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Pairs SP Starting Order's Up


Final Flight
Jan 18, 2007
Pairs Short Program Starting Order

That is a horrid place for Megan and Eric. Not good at all!!

Not too bad of a one for Kirstin and Dylan though. John and Caitlin also got a pretty decent one too.

And it all ends w/Yuka and Sasha. That'll prove interesting to see if the nerves can handle being the final skaters of the SP at a Home Worlds.

And yes, I know they're veteran skaters, but a Home Worlds are a Home Worlds and funny things can happen at times.


On the Ice
Mar 24, 2010
I am curious to see how Y/C and T/T handle being sandwitched between two of the best team in the world. Will they crack or deal with it? I can't wait to see K/S new sp costumes, but I read he was having trouble with his skate so I hope he isn't worried about it the whole time. That is a powerful program to end on, I hope they do's almost time :)