Mitsuki Sumoto


Apr 10, 2017
Mitsuki won Western Sectionals! ヽ(´∀`ヽ) - SP, FS (protocols, 2nd in both segments of the competition)
I'm pretttty sure his participation was unnecessary as the reigning Junior National champion lol, but its great to have updates on him.
Looks like his 3A is still MIA... hope he can get it back for Nationals... ( •́ ⍨ •̀)


On the Ice
Oct 22, 2018
Translation of the transcript of Mitsuki's interview by Kenji Miyamoto broadcasted on on 10/31/18. Part 1, page 1 - 6. My English is not proficient but I tried my best.
Page 1
Practice Rink under Reconstruction
- Sumoto kun in personal clothes ... I have only seen you in jerseys till this time.
Mitsuki: Because I only wear jerseys usually [laughter].
- Now you strike me as a nice young man. So thank you for your time today. Um, Sumoto-kun is now a high school student. In what year are you in?
Mitsuki: Third year.
- Third year of high school. Do you go to school?
Mitsuki: I... yes...somehow.
- Studying hard too? You are preparing for your (college) entrance exams?
Mitsuki: Entrance exams ... That too, but my practice rink is unavailable now so I am having a hard time.
- How do you practice?
Mitsuki: At Nishinomiya, Hyogo during the time they are open to public (regular business hours). I could reserve the rink, but then the hour starts at 4 o'clock in the morning or 12 o'clock midnight. School work is also quite hard right now until the exams are over. So basically, I practice for 2-3 hours around noon with general public from Monday to Thursday. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I’m at Chukyo rink (in Nagoya) every week; elsewhere I cannot run-through the programs to music.
- Oh, it is hard. (Early in the morning) you cannot move your body easily, can you?
Mitsuki: I cannot go (so early).
Mitsuki: I don’t.
- Oh, you don’t go there at 4 o'clock
Mitsuki: It (reservation) is available, but if I did that, I would mess up at school, my study.
- So you don’t go there at 4 o'clock in the morning. You got everybody think that you were there early morning and I was talking on that assumption [laughter]. What about starting at 12 o'clock midnight?
Mitsuki: I never have [laughter].
- Haven’t you [laughter].

First Encounter between Kenji and Sumoto
- Actually, it is almost the first time to talk to each other.
Mitsuki: This is my first time. At Nobeyama (training camp) Kenji sensei was teaching steps ... not sure ... Ummm ... was it my first year there?
- Nobeyama, the youth talent discovery event? The one where I was a lecturer? You were there!
Mitsuki: That's right [laughter].


On the Ice
Oct 22, 2018
Page 2

- Then we have been seeing each other for quite a while now.
Mitsuki: I only knew about you [laughter].
- How did you do at that time? Did you enjoy step sequence lesson?
Mitsuki: No, it was really hard. I am not good at expressing emotions so it was really difficult. I remember finishing it without understanding anything.
- Oh ... I see. Sorry [laughter].

How did you start skating?
- Well then, I'd like to start talking about skating a bit. What made you start skating?
Mitsuki: There is an ice rink near my home and my mom had fun there many times when she was little. One day I took the skating lesson, and I do not remember if I had fun at that moment but when I realized I was skating.
- Well, did you get hooked right away?
Mitsuki: No, not at all. Until around the time I was in the first grade of middle school, I felt like I was forced to do it. I was not motivated at all. I was there unwillingly.
- Wait. Let’s stop here, because your story is making me sad [laughter]. Well then, until you were a middle school first grader, you hated it? I mean skating. How come you have continued skating so far?
Mitsuki: When I watched Hanyu senshu's free "Romeo and Juliet" at the Worlds 2012, I felt the urge to skate. Since that moment I have been skating diligently.
- I understand. Um, the one in Nice?
Mitsuki: Yes, it is.
- That program was pretty impressive. What part of his performance inspired you?
Mitsuki: His spirit.
- Um, right before the last step sequence? The moment he roared?
Mitsuki: The whole thing. How should l say? I felt all his emotions deeply. For the first time skating seemed fun. I started thinking “I want to enjoy skating too.”
- I understand. I heard a rumor that you are sort of his fan?
Mitsuki: I get that very often [laughter]. Well, after my fans found out that Hanyu senshu is my favorite, they have been giving me many Hanyu senshu merchandises. I displayed them at home and I brought them along to the Finals. Since then I have been seen as his hardcore fan [laughter].
- Aren’t you his hardcore fanboy? [laughter]
Mitsuki: While thinking I'm actually a skater myself, though.
- Indeed [laughter]. You are a skater competing at the same time. What do you like about Hanyu-kun?
Mitsuki: ... everything [laughter]
- Everything! Well, you are a hardcore fanboy, aren’t you? [laughter]


On the Ice
Oct 22, 2018
Page 3

Mitsuki: His entire performance. Jumps, spins, steps, everything is great. I'd like to become a skater like him.
- When you actually met Hanyu-kun, how did it go?
Mitsuki: It was like "There he is - the person I have been watching on TV" [laughter]. It was at the Japanese Nationals when I saw him for the first time. I couldn’t do anything ... I could not take photos and I was just looking at him, like "The person I admire is right there" [laughter].

Memories of Novice and Junior Years
- During your careers so far, do you have any memories when you were a novice skater?
Mitsuki: Not at all.
- None at all?
Mitsuki: Although I somehow managed to compete at the Japanese Novice Championships for four years, I always finished in the middle; 10th, 10th, 12th and 8th place. I did not achieve good results till after my first junior year. I did not make it to the Japanese Junior Nationals because I missed the cut at the Western Sectionals. So I do not have any memories when I made my junior debut. One thing I remember most clearly is that I was eliminated at the Western Sectionals.
- What about the following season?
Mitsuki: The following season I was lucky to be able to compete at the Japanese Nationals. There some skaters in the same group made some mistakes and I got the Grand Prix assignment as well. Then I finished 6th at Japanese Junior Nationals.
- 6th, wow. Next, you placed the 3rd at the Japanese Junior Nationals in the 2016 season. At that time, how did you do? Did you have confidence?
Mitsuki: Not at all.
- Not at all?
Mitsuki: At the Western Sectionals although I made a cut I did not skate very well. I was maybe ninth? Shimada senshu did not do well either at the same Western Sectionals. So we talked about redeeming ourselves at the Junior Nationals. We were able to skate very well. About one week before the competition I had a pulled muscle in the back of my thigh. So, I competed on painkillers and I did not think about anything while fighting through pain. It was over before I knew it, and the result was good.
- Well then, you know, you competed at the Junior Grand Prix, international event, won gold at Latvia for the first time. How did you feel about winning the international championship?
Mitsuki: I was stunned. At that time, I had confidence that I could land an axel jump entering from anywhere. I was doing well. So I did not get nervous at all going into the short. I was in a lighthearted mode and made two mistakes. At that moment my goal was to qualify for the Finals and I thought, "If I don’t podium now my only chance left will be to win the next event." During my free I really wanted to win a medal, and I won gold.
- Amazing. This happened because you had not only good technique but also commitment...
Mitsuki: Because I had been practicing the free more than the short so much that I was able to do clean run-through of free program two times one after another. So I guess I had confidence too.
- You competed at many championships. You finished first in both short and free at the Japanese Junior Nationals, and achieved total victory.
Mitsuki: I had various problems during the Japanese junior Nationals that year. I had trouble controlling axel jumps in short and I finished first but by a narrow margin. During the free, my foot cover strap came off [laughter].
- I know. I saw it. I was watching you nervously.
Mitsuki: So, I thought I'd fix it while spinning.
- Huh? during the spin? [laughter]
Mitsuki: Um, I was sit spinning and thought I could put it back on. But I had my gloves on, and then, the Velcro tape and my glove got stuck together ... [laughter].
- I didn’t know any of these [laughter].


On the Ice
Oct 22, 2018
Page 4
Mitsuki: Then, I could not fix it after all. My eyes met with my coach during my step sequence. He screamed like "Goooo Ooon", so I kept skating and power through it, and I managed to receive good scores.
- At that time, everyone was watching you nervously.
Mitsuki: I heard later that a referee was standing by with a whistle.
- He was like “Don’t blame me if I stop him!”
Mitsuki: It came to my mind afterwards that if I had stopped, the strap would have touched the ice. But I kept skating keeping it in the air, so I think that saved me.
- But if you had stepped on it.... If a skater steps on something, it's over for him. No, that was scary.
Mitsuki: I was scared to death.
- But, I am glad to hear that you tried to fix it while spinning then, because some people were wondering whether you noticed it or not. Of course you noticed right away.
Mitsuki: I think probably it came off after the third jump.
- It was rather an early part of the program, isn’t it? [laughter]
Mitsuki: Then, after spin, steps and spin, I noticed something was wrong in the middle of the spin. I checked and saw the Velcro tape and the other pant leg were stuck together. So, thinking "Huh? They are stuck", I quickly pulled the left foot and they came apart. I was sure something was definitely wrong and looked down and saw the strap was loose. I was debating whether I should tear it off or leave it as it was, and I left it and it came off. I was hoping to fix it during the spin after step sequence, but I could not fix it.
- But well, it turned out okay [laughter]

Looking back on 2017/18 season
- Afterwards you competed at the Junior Grand Prix and the Finals, and finished third. How did you feel?
Mitsuki: I was super happy.
- Oh, You were happy.
Mitsuki: Yes, it raised my confidence. For the first time I became confident of myself. When my short goes well, I tend to make mistakes in my free because I get too nervous about the result. After finishing third in the short I was walking on the street with my mother and came across the Grand Prix Finals replica medals exhibit at Nagoya station. It came to my mind for the first time “I want this medal.” Even with lower ranking I wanted to get on the podium. I was not half-hearted anymore and I was able to win a medal as I aimed for it giving it my best shot. I was very happy.
- After that, you placed 6th at Japanese Nationals Championship. This is also amazing considering who other skaters were.
Mitsuki: I did not feel quite real about the result, but I became very confident of landing Axel jumps. Until that time I had never been able to land the Axel in both the short and the free at the same competition. But at that time I landed twice in short as well as free.
- Somehow you look nonchalant, but you really go straight towards your goal.
Mitsuki: Yes recently. Since Latvia's free skate I thought I’d better set a concrete goal.
- Something like “I’d better toughen up.” So, at your first Junior Worlds, you were third after the short, and you finished ninth overall. How did you feel?
Mitsuki: After finishing my performance I did not know how many spots Japan got, so it came to my mind first rather than my results. I had been doing fine but I injured myself about a month before the event and I could not walk for a week. My foot got swollen really badly. I might have pulled a ligament? So I was unable to practice.
- I see.
Mitsuki: I was fired up and pulled through the short program, but my body felt weak during the free. After the first jump, although I landed the first one, my body felt heavy. My stamina ran out and my legs were very tired. My heart rate probably did not go up so high, but I almost had my feet tangled up...
- You felt like you couldn’t keep up?
Mitsuki: I got a cramp after the performance. My feet did not move (the way I wanted) at all during the second half of the free.


On the Ice
Oct 22, 2018
Page 5

- Well, at the Junior Worlds, you competed with Sena (Miyake)-kun? At that time, you guys skated to the same music ‘Les Miserables’, didn’t you? [laughter] How was that? Did you feel "It’s rather difficult to do" or "Oh we are in this together."
Mitsuki: I thought it was more difficult until I saw Sena’s program, then when I was working on my program I realized that each program had a totally different character. Afterwards I did not really feel that way. Rather, the same music was on twice during practice, and I could practice twice as we practically share the music [laughter].
- That's right [laughter]. Usually about ten skaters have to line up and wait for their turn.
Mitsuki: Fortunately most of the time we were in the same group in competitions too. Other than the Japanese Nationals I was never immediately ahead or behind him in queue having at least one person between us most of time.
- Well then, it worked out fine [laughter].
Mitsuki: If I was before him, I finished mine and I took a break for a while and jumped at the same timing when Sena’s music was on [laughter].
- Didn’t you get any complaints from Sena-kun?[laughter] Such as “Now I’m the one skating to it.”
Mitsuki: I told him what I was doing. After that, probably since around Inter-High School Championships, Sena also began doing the same thing [laughter].
- Well then, he did not complain to you? Like, "It’s my music."
Mitsuki: Not at all. Since our paths of movement on ice were different from each other, we did not get in each other’s way. The beginning and end (of the music) were completely identical, so I was able to practice jumps there, so I think it was fun and good.

- So, I would like you to do the KENJI's Room drawing from the question box.
Mitsuki: (Looking at the question card) Hahaha [laughter].
"What type of girl do you like?"
A person who gets on well with me. And someone who isn’t two-faced. Also I’m not very talkative although I enjoy chatting, so I cannot interact well with a quiet girl. I prefer a cheerful type.
- You do not like it if a girl (aggressively) approaches you, but welcome a sunny one...
Mitsuki: I cannot deal with a quiet girl because my conversation skills are not good.
- Well, I can imagine Sumoto-kun being next to a quiet girl. It will go on like this for a long time...
Mitsuki: I would not speak.
- I see. You like a cheerful girl. What else? What about appearance?
Mitsuki: I like a cute girl, but good personality is most important of all. I like a girl who doesn’t change her attitude depending on who she is with.
- Let's find such a girl! Yes, next!
Mitsuki: I have a bad feeling about this [laughter].
"What would you do on the last day of the Earth?"
I'd like to talk with people I know but never had a chance to talk to before. Because I am shy it’s hard for me to break the ice. Once the conversation starts I can talk just fine.
- Oh, You do not come up to people to speak to. Do you have anyone you’ve never talked with among Japanese Nationals skaters?
Mitsuki: Well, I do not get to meet skaters in eastern Japan, so there are a lot of people who I have never talked with.
- Try talking to them more and more from now on? Even if it is not the last day of Earth.
Mitsuki: I am a little scared of the senior skaters.
- Seniors? Are you scared?


On the Ice
Oct 22, 2018
Page 6

Mitsuki: Um, Aura. Their aura at the competitions is completely different from juniors’.
- Sumoto-kun also has a unique aura [laughter]. Well then, on the last day of the Earth, you talk with people you do not know!
Mitsuki: With people I know but who I've never talked with.
- Oh, I'm sorry. If you speak to a stranger, “Who the heck are you?” would be the reaction [laughter].
Mitsuki: "What would you spend your money on if you got 100 million yen?"
Umm. I have been skating and it costs a lot of money. So I guess I will give it to my mother.
- Great!
Mitsuki: I don’t usually go out to have fun for many years. I buy sweets but I do not buy such expensive sweets. I like cheap sweets.
- I see. Well, you will give the money to your mother. Next
Mitsuki: "What would you do if you became invisible?"
If it means doing things that are not possible for me now, I would sleep like a log without being disturbed by anyone.
- Oh, I get it. If people see you …
Mitsuki: If they see me sleep they’ll talk things about me. I want to sleep well until I feel good.
- If you become an invisible human, you will sleep!? I think it’s a great idea [laughter]. OK, then last question.
Mitsuki: Oops ~! "What period do you want to go with a time machine?"
I don’t like to combat with the enemy much, so Sengoku (Warring States) Period is out of the question [laughter].
- No way will you go to Sengoku Period [laughter]
Mitsuki: If I could visit one time, Yayoi Period (t/n: ancient era when Japanese started to grow rice using iron tools) and such.
--Yayoi Period! It’s the era people cultivated fields.
Mitsuki: I want to go back to really ancient times, such as Jomon Period.
- In Jomon Period you have to hunt, don’t you? Are you okay with hunting?
Mitsuki: I don’t mind it.
- You don’t mind hunting [laughter]
Mitsuki: Well, How shall I put it? [laughter] It’s not hunting, but my grandmother has a farm and I enjoy harvesting.
- No, I hate to tell you this, but as far as my imagination goes, my image of hunting has been hunting animals.
Mitsuki: Oh, in that case, no way. I cannot handle animals at all. I really hate insects.
- Do you hate insects? Oh, now I know. You shouldn’t have told me that [laughter].


Happy 21st, Sota!
Record Breaker
Nov 12, 2013
Great interview! Thanks for sharing. Mitsuki has never been a favorite of mine skating-wise, precisely because of the issues with his expression that he mentions. But based on this interview, he has a fascinating and sweet personality! I loved that he would give all the money to his mom to pay for his skating expenses, aww. ^ ^
Really looking forward to the rest of the interview. Let's hear how flexible he is, what his favorite poses in his programs are, which celebrity he'd like to become and what he'd like to do 10 years from now. :)
Thanks for translating the entire thing, Rainbow! It's quite the biggie.
And good luck to Mitsuki this weekend.


On the Ice
Oct 22, 2018
Hi, surimi, I am glad you enjoy this fun and interesting read. Mitsuki is such a sweet and adorable boy.
I hate to disappoint you but there is no more Q&A in the second part. Besides Q&A is done by guests drawing question cards from the box, so questions are random and vary among them.

I started working on the second (last) part of the interview, and I can tell you now that,
-There is no flexibility measurement.
-They talk about Mitsuki’s school life, his favorite foods, items inside his bags, etc.
-They discuss SP/FS for this season.

Good luck to Mitsuki.


Happy 21st, Sota!
Record Breaker
Nov 12, 2013
Ah, thanks for the info! I thought all of the senshu got the same set of questions, but apparently not. Maybe it depends on how talkative they are? Less talkative > more out of the bag questions? :) Anyway, looking forward to reading the rest.


On the Ice
Oct 22, 2018
Part 2 of 2 of Mitsuki interview

Page 1
School Life as a 3rd Year High School Student
- Do you do well in your studies?
Mitsuki: I do hate studies [laughter].
- You hate it a lot? [laughter] Do you have any subject you are good at?
Mitsuki: I’m not sure if I can say that I’m good at it, but the only subjects that I can get decent exam scores are the ones that focus on memorization, such as history and chemistry. I like the subjects that require memorization.
- I see. Then what about the one you find difficult?
Mitsuki: English
- English? But English is ….
Mitsuki: I can handle the listening comprehension part, but I cannot spell. So I have trouble writing English on exam. I am really poor at writing and rearranging words in correct order.
- Grammar, huh. You don’t understand it. Then don’t you have problems talking with foreign skaters?
Mitsuki: I can somehow understand what they say. I sometimes respond in broken English when I can manage [laughter].
- Well, I think you are doing fine. If you are busy these days then do you still have time to hang out with your friends?
Mitsuki: Recently I learned to be a player [laughter].
- Ah, that doesn’t sound quite right. Is it going to be okay? [laughter] You learned how to be a player.
Mitsuki: I used to hang out with my skating buddies many times, but the guys at school… I have a hard time getting to know people around me. I didn’t have many friends who understand me as I have to skip classes because of my skating schedule. But it started to change after the Finals since more people came to understand my situation. Little by little I got more friends in addition of my old close friends. Lately, although it’s not very often, I hang out with them during off time.
- When you hang out with your buddies what do you do to have fun?
Mitsuki: Ummm, Eat out, or go to Round One (t/n: amusement center offing a variety of games and sports activities)
- So you go to Round One [laughter]. What do you do there?
Mitsuki: I follow my friends [laughter].
- You follow them [laughter].
Mitsuki: I tag along and I agree to do things they suggest.
- Then if they say “Let’s go bowling.” You will do it.
Mitsuki: I reject bowling [laughter].
- You’ll reuse to bowl? [laughter] For me bowling is the first thing come to my mind when I hear Round One.
Mitsuki: SpoCha (t/n: Sports Challenge area that offers indoor/outdoor sports activities)


On the Ice
Oct 22, 2018
Page 2
- SpoCha has various activities, doesn’t?
Mitsuki: Yes.
- What do you do?
Mitsuki: Usual things.
- Usual things?
Mitsuki: When my friends say “Let’s Go,” I tag along and have fun.
- Ah, Wait a minute. You know, the one you play soccer inside a balloon, do you play that game?
Mitsuki: That thing, last time we were there we could not play because it was raining [laughter].
- So you would have done that it the weather had been fine [laughter].
Mitsuki: Yes, we would have played that game if it had been sunny [laughter].
- What about tennis?
Mitsuki: Yes I can play tennis a little.
- You did ‘Air Kei’ (t/n: Kei Nishikori’s signature move of leaping forehand)?
Mitsuki: No, No, No, No [laughter].
- Which sport did you play the best?
Mitsuki: It’s not that I’m skillful at it but I like ping pong the best.
- Are you a strong player?
Mitsuki: I am not sure whether I’m good at it, but I enjoy playing it. Somehow I can play smashes, and one time I played against a player who was a member of the school ping pong team and I held my own more or less.

Skaters/Rivals in the Same Age Group
- Well, then, who are the skaters in the same age group?
Mitsuki: It’s not that we train skating together, but Taichiro Yamakuma
- Taichiro-kun. His name is mentioned a lot.
Mitsuki: I guess I’ve seen him around the longest time? In terms of the time we spent together.
- Ah, I see. Any rivals?
Mitsuki: Among juniors Shimada senshu.
- Koshiro-kun.


On the Ice
Oct 22, 2018
Mitsuki: Yes. There are lot of other good skaters, but his name popped up in my mind if I have to pick one.

When Did He Land 2A/3A the first time?
- This is my usual question to ask. When did you land a double axel jump for the first time?
Mitsuki: I guess it was when I was in the second year of middle school.
- Was it soon after you started training for it?
Mitsuki: It took probably a few months.
- I guess it’s normal. How did you get the hang of it?
Mitsuki: At that time I and a rival skater had been competing for landing the double axel in the same rink, and he landed it before me. After that I got so mad at myself, because that was when I was skating seriously. I was so driven by regret that I landed it perhaps the next day.
- Wow, that was awesome. Then, how about triple axel?
Mitsuki: It’s the same situation. I came across the video of Yuto Kishina-kun practicing triple axel jumps with Mura-kun, and although at that moment I was unable to land it, I landed it the next day.
- When was that? How old were you?
Mitsuki: May of last year.
- May of last year. Then, in April you were unable to land it.
Mitsuki: Well, I was training for it, but ended with three rotation two-foot landing and things like that. I mean I was not putting everything I had into learning triple axel at that time. For six months Ryuju (Hino)-kun happened to be in Rinkai Rink and he was a good example to follow, and that also helped me land the jump I suppose.
- Does that mean that you got the knack of landing jumps by watching someone else jump? There must be a difference with one more rotation, right?
Mitsuki: Before I knew it I landed it [laughter].
- Before you knew it you landed! It’s kind of…that thing…
Mitsuki: I didn’t realize at all that I landed it. When I landed the first time I didn’t know that until my coach said to me “You landed it just now.”
- Here you are…another jump genius [laughter]. Now, about quads?
Mitsuki: I haven’t landed quads but during last year’s junior camp Stephane sensei showed me his quads. I tried that quad jump after watching his, and although I stepped out I managed to land on one foot. But I haven’t been able to do the clean landing yet.
- I tell you what, one day you should go around the world. Visit the skater with a great technique and you can land a jump the next day after watching him jump? [laughter] It will go like, “This guy is a great loop jumper, so I’ll pay him a visit.” You come home after mastering the loop jump.
Mitsuki: The loop and salchow jumps are the hardest one for me. I have trouble with edge jumps, completely. As long as the salchow jump is concerned I cannot land a triple salchow.
- Is that right? I didn’t get that impression from you.
Mitsuki: I don’t have salchow in my program layout [laughter].
- Ah, I get it. That’s why I don’t remember. That makes sense.


On the Ice
Oct 22, 2018
Page 4
Ritual before Competition
- By the way, do you have any ritual before competition that you do for sure?
Mitsuki: I used to have one.
- What did you do before?
Mitsuki: I ate custard pudding before the start of 6 minutes practice time.
- You ate custard pudding? [laughter]
Mitsuki: Between the warm-up and 6 minutes (practice) I used to eat custard pudding.
- What kind of pudding?
Mitsuki: ‘Smooth Pudding’
- How come you don’t do that anymore?
Mitsuki: One time I didn’t skate well. So I stop doing that. Next time I ate jello.
- So you got your energy back right away [laughter].
- Pudding, jello, and next choice might be ankake (thick starchy sauce) [laughter].
Mitsuki: Is ankake rice dish? [laughter]
- I guess so, yes that’s true [laughter].
Mitsuki: So it’s rice dish? I don’t enjoy eating rice very much. I don’t care for main dish, either. Basically food does not make me feel happy.
- Oh,boy! [laughter]
Mitsuki: I feel like it’s a waste of time to eat foods [laughter]. Rather than meals, I like finger foods. I eat bread too but I like bite size bread pieces that I can even eat while walking around. I don’t enjoy eating at places like this, and as a matter of fact I’ve been a small eater since I was very little. Although I eat very little I’m still alive [laughter].
- Hmmm, how shall I say this?
Mitsuki: A lot of people have been saying to me like “You are so active while you eat little or nothing,” but I have been this way all my life.
- Your body seems to have adjusted to it. What is your most favorite food?
Mitsuki: Yogurt in the morning.
- For lunch?
Mitsuki: I don’t usually eat lunch.
- Dinner?
Mitsuki: When I eat dinner, meat.


On the Ice
Oct 22, 2018
Page 5
- Meat? Pudding, jello, yogurt, and meat? I thought your dinner would be harusame (gelatin noodles) instead of meat, if you think about the food consistency? [laughter].
Mitsuki: I like meat but I cannot eat very much. I like beef tongue the best.
- Oh, you have your favorite! Beef tongue?
Mitsuki: You know, the slices are served on a plate like this. Six slices per serving but it’s too much for me. Even only six slices.
- Three slices is enough?
Mitsuki: About four [laughter].
- Four slices [laughter]. The food you dislike the most?
Mitsuki: Vegetables and fish.
- Veggies and fish? Are you a little kid? [laughter]
Mitsuki: I cannot eat them at all. I don’t have any food allergies but I simply don’t want to eat them. When my mother serves them at home I have no choice. But she only gives me lettuce or cabbage so I can still manage. Except for that occasion I absolutely don’t eat them on my own.
- You should eat them on my own [laughter].
Mitsuki: …I cannot eat them at all [laughter].
- I understand [laughter].
Inside his Bag
- Sorry for no advance notice but can I take a look at what you have in your bag?
Mitsuki: Yes. This is the one we just talked about, custard pudding [laughter].
- Melon flavor pudding. Oh, that’s exactly the ‘Smooth Pudding.’
Mitsuki: Ball. I use it for warm-up and I carry it all the time for training purposes.
- The ball you always use for training.


On the Ice
Oct 22, 2018
Page 6
Mitsuki: Next, medicine. Umm…motion sickness medication? I tend to get motion sickness. I get sick walking in a crowd, in a moving car and everything. Motion sickness drugs. Then, game.
- Huh, you play games.
Mitsuki: Yes but rarely. Next, my gloves, and they are the same type as Hanyu-kun's. These sold by “Irene.” And my wallet.
- Made of ostrich leather.
Mitsuki: And then…a spoon [laughter].
- Yeah, spoon [laughter]
Mitsuki: Next, charger. Looks like I only have ordinary things.
- Okay, okay. I’m going to see lots of interesting stuff soon?
Mitsuki: No, no, no, no. Headphone.
- Tada! Headphone! Is this your favorite headphone?
Mitsuki: No it was given to me. Next, earphone.
- I wonder, can’t you just carry either one? Everybody is carrying both?
Mitsuki: Because it(headphone) flattens my hair.
- Huh, that makes sense.
Mitsuki: Yes, this is also the present I received. Next…sweets [laughter].
- You just told me that food does not make you feel happy? [laughter]
Mitsuki: I like sweets. I don’t enjoy eating meals, but I like to snack on sweets.
- Don’t snack on sweets. Eat your meals! Ah, how classic! (looking at his traditional Japanese sweets such as hard candies and dried plum)
Mitsuki: I like dried plums. Dried plums and green tea flavored sweets are my avorites.
- Dried plums and green tea sweets, huh. You also like gummies.
Mitsuki: Yes I like gummies too. 駄菓子Dagashi (Japanese traditional cheap candies and snacks) are my favorites. I don’t eat snacks like potato chips very much. I like dagashi sold at dagashi shops.
- The white yogurt flavor thingy in a tiny white cup, do you like it?
Mitsuki: I eat it often.
- You eat that thingy a lot?
Mitsuki: Not a whole lot but I eat them if they are available.
- How about kinako sticks (semi-soft chewy candies that are covered with roasted soy flour)?
Mitsuki: Yes, I do. I do. Well then, the rest are good luck charms. I have the amulets my fans have given me in a bag, although they are not all of them.
- You have a lot of amulets, huh. Great.


On the Ice
Oct 22, 2018
Page 7
Mitsuki: And, this is the amulet from Seimei Shrine my chiropractor gave me. It’s the same kind of amulet as Hanyu-kun bought [laughter]. He bought and gave it to me. That’s all.
- I bet you have something more interesting?
Mitsuki: Inside this (a bag contains amulets) I have … Latvia medal [laughter].
- Wow, you are carrying such a thing.
Mitsuki: As my good luck charm.
- I get it. This is the first time that I’ve seen a person who always carries a medal.

SP/FS for this Season
- Okay, how are your short and free programs for this season? How about short?
Mitsuki: Short is “Tosca.”
- Ah, Seems like it is a good fit for you! Why did you pick “Tosca?”
Mitsuki: I told my choreography sensei that I wanted to use the music sung by Josh Groban and she agreed to use his song for my short or free. She sent me two of his songs to choose from for the short—“Tosca” and the short version of the song for my current free. But I felt like my free program song’s short version does not do it justice. I felt that it lacks a high point, so I decided on “Tosca” for my short. My coach seemed to have a hard time picking the music for my free.
- What did you finally decided on for the free?
Mitsuki: “Mi Mancherai” by Josh Groban
- Wow, I totally get it. Did you feel that it was a great song after listening to it?
Mitsuki: At first I wanted to use“Per Te”but I found out that a Russian skater is using it this season so we decided to pick a different song. Then she sent me “Mi Mancherai”
- You were sold?
Mitsuki: At that time I knew that Junhwan senshu of Korea used it before and I recognized the music. The first image I had was Junhwan, and it was easy for me to feel what’s going on in the music. I was already very excited when I went to see my choreographer. (t/n: His current choreographer is Nanami Abe who is a former coach/choreographer of Yuzuru Hanyu.)
- I see.
Mitsuki: I love my costume for the free for this season.
- The greenish one?
Mitsuki: White and bluish with color gradation.
- Gradation!
Mitsuki: I had ones with color gradation before, but I really love my new costume this time.
- What part do you like it?
Mitsuki: The feel when I wear it. Before I felt something was not quite right.
- Did you feel a little bit restricted?
Mitsuki: That feeling is completely gone now.
- Then you love it so much. That means you can skate better at competitions?
Mitsuki: That depends on how much I improve through practice.
- You are absolutely right [laughter]. You cannot rely on your costume. About “Tosca”for short and “Mi Mancherai” for free, is there particular point that you want to draw the audience’s attention to?
Mitsuki: Throughout my skating career this is the first time that I will skate to opera pieces. I feel my short program“Tosca”has a melancholic undertone.
- I see you want the audience to feel the depth of your feelings. You want to be expressive.
Mitsuki: I’ll give my best shot to do a good job.
- What about the free?
Mitsuki: The free has a climax in the last half and I do a long Ina Bauer and a spread eagle there. Immediately after these moves I jump, so I’m working hard on transitions these days.



Jan 11, 2017
So he has something in common with Shoma Uno: hating insects. ;)

Mitsuki: I want to go back to really ancient times, such as Jomon Period.
- In Jomon Period you have to hunt, don’t you? Are you okay with hunting?
Mitsuki: I don’t mind it.
- You don’t mind hunting [laughter]
Mitsuki: Well, How shall I put it? [laughter] It’s not hunting, but my grandmother has a farm and I enjoy harvesting.
- No, I hate to tell you this, but as far as my imagination goes, my image of hunting has been hunting animals.
Mitsuki: Oh, in that case, no way. I cannot handle animals at all. I really hate insects.
- Do you hate insects? Oh, now I know. You shouldn’t have told me that [laughter].


On the Ice
Oct 22, 2018
Mitsuki injured his hip joint the day before Japan Junior Nationals and he is fifth after the short.

2018 Japanese Junior Nationals Men's SP results top 10

Koshiro Shimada 82.35
Tatsuya Tsuboi 78.23
Yuto Kishina 74.26
Sena Miyake 72.73
Mitsuki Sumoto 69.89
Shun Sato 66.01
Lucas Tsuyoshi Honda 63.34
Kao Miura 62.20
Takeru Kataise 61.87
Yuma Kagiyama 60.71