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New experience with boots, is this due to overbooting?


Feb 6, 2022
Hey all, so I recently went skating after almost 2 years of hiatus, due to the pandemic, and for the first time, I had some issues with my RF3 boots. They all of a sudden made my feet feel a little suffocated in the boot, and there was rubbing/ bruising on my ankles, and on my legs where the tops of the boot are. This was so unusual to me as I'd never before experienced this, and I have been questioning what happened. I wondered if it was my socks, or if it was due to not having skated in so long. I also wondered if it was due to having been overbooted years ago. I've heard that overbooting can mean the boots feel too stiff, and this time around, they were feeling exactly that. Back when I bought them, I was recommended them by a shopkeeper in a skating shop. At that time, I was skating once a week in group lessons. They never once hurt me or felt stiff, but perhaps I was not working as hard as I try to now (i.e. attempting to hold edges and improve in these detailed areas), with self-education on skating. It's difficult to tell. I'm worried it means I'm just going to keep having issues with them now, and tbh, there isn't a skating shop near me to get fitted again. I know RF3s are usually associated with doubles, but I've only ever been working on singles, and I haven't even tried the Flip or Lutz yet, though I am close to trying those out for the first time. It may have been that I had/ have the ability to try all singles for a while now, but haven't due to not being in lessons/ moving around/ trying to find a rink close enough. So that leads me to the last issue, do I plough on with these RF3s, or do I trade out for boots that are a lower level? Thanks :)


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Mar 24, 2019
Your first time skating after a two year hiatus will have been a nasty shock to your feet and ankles. Give it time to adjust to wearing the little concrete foot coffins and for those things to get used to your feet again. Boots always feel stiffer after a time off, too. Don't panic yet. If you're an adult working on singles, it's fairly unlikely you were overbooted in the RF3s. Try skating without socks if you think they may be causing a problem. Bunga/gel pads can help with rubbing and pressure around the ankles. Hopefully you'll be back in the swing and comfort soon.


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Jan 9, 2017
The boots may have gone back to original shape and may need stretched/baked etc. That will happen if they are just sitting w/o you putting them on for years.

I agree with @WednesdayMarch, you need to give your feet time to get used to them and vice-versa. Hopefully they'll retake the shape of your foot quickly and you'll be fine. I don't think you were overbooted.

Welcome back to skating, have fun! :)