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New Boot and Blade Update


Final Flight
Oct 2, 2015
It would definitely be more than split width. Stock Jacksons are split width; you'd need customization if you didn't want it.
Stock Jackson boots formed on the Elite last (extended further down the product line with the most recent models) are standard split width with the ball one size wider than the heel (e.g., D ball/C heel). If you want a split width with more than one width differential (e.g., D ball/B heel), you would need to go semi-custom (assuming no other changes).


On the Ice
Mar 28, 2017
Yes. Definitely should have been it’s own thread!

The rapid custom from Jackson seemed like a bit more than split width, which I assumed most major brands offered. I wasn’t sure if they abandoned the other options or just stopped advertising on their site. The site is awkward to navigate sometimes anyway.

The RC info is still there, but you're right it's a bit awkward to navigate. I wasn't sure whether the double split width was going to be available under RC, but it was. We also weren't 100% sure whether it was going to be a true C/A or just a wide/narrow combo. She insists it is a true C/A, since the ball is snugger than the stock Jackson wide (D/C) that she was in with her Debut's. And her heel is locked into that A perfectly.

As far as the Elite, you can get the Fusion sole on it as well. And I remember asking our old tech about the shock absorption and she said the differences were minor. If you're looking for more shock absorption a thicker insole might be an option, Superfeet or similar, but the Matrix Poron that comes standard is pretty cushy as it is. I've learned to replace it every 3 months as it loses a bit of cushion with use.

If your skater is comfortable in the Debut, and just doesn't feel enough support she should be able to slide right into the Premiere. It sounds like the Elite is a bit different in padding etc, but not much stiffer (at least by the numbers, but we are all wary of those). I think the weight difference is pretty minimal as well, but it's been a long time since I hefted an Elite.

As far as Edea, there must be something to them. If I had to guess I'd say well over half of our best skaters are in them (and I'd push that to near 100% of the dancers). I've never had a conversation with any of them about how they fit and why they were chosen so I'm no help on that. I'm glad mine isn't concerned about the fashion aspect of her boots and sees them for what they are, tools. She does like the crystals on her boots though, so thank Edea for that I suppose.