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New skates advice: Jackson semi-custom vs Risport?


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Jan 9, 2017
There was a Royal Elite, although it's discontinued. I have a couple of skaters who were talked into Royal Elites, which are rated for triples and quads, despite one of them not yet having all her singles and the other struggling with C-steps. :frown: They are lovely boots but very stiff.

OP: Thanks for the update! Hope you love them. :)
I was talking about the current Risport lineup. I wore that stock a very long time ago.

My only hope is that the OP doesn't injure themselves wearing a boot not rated for them and way too stiff.
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Aug 31, 2010
As an aside, I also noticed that Jacksons have a slightly different fit in comparison to the pair I bought at the end of 2019. With the older pair I own, the toe is a little more tapered and the heel seems narrower, both of which is better for me as compared to the newer versions. Also the new versions require a 1/4" shorter blade so I was going to have to buy a new blade anyways. All in all everything just seemed to convince me to try the Risports.


Most of the Jacksons are now made on their Elite last, so I expect you were seeing that.