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Olivia Tuuva

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Sep 23, 2013
Olivia, is a young lady, competing for Finland in the seniors bracket and was born on the 26.01.1996.

Biography & skating style:

The 20 years old, started skating around the age of four and is from Lappeenranta, a place in the south of Finland, close to the Russian border. That being said, she is currently living at Lahti and does go to the sports and business school, "Suomen Urheiluopisto, Vierumäki" while skating for the club "Kouvolan Jäätaiturit", both not too far from Helsinki.

Her style is very graceful and elegant and she is also running a blog called "life is beautiful", in which she is sharing very personal moments with her audience. It is in Finnish, but very easy to read and understand, worth every moment of your time.

Olivia´s talent to grab people with her performances is huge...
From my blog at Bavarian Open

Quick Links:

ISU Profile (not up to date)
Her Blog

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