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Moments of Figure Skating Positivity


On the Ice
Apr 5, 2016
I'm a simple folk so I was delighted when underdog Samodurova won Europeans in 2019 - in all likelihood, she won't achieve anything of that caliber ever again and her jubilation was nice to see.

For a similar reason, I was also glad to see Zagitova win the Olympics in 2018 - I felt she was going to be put under the bus with 'only' a silver despite the fact she had not worked any less hard than the other Sambo girls. Furthermore, Medvedeva already had her achievements/fame under her belt to start touring and make a living. My reasoning was that with this 'balanced' result (compared to what it could have been with a reversed result), both girls established their international fame to make skating into something lucrative in the future and help their families financially.

But yeah, I'm a simple folk.


Nov 13, 2021


Final Flight
Jan 29, 2007
When I have time or do something it is possible to watch during doing things, I like to watch small competitions' live screens. When a skater or a pair is delightful when she/he/they reach they PB like not more than 80, 100 or points like that at FS or reaches the 50 points limit in SP , I also feel joy for them. It is a pleasure see skater to be happy.