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New Blog: The Ice and The Edge


Aug 21, 2012
I started it last month (the concept was carried over from an older, now-defunct site that enjoyed a good bit of traffic in its day), and due to time constraints since then, I'm still getting it on its feet. The first few posts were somewhat erratic and unrelated, but I now have a better concept of what I want the blog to communicate. It's focused on national and international competitions, with a bit of regionals/sectionals thrown in for lesser-known skaters. I expect it to be quite busy when the season actually begins, but for right now, I'm compiling a series of recaps about the "big" summer events.

I'd also like to make the disclaimer that the writing is far more casual than my normal style, as I think befits an amateur fan blog. :)



Wicked Yankee Girl
Jul 26, 2003
Good luck with it, Forever Fish! An Olympic year is a great time to start a sports fan blog!