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Men's Short Recap


Record Breaker
Jun 21, 2003
Patrick Chan of Canada won the Men's Short Program at the 2011 ISU World Figure Skating Championships in Moscow, Russia, and established a new world record personal best score en route. He has a lead of more than ten points over Japan's Nobunari Oda and Daisuke Takahashi who came in second and third.


Record Breaker
Aug 18, 2010
Thank you very much for the article!

"I think in these circumstances it is very important to keep a tight mind," Chan added, referring to his lead. "It is very easy to get carried away. It's important for me to stay focused on my goals. What I did today is a little bit of foretelling for tomorrow and I'll repeat what I did today and use the same kind of mental and physical approach as I did today."

This is so difficult! Hope he can do it!