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Jul 26, 2003
Nathalie Péchalat (born 22 December 1983 in Rouen, France) and Fabian Bourzat (born 19 December 1980 in Rouen, France) are retired ice dancers who previously competed for France. Nathalie and Fabian won the bronze medal at Worlds in 2012 and again in 2014. They are two time European champions and five time French national champions. They competed in three Olympics, 2014, 2010, and 2006. They retired from competition after the 2014 season.

They pronounce their names in this video:

Their ISU Biography

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Fabian's Wikipedia

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TypeScoreEventEvent CategoryLevel
Total177.22XXII Olympic Winter Games 2014Ice DanceSeniors
HCD37.75World Championships 2010Ice DanceSeniors
HCD Technical18.92World Championships 2009Ice DanceSeniors
HCD Component18.95World Championships 2010Ice DanceSeniors
HOD61.83World Championships 2009Ice DanceSeniors
SD72.78XXII Olympic Winter Games 2014Ice DanceSeniors
HOD Technical33.50World Championships 2009Ice DanceSeniors
SD Technical36.93World Championships 2011Ice DanceSeniors
HOD Component30.09XXI Olympic Winter Games 2010Ice DanceSeniors
SD Component36.35ISU World Championships 2014Ice DanceSeniors
FD107.17ISU World Championships 2014Ice DanceSeniors
FD Technical52.06ISU World Championships 2014Ice DanceSeniors
FD Component55.11ISU World Championships 2014Ice DanceSeniors
H - Historic Record achieved before 2010/2011 season


SD1: Slow Foxtrot: "Roxie" (from "Chicago") performed by Renee Zellweger, Quickstep: "Sing Sing Sing" by Louis Prima, Charleston: "Mein Herr" by John Kander
SD2: "Big Spender" by Cy Coleman and Dorothy Fields, "Sing, Sing, Sing" by Louis Prima and "Mein Herr" by John Kander
FD: The Little Prince and his rose: "Caroussel" from Cirque du Soleil by Benoit Jutras, "Droit de Cite" by Raphael Beaun and Max Steiner, "Jeux Interdits" by Fernando Sor and "Le Petit Prince et ma Rose" by Maxime Rodriguez

2013 TEB OD - "Big Spender" by Cy Coleman and Dorothy Fields, "Sing, Sing, Sing" by Louis Prima and "Mein Herr" by John Kander (This was their first SD version of the 2013-2014 season.)

2014 Worlds OD - SD1: Slow Foxtrot: "Roxie" (from "Chicago") performed by Renee Zellweger, Quickstep: "Sing Sing Sing" by Louis Prima, Charleston: "Mein Herr" by John Kander. They used different music here.

2014 Worlds FD - The Little Prince and his rose- They won the bronze.

SD: "Gaite Parisienne" by Jacques Offenbach and "Sous le ciel de Paris" performed by Yves Montand
FD: "Miss You," "Angie," "Symphony for the Devil" and "Start Me Up" by The Rolling Stones

2012-2013 GPF SD Polka: Gaîté parisienne by Jacques Offenbach, Waltz: Sous le ciel de Paris performed by Yves Montand

2012-2013 GPF FD to Rolling Stones Medley (they won the bronze here)

SD: "Carnival in Rio" theme: "Mas que Nada" composed by Jorge Ben, performed by Sérgio Mendes, "Batucada" by Abacaxi and "Real In Rio" by Sérgio Mendes
FD: "Mummy and Pharaoh" theme: "Passion" by Peter Gabriel, "In The Garden" by Narada World, "Le Retour de Punt" by Bernard Becker and "Alf Layla Wa Layla" by Ahmad Sidqi

2011-2012 Worlds SD Latin medley: Mas Que Nada by Sergio Mendes, Batucada by Abacaxi, Real In Rio by Sérgio Mendes

2011-2012 Europeans FD Pharoah & his Mummy (To Passion by Peter Gabriel) Their second Europeans-winning performance (they won the bronze at worlds with this program)

SD1: "Lara's Theme" from the Dr. Zhivago soundtrack by Maurice Jarre;
SD2: Music from the Amélie soundtrack by Yann Tiersen and "Fuga y Misterio" by Ástor Piazzolla
FD: City Lights medley performed by London Symphony Orchestra

2010-2011 SD Europeans Waltz: Lara's Theme by Maurice Jarre

2010-2011 Europeans FD Chaplin City Lights Medley -they won their first Europeans with this program

OD: "Thank God, I'm a Country Boy" by Roy Rivers and Dolly Parton and "It's Not Over Now" by Dale Watson
FD1: "Kika" by Ezekiel and music from the Requiem for a Dream soundtrack by Clint Mansell; "Time" by Maxime Rodriguez
FD2 "Circus" theme: "La Notte di Favola" by Nicola Piovani,"La Marche des Gladiateurs" and "Jonglage" by Maxime Rodriguez

2009-2010 Europeans OD Folk Dance: Thank God, I'm a Country Boy by Roy Rivers, Dolly Parton, It's not over now by Dale Watson

2009-2010 Time by Maxime Rodriguez FD French Masters

2009-2010 Europeans FD Kika by Ezekiel, and Requiem for a Dream by Clint Mansell, Time by Maxime Rodriguez (they changed the program up quite a bit for the Olympics, but there is no copy of the Olympic program on line.)

2009-2010 Worlds FD They went back to the Circus program of the previous year- they finished 4th

OD: Lindy Hop: "It Don't Mean a Thing" by Puppini Sisters
FD: "La Notte di Favola" by Nicola Piovani, "La Marche des Gladiateurs" and "Jonglage" by Maime Rodriguez

2008-2009 Worlds OD Lindy hop: It Don't Mean a Thing by Puppini Sisters

2008-2009 Europeans FD La Notte di Favola by Nicola Piovani , Jonglage by Maxim Rodriguez, March of the Gladiators (Circus theme)

OD: Spanish Flamenco: "Le Gitare al Viento," "Blanca de Plata" by Guadiana and "Imagen del Recuerdo" by José Mercé
FD: "Organ Donor" by DJ Shadow, "Marla" and "Space Monkeys" by Michael Simpson and John King

2007-2008 Worlds OD Spanish Flamenco; Le Gitare al viento by Guadiana, Imagen del recuerdo by José Mercé, Blanca de Plata by Guadiana

2007-2008 Worlds FD The Organ Donor by DJ Shadow (Madness program)

OD: "Mi Buenos Aires Querido" by Carlos Libendinsky and "Escualo" by Ástor Piazzolla
FS: The Four Seasons arranged by Assen Merzouki

2006-2007 Worlds OD Tango: Mi Buenos Aires Querido by Carlos Libendinsky, Escualo by Ástor Piazzolla

2006-2007 Worlds FD Modern version of 4 Seasons by Assen Merzouki, with Nathalie with the cotton ball studded costume

OD: Samba: "San-A-Samba" by Rene Aubry; Rhumba: "And I love Her" by Jose Alberto; Salsa: From Chano
FD: Les Misérables soundtrack by Claude-Michel Schönberg

2005-2006 Europeans OD Samba: San-A-Samba by Rene Aubry, Rhumba: And I love Her by Jose Alberto. Salsa: From Chano

2005-2006 Worlds Les Miserables by Claude-Michel Schönberg FD

OD: Slowfox, Charleston, and Quickstep
FD: Cats soundtrack by Andrew Lloyd Webber

2004-2005 OD Worlds Slow foxtrot: My Heart Belongs to Daddy; Charleston Quickstep

2004-2005 Worlds FD Cats by Andrew Lloyd Webber

OD: "Swing Brother Swing" by C. MacGill and "If Can't Have You" by E. James
FD: "Babalu" by Chano, "Dance of the Soldiers" by Red Army Choir, "Hasta Siempre" by S. Brave and "Demasia da Corazon" by W. de Ville

2003-2004 Trophee Lalique OD Swing Brother Swing, by C. MacGill If Can't Have You by E. James

2003-2004 Worlds FD Babalu by Chano, Dance of the Soldiers by Red Army Choir, Hasta Siempre by S. Brave, Demasia da Corazon by W. de Ville

OD: "Masquerade" by Aram Khachaturian; "Tritsch Tratsch Polka" by Johann Strauss II
FD: "Buddha Bar" by Claude Challe, "Elveda" by Metin Arolat, "Asla Vazgecemem" by Tarkan (version performed by unknown artist); choreo. by Romain Haguenauer

2002-2003 OD Masquerade by Aram Khachaturian, Tritsch Tratsch Polka by Johann Strauss II
2002 TEB OD

2002-2003 FD at TEB Buddha Bar by Claude Challe, Elveda by Metin Arolat Asla, Vazgecemem by Tarkan

OD: "La Historia di un Amor"by Claude Challe, Spanish Waltz, "La Historia del' Amour" by Claude Challe
FD: "Buddha Bar" by Claude Challe

2001-2002 World Juniors OD Waltz, Flamenco; La Historia di un Amor, by Claude Challe Spanish Waltz La Historia del' Amour by Claude Challe

2001-2002 Jr Worlds FD Buddha Bar by Claud Challe

OD: "The Sea," "Katyusha – Midnight in Moscow"
FD: "El Condor Pasa"

Nathalie & Fabian teamed up for the 2000-2001 season & made it to Jr. Worlds. I could not find any videos of these programs.

Compulsory Dances

2010 Worlds CD - Golden Waltz

2010 Winter Olympics CD - Tango Romantica

2009 Europeans CD - Finnstep

2008 Skate Canada CD - Paso Doble

2008 Worlds CD - Argentine Tango

2008 Europeans CD - Yankee Polka

2006 Skate America CD - Westminster Waltz

2006 Worlds CD - Ravensburger Waltz

2005 Worlds CD - Midnight Blues

2004 French Nationals CD - Midnight Blues

Competitive History​

Season 2013-2014​
2014 World Championships323 (175.37)
2014 Olympic Winter Games444 (177.22)
2014 Olympic Winter Games -- Team Event4-6 (Team)
2014 French National Championships111 (176.78)
2014 Grand Prix Final533 (169.11)
2013 Trophée Eric Bompard233 (171.08)
2013 Cup of China211 (165.68)
2013 Masters de Patinage111 (171.45)
Season 2012-2013​
2013 World Championships476 (165.60)
2013 French National Championships111 (177.21)
2013 Grand Prix Final333 (170.18)
2012 Trophée Eric Bompard111 (168.90)
2012 Cup of China111 (169.73)
2012 Masters de Patinage111 (176.05)
Season 2011-2012​
2012 World Team Trophy334 (Team)
2012 World Championships333 (173.18)
2012 European Championships211 (164.18)
2012 French National Championships111 (174.11)
2012 Grand Prix Final333 (169.69)
2011 Trophée Eric Bompard222 (164.56)
2011 Skate America222 (156.29)
2011 Masters de Patinage111 (179.72)
Season 2010-2011​
2011 World Championships364 (163.54)
2011 European Championships111 (167.40)
2011 French National Championships111 (166.44)
2011 Grand Prix Final222 (162.10)
2010 Trophée Eric Bompard111 (161.82)
2010 Cup of China111 (159.59)
2010 Finlandia Trophy111 (151.76)
2010 Masters de Patinage111 (156.80)
2010 Nebelhorn Trophy311 (147.18)
Season 2009-2010​
2010 World Championships4434 (194.39)
2010 Winter Olympic Games9677 (190.49)
2010 European Championships5344 (188.51)
2010 Grand Prix Final333 (147.62)
2009 Skate Canada2222 (185.07)
2009 Trophée Eric Bompard3222 (181.64)
2009 Masters de Patinage111 (150.93)
Season 2008-2009​
2009 World Team Trophy434 (Team)
2009 World Championships6455 (194.36)
2009 European Championships4424 (184.84)
2009 French National Championships111 (154.96)
2008 NHK Trophy2112 (175.42)
2008 Skate Canada2633 (159.06)
2008 Masters de Patinage222 (152.91)
Season 2007-2008​
2008 World Championships6677 (190.51)
2008 European Championships5655 (185.26)
2008 Grand Prix Final666 (140.82)
2007 Cup of Russia2222 (184.38)
2007 Skate America2222 (181.84)
2007 Masters de Patinage2222 (179.99)
Season 2006-2007​
2007 World Championships14131012 (162.05)
2007 French National Championships2222 (167.91)
2006 Trophée Eric Bompard4587 (153.30)
2006 Skate America3343 (167.28)
2006 Masters de Patinage2322 (177.50)
Season 2005-2006​
2006 World Championships15121715 (154.00)
2006 Olympic Games16171918 (149.31)
2006 French National Championships2 (160.25)
2005 Cup of Russia5455 (155.59)
2005 Trophée Eric Bompard8755 (150.13)
2005 Masters de Patinage2??2 (157.19)
Season 2004-2005​
2005 World Championships16231919 (149.63)
2005 European Championships14131312 (148.32)
2005 Winter Universiade2333
2005 French National Championships2222 (156.52)
2004 Trophée Eric Bompard Cachemire8788 (149.61)
2004 Cup of China7677 (146.39)
2004 Masters de Patinage
Season 2003-2004​
2004 World Championships9192020
2004 French National Championships3
2003 Trophée Lalique9878
2003 Cup of China7667
2003 Masters de Patinage
Season 2002-2003​
2003 Winter Universiade33333
2003 French National Championships3
2002 Trophée Lalique8899
2002 Masters de Patinage
Season 2001-2002​
2002 World Junior Championships77566
2002 French Jr. Championships
2002 Junior Grand Prix Final7677
2001 JGP SBC Cup2222
2001 JGP The Hague4444
2001 Jr. Masters de Patinage
Season 2000-2001​
2001 World Junior Championships
2001 French Junior Championships
2000 JGP France
2000 JGP China
2000 Jr. Masters de Patinage

Galas and Exhibitions​

2014 TEB - "Talk to Me"

2014 Courchevel - "Talk to Me"

2014 Worlds - "(I've Had) The Time Of My Life"

2014 French Championships - "Talk To Me"

2013 Cup of China - "People Are Strange"

2013 Courchevel - "tous les memes" by Stromae

2013 Music on Ice Geneva - Chaplin

2012 Worlds - "(I've Had) The Time Of My Life"

2012 TEB With Encore - "People Are Strange"

2012 Courchevel - "People Are Strange" by the Doors

2011 Europeans - "Healing Chant" by The Neville Brothers (George of the Jungle)

2011 TEB - "Healing Chant" by The Neville Brothers (George of the Jungle)

2011 Courchevel - "(I've Had) The Time Of My Life"

July 2010 - "Chacun pour soi Tenue de soirée" by Didier Barbelivien

2010 Europeans Gala - "Andy by Les Rita Mitsouko" no audio

2010 Zhulin Show - George of the Jungle

2009 TEB - Circus - Circus theme:
"La Notte di Favola" by Nicola Piovani, "La Marche des Gladiateurs," "Jonglage" by Maxime Rodriguez

2009 Europeans - "Mummy" by Claude Challe

2008 Courcheval - "Andy by Les Rita Mitsouko" no audio

2008 COI Ljubljana Flamenco ( without commentary )

2008 COI Ljubljana Mummy (without commentary)

2008 Zhulin Show - Chaplin

2008 Europeans - "Mummy" by Claude Challe

2007 Stars Sur Glace Bercy - The Four Seasons arranged by Assen Merzouki

2006 TEB - "Majorette" by Bénabar

Golden Skate Articles and Threads​

Now that they were retired, we wanted to know what Nathalie and Fabian planned with the rest of their lives:

Aug. 2014 - "Pechalat and Bourzat look to the future"

Nathalie and Fabian take bronze at the 2012 Grand Prix Final, held in Sochi
Dec. 2012 - "Davis and White take fourth consecutive Grand Prix title in Sochi"

Nov. 2012 - "Pechalat and Bourzat golden at Trophee Eric Bompard"

Nov. 2012 - "Pechalat and Bourzat earn lead in Short Dance in Paris"

Nov. 2012 -"Pechalat and Bourzat take third Grand Prix title at 2012 Cup of China"
Nov. 2012 - "Pechalat and Bourzat take strong lead in Shanghai"

Nathalie and Fabian discussed their programs for the 2012-2013 season with us!

Sept. 2012 - "Pechalat and Bourzat find their groove"

Nathalie and Fabian.won their first world medal, a bronze, at the 2012 World Championship In Nice.
Mar. 2013 - "Virtue and Moir recapture World title"
Mar. 2013 "Virtue and Moir lead Ice Dance in Nice"

They win their second European title after finishing second in the SD:
Jan. 2012 - "Pechalat and Bourzat defend European ice dance title"
Jan. 2012 - "Bobrova and Soloviev surprise in Sheffield"

The team takes bronze at the 2011 GPF:
Dec. 2011 - "Davis and White capture third consecutive Grand Prix dance title"
Dec. 2011 - "Davis and White dance to strong lead at Grand Prix Final"

Jan. 2011 - "Nathalie and Fabian win their first European title!"
Jan. 2011 - "Pechalat and Bourzat grab lead in the Short Dance at Euros"

Sep. 2010 - "Pechalat and Bourzat dance off with Nebelhorn gold"

Tatjana Flade interviews the team about their programs for the upcoming 2010-11 season.
Aug. 2010 - "Challenging for the gold"

Tatjana Flade interviews the team about their programs for the upcoming 2009-10 season and about their move to training with Zhulin in Moscow.
Jan. 2009 - "Detour via Moscow on the way to the top for French dance team"

Other Articles and Media

June 2016- Nathalie shares stories about French skaters who inspired her:

Icenetwork interviewed both Fabian and Nathalie about life after competing:
Jun. 2016 - "Bourzat fully immersed in coaching career, lifestyle"

June 2015 - "Péchalat making most of post-retirement life"

Dec. 2014 - Nathalie' s experiences on the French version of Dancing With the Stars

The team settles for World bronze in their last competition
Mar. 2014 -"Cappellini, Lanotte win dance by razor-thin margin"

Mar. 2014 - Interview about the team heading to Worlds 2014 and post Olympics

Jan. 2014 - The team discusses skipping Europeans to hone their SD for the Olympics and answer other questions

Jan. 2014 - Interview by sports TV-news Fr2 before the European Figure Skating Championships 2014 in Budapest (Hungary)

Oct. 2013 - There is a wonderful interview on icenetwork with Nathalie & Fabian, prior to their 2013-14 season's first competition at 2013 Cup of China. It has extensive details about how they developed their Little Prince FD. I found it completely fascinating!

Nov. 2013 - Interview with Stade2

Nov. 2012 - "Finding a Hippie Groove with Nathalie Pechalat and Fabian Bourzat"

Feb. 2012 Interview with Nathalie Péchalat et Fabian Bourzat - On n’est pas couché 4 février 2012

Feb. 2012 - 'Nathalie Pechalat and Fabian Bourzat: "Ice dancing is not only a question of elements"'

Mar. 2007 - "Pechalat and Bourzat Try Not to be Boring" By Barry Mittan

Previous Partnerships​

Péchalat competed with Julien Deheinzelin on the ISU Junior Grand Prix series in autumn 1997 and 1998. She broke her arm in 1998 and missed six weeks of skating during her three-month recovery. She competed with Michael Zenezini in the 1999–2000 season. He ended their partnership

Bourzat's early partners included Caroline Truong, Emeline Leroux and Albane Sailloud.


Wicked Yankee Girl
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Jul 26, 2003
Original Post October 2, 2013

I've always loved this team, and this may well be their last season.

There was a great Q&A on recently about their creative process:

I am anxious to see how their shift to Shpilband continues to work for them :)

I'm hoping for Olympic bronze!

Their ISU bio

Nathalie Pechalat & Fabian Bourzat's free programs are also very creative and original.

2004/05 FD "Cats" - Look at the opening with a depiction of cats grooming furs. :)

2006/07 FD This avant-guard "four seasons" - The brown overall's suspenders become branches of a tree.

2007/08 FD "The Organ Donor" - Who would imagine of seeing this kind of medical drama concept in figure skating competition? :laugh:

2008/09 FD "Circus theme" - So lovely and cute as well as touching.

2009/10 FD "Time"

2011/12 FD "Pharaoh & his Mummy" - Look at the audience to cheer the team. :laugh2:

2013/14 FD "The Little Prince and his rose" - I love everything. :love:
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Oct 3, 2013
What I like about them is their difference from other Dance Teams - they are trying more crazier music and so on and I love it. Definetly a Olympic hope :)


Wicked Yankee Girl
Record Breaker
Jul 26, 2003

BTW, Welcome to Golden Skate Carmen 95! Post long & often.


Match Penalty
Mar 11, 2007
Their birthdays are almost the same. Late December. She will turn 30 and he will be 33 at the Olympics. They will be the oldest ice dancers, but will they be the oldest skaters in the entire event? How old is Plushy?

I thought their Les Miz program from the 2006 Olympics was really well done.


Wicked Yankee Girl
Record Breaker
Jul 26, 2003
I did too! Unfortunately, at that point in their career, they were very prone to mistakes.


Wicked Yankee Girl
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Jul 26, 2003
There is a wonderful interview on icenetwork with Nathalie & Fabian, prior to their season's first competition at Cup of China. It has extensive details about how they developed their Little Price FD. I found it completely fascinating!

Good luck to them both this weekend!


On the Ice
Dec 20, 2011
Thank you for starting this thread. Though I have recently discovered them; they are my FAVORITE Ice Dance team. They truly dance. I think they would make great coaches. I'm off to watch their vids again.


Record Breaker
Mar 5, 2004
I've loved this team since we saw them compete live @ Skate America in Reading, PA - 2007!


Feb 8, 2013
Not that I expected any different, but I was still a little bummed that they weren't able to snag bronze. Their free dance was so lovely, costumes included. Is the story of the little prince just not well-known outside of France? I'm surprised people aren't buying into it more.


Nov 28, 2011
I think they deserved Bronze. But that's just me, I feel like if the Olympics were in another country, they would've snatched Bronze.


Wicked Yankee Girl
Record Breaker
Jul 26, 2003
I agree. I loved their Little Prince performance! I will so miss their charming and creative dances in coming seasons.


On the Ice
Apr 7, 2012
Is there a video available with commentary on what parts of the dance correspond to which parts of the Le Petit Prince story?


Mar 7, 2014
Good evening, I am new at posting here but wanted to express how pleased I am to have discovered this awesome ice dance team, though I'm sad that I am a little bit late to the party. At least there's youtube and P/B's Facebook page for their videos and info. I love their eclectic tastes in music and dance and their expressive movements no matter what story they are telling. I hope they perform in CA sometime in the coming year so I can see them live. Does anyone here know if they are going on tour for any of the pro skating exhibitions? I am in the SF Bay Area so am especially interested in Nor CA performances.

Also, altuixde, I wonder if Nathalie would respond to your question on either twitter or fb (after World Championships). She appears to be good at posting stuff, though I could be wrong.

Hope they medal at worlds


Wicked Yankee Girl
Record Breaker
Jul 26, 2003
Welcome to GS, hrhblahblahblah!

Nathalie & Fabian are indeed awesome.

I don't think they will be touring in the US this year, because the only US tour is Stars on Ice, and they aren't on it this year; the cast has already been announced.