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New Prediction Contest addon - Updated 9/13/21


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Jun 21, 2003
We are so thrilled! After months of development, we now have a new prediction scoring tool in place for our contests! No more copy/pasting names on a post or human scoring!

Please use this thread for any questions or if you are having any technical issues.

Add your predictions

Click on the "Add Prediction" button (top right above the Prediction Contest thread). Use the dropdown box for each discipline to select your placements. ONLY SAVE when you are done with all disciplines! You can select up to six skaters/teams for each category, however, only the top five choices will count. With this new system, the sixth selection does not count if one of your top five withdraw. It's simply for your reference should you decide to change your choices before the thread closes.

Edit your predictions

You can edit your choices anytime up to deadline shown on the Prediction Contest thread.


Each correct guess of placement is worth 15 points. Each guess that is one placement off is worth 10 points. Each guess that is two placements off is worth 5 points. There is no human scoring so results will be shown soon after each event is completed. Your total standings are based on your total score — not by discipline.

Once the event is over and results posted, the Prediction Contest thread will be opened for comments.

Tournament Ladder

A link on top of the Prediction Contest thread will show the results of the contest soon after the event is finished. You can sort by overall/discipline and see everyone's points.

Grand Prix
Junior Championships
8 individual tournaments​
10 individual
7 individual tournaments​
4 individual tournaments​
5 individual tournaments​
9 individual tournaments​
Event 1Event 1Skate AmericaUS NationalsEYOFEuropeans
Event 2Event 2Skate CanadaCanadian NationalsJunior WorldsFour Continents
Event 3Event 3Cup of ChinaJapanese NationalsYouth Olympic GamesOlympic Individual
Event 4Event 4NHK TrophyRussian NationalsYouth Olympics TeamWorlds
Event 5Event 5Internationaux de FranceAsian Games
Event 6Event 6Rostelecom CupUniversiade
Event 7Event 7Senior Grand Prix FinalWorld Team Trophy
JGP FinalEvent 8Team Challenge Cup
Event 9Olympic Team
Event 10
Overall WinnerOverall WinnerOverall WinnerOverall WinnerOverall WinnerOverall Winner


On the Awards tab, you will see “Individual”, “Combined Overall”, and "Crystal Ball" medals. As always, members who have the top three highest total scores at the end of the event will receive an Individual medal (i.e. bronze, silver and gold). The "Combine Overall" medal is reserved for the overall scores for each of the six categories shown in the table below.
  • The "Individual" award is for winners for an individual overall event (i.e. Skate America, GP Final, Canadian Nationals, Worlds, etc.).
  • The "Overall Combined" award is reserved for the six combined categories below:
    • all Grand Prix events including the Final
    • all Junior Grand Prix events including the Final
    • all Challenger Series events
    • all four National events (Russia, Japan, Canada, and US)
    • all ISU Championships (Europeans, Four Continents, Worlds, Olympic Games, Olympic Team event, Asian Games, Universiade, World Team Trophy, and Team Challenge Cup)
    • all ISU Junior Championships (EYOF, Junior Worlds, Youth Olympic Games, and Youth Olympics team)
    • Note: If 25% or more of the competitions for any category is cancelled, there will be no Overall Combined award for that particular category. For example: if one of the National events are cancelled, no Overall Combined Award will be given for the Nationals Category.
  • The "Crystal Ball" award
    • Novice: is for a member who has earned a total of at least 10 Individual and/or Overall Combined awards.
    • Junior: is for a member who has earned a total of at least 25 Individual and/or Overall Combined awards.
    • Senior: is for a member who has earned a total of at least 50 Individual and/or Overall Combined awards.
    • Pro: is for a member who has earned a total of at least 100 Individual and/or Overall Combined awards.
  • These awards will be presented shortly after the results have been added to the appropriate Prediction Contest thread. Please note that awards are only retroactive as of the 2018-19 season.
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Good luck in the new season, Sota!
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Nov 12, 2013
Hi, how do I activate being able to make more than 6 predictions in the prediction contest? I have noticed one user posted 8 in some categories in the SC predictions. I would love to do the same. I know they're not counted past top 5, but for me making predictions for all placements is more fun than getting points for correct predictions :]


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Jan 29, 2007
I made a mistake and do not find edit button on my predictions in the Cup of Austria. How can I correct it?