Mexican Skaters


On the Ice
Oct 20, 2017
Andrea finished 20th in Golden Spin of Zagreb (TES 44 in FS, still not enough for Worlds :dbana: )

Andrea and Donovan visited the Mexican Olympic Committee (COM)

For its part, Montesinos aims to reach the 2022 Beijing Olympic Games, “This year I had some competitions and there are things that we have to improve, for the Four Continents in Korea, I hope to get the score that is qualifying for the World Cup in March "

She indicated that there are obstacles on the road, so it is good to continue working. "There are always things to learn and specifically now more than new generations have been pushing."

This week Isabella Sydow participates in Grand Prix Bratislava, goes sixth after the SP (TES 20, not enough for Junior Worlds), hoping for the best for the FS :cheer:


On the Ice
Oct 20, 2017
Some IG conversations of Mexican skaters and coaches (I shared the same post on Donovan fanfest but I thought it would be nice to share it here too):

Donovan was at IG with Andrea Montesinos, here is the video (I recommend starting at minute 36 because for some reason it restarts at that minute):
Andrea tells Donovan that she enjoyed his Capone SP, Donovan indicates that the event he enjoyed the most was senior Worlds 2018. Both comment that they see Javier Fernandez as inspiration and motivation in figure skating since he achieved for Spain what that they are trying to do for Mexico. They were asked if they would skate together in dance :scratch2: , Donovan mentioned that he would like to try, Andrea said that he would like try with pairs.
Andrea comments that Donovan is very good at Latin rhythms and Donovan indicates that his FS for the new season will be of Latin rhythms :eeking: . Donovan isn't good at Hip Hop, he prefers Jazz and Latin rhythms.
Curiously, Donovan calls Andrea as "Andy", both say they get along with other skaters and teammates, they pleasantly remember the 2016 JGP Yokohama where both achieved the minimum for Junior Worlds 2017 being that their first competition of this year. They congratulate Emily Bausback for winning the Canadian Nationals (apparently all three are pretty close). Donovan mentions that he admires Nathan Chen and Andrea comments that Nathan "is a great teammate, he is a hard worker and very kind to everyone".
It was a very funny IG and happily someone recorded it. :luv17:

There is also an IG with Ana Cecilia Cantu
Donovan's first skates were "Ridel" inherited from his sister, currently uses "Edea". Ana Cecilia comments that in 4CC 2003 her skates were stolen and she had to compete in the FS with skates borrowed from her compatriot and managed to classify worlds. Donovan relates that in 2018 a week before traveling to Bulgaria for junior worlds, his skates broke and he remembered that he had a pair of skates that he stopped using "because they were too big" and competed with those in junior worlds and worlds (curious anecdote :eeking: ).
Donovan went from Jackson blades to MK.
Favorite jump: Triple Axel (enjoy rotation in the air).
His favorite spin: Bell (triangle).
He prefers Choreo to Step Secuence.
Donovan fondly remembers his first competition at the JGP Mexico Cup 2013, Ana and Donovan say that in Ostrava the cold is terrible. They also comment that they feel sad when they can't see videos of their presentations (due to copyright and television rights :( ).
Donovan says he loves tortillas and pasta but has been recommended to cut down on carbohydrates during quarantine.
Songs you listen to motivate yourself: Rocky Balboa soundtrack.
Admire Daniel Corral (Mexican gymnast who has participated in 3 Olympic games).
He says that leaving his family to go training with Gregorio Nuñez was an important moment in his life and sports career.
The first time 4T landed was at the end of a workout, the zamboni was coming in and he decided to try and something unstable landed him but he decided to try it 3 more times and he did it. :yes2:

Donovan and his coach appear in "Cafecito con Masha"
You can see unpublished photos of Gregorio Nuñez in his years as a skater, of Donovan in his first years of skating (some short clips where Donovan looks super cute :luv17: ) tells how he discovered Donovan in 2007 "I was impressed by his good physical condition, charisma and grace, but above all he enjoys when he skates". Donovan comments that he has achieved 4S and 4T in practices so he hopes to be able to try them in competition in the new season. "The most important thing is teamwork, maintaining humility and knowing when to ask for help."
Q: Donovan, how do you look in four years?
A: I see myself as an athlete, having achieved my goals, giving exhibitions and training new skaters. :hap85: