (-)
2006 Stage III of the Cup of Russia (Juniors)--14 (92.72)
2006 Stage II of the Cup of Russia (Juniors)--13 (90.77)
Season 2005-2006​
2006 Russian Championship (Younger Age) --14 (-)

Baby Pictures

2008 Panin Memorial SP
2008 Panin Memorial LP

Thank you, @iskate, for links to performances by Maxim before he reached the international stage!

iskate said:
I did a bit of digging and found some videos from a Russian Cup event in 2010 (still from 2010-11 season, but they aren't included in the current list).

Also from 2009-10 season!! Panin Memorial! (BABY MAXIM! Also, why do Russian boys around the age of 10-12 always have the same mullet-like hairstyle? Haha).


2015-16 Europeans Gala. "Kiss"

2015-16 Russian Nationals Gala

2014-15 Russian Nationals Gala

2014 Voronov and Kovtun at GPF Gala

2013-14 Gala at Russian Nationals

2014 The Gaul

2014 COC Ex to Tom Jones, commentary British Eurosport

2013 CoR EX to Summertime, commentary British Eurosport

2012 JGPF gala

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Original post by volk in July 2014​

He had a good season and now I can't wait for his new programs for the next. Hopefully, we'll see improvement in terms of choreography and expression.
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Jul 13, 2014
Interesting fact: Maxim was born the EXACT same day as me. Not just the same birthday. But the same year as well.


Pray one day we'll open our eyes.
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Mar 26, 2014
I like him too. :) Are we ready for his breakout year?

Bufo viridis

Oct 7, 2014
I really liked him in the nationals. You could tell how dedicated he was this time. He had more energy this time than in all 3 grand prix events. And thank god, he changed the spiderman costume. If he keeps this up, I may become a fan.


Final Flight
Dec 24, 2007
I'm not happy about Machida's retirement, but this definitely improves Maxim's chances for medaling at Worlds.


Record Breaker
Aug 1, 2013
watched Maxim's ex at national's gala, surprisingly like it. it is kinda dorky and amusing, :biggrin: you can tell he is indeed trying to improve his blade work and use of whole body.