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Feb 7, 2012
Ice dancers Penny Coomes and Nicholas Buckland compete for Great Britain. Coomes was born 6 April 1989 in Ascot, England, while Buckland was born 9 June 1989 in Nottingham, England. The team did not compete during the 2018-19 season.

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April 2016 UPDATE

Personal Best Total Score177.13ISU CS Nebelhorn Trophy 2017
Personal Best Score Short Dance71.79ISU CS Nebelhorn Trophy 2017
Personal Best Score Free Dance105.34ISU CS Nebelhorn Trophy 2017



SD: Rumba: Rumba d'Amour choreo. by Christopher Dean, Samba: Batucada by DJ Dero
FD: Battle Remembered by Yo-Yo Ma and The Silk Road Ensemble, later: Exogenesis: Symphony, Part 1 by Muse, Butterflies and Hurricanes by Muse

2018 Europeans SD
2018 Europeans FD

2017 NHK Trophy SD
2017 NHK Trophy FD

2017 Cup of Nice SD
2017 Cup of Nice FD

2017 Nebelhorn Trophy SD
2017 Nebelhorn Trophy FD

SD Waltz: Die Fledermaus by Johann Strauss,Polka: Die Fledermaus by Johann Strauss; choreo by Philip Askew, Zhanna Palagina
FD Exogenesis Part 1 by Muse, Hurricanes and Butterflies by Muse; choreo by Philip Askew, Zhanna Palagina

2016 Team Challenge Cup FD

2016 Worlds SD
2016 Worlds FD

SD Practice at 2016 Bavarian Open

2016 Europeans SD
2016 Europeans FD

2015 -16 British Nationals SD

2015 NHK Trophy SD
2015 NHK Trophy FD

2015 Trophée Bompard SD
2015 Trophée Bompard FD

2015 Nepela Trophy SD
2015 Nepela Trophy FD
Medal Ceremony

SD "Malaguena & Poeta" and "Poeta en el Mar"
FS "Exogenesis: Symphony Part 1" and "Butterflies and Hurricanes" by Muse

2015 Europeans SD

2014 NHK SD
2014 NHK FD

2014 Rostelecom Cup SD
2014 Rostelecom Cup FD

2014 Cup of Nice SD
2014 Cup of Nice FD

2014 NRW Trophy SD

SD "Swing Set" by Jurassic 5 and "I Won't Dance" by Fred Astaire
FD Michael Jackson medley

2014 Worlds SD
2014 Worlds FD

2014 Olympics-Platov watching Penny & Nick Skate
2014 Penny & Nick talk about Sochi on the BBC

2014 Europeans SD
2014 Europeans FD
2014 Europeans Small Medal Ceremony

2013 TEB SD
2013 TEB FD

2013 Nepela SD
2013 Nepela FD

SD "Scalliwag" by Galic Storm and "Rhythms of the Fall"
FD "Basement Jaxx vs Metropol Orkest"

2013 Worlds SD
2013 Worlds FD

2013 Europeans SD1
2013 Europeans SD2
2013 Europeans FD

2013 British Nationals

2012 NHK SD
2012 NHK FD

2012 Rostelecom Cup SD
2012 Rostelecom Cup FD

2012 Coupe de Nice 2012
2012 Coupe de Nice FD

2012 Mentor Nestle Nesquik Toruń Cup SD
2012 Mentor Nestle Nesquik Toruń Cup FD

SD "El Beso del Final" by Christina Aguilera and "Let's Get Loud" by Jennifer Lopez
FD Viva Elvis by Cirque du Soleil

2012 Worlds SD
2012 Worlds FD

2012 Europeans SD
2012 Europeans FD

2011 Cup of China SD
2011 Cup of China FD

2011 Golden Spin Medal Ceremony

SD Waltz: "La Valse d'Amelie" by Yann Tiersen; Tango: "Tango de los Exilados" by Vanessa-Mae and Walter Taieb
FD "Simba Confronts Scar" and "King of Pride Rock/Circle of Life" from the soundtrack of The Lion King by Elton John and Tim Rice

2011 Worlds SD
2011 Worlds FD

2011 Europeans SD
2011 Europeans FD

2011 British Nationals SD
2011 British Nationals FD

2010 Skate America SD
2010 Skate America FD

OD Irish folk dance, "Reel Around the Sun" and "The Countess Cathless" by Bill Whelan
FD "Pavane" by Myleene Klass and "Sarabande" by Escala

Personal Best Scores Under the Old CD/OD System​

Personal Best Total Score145.91European Championships 2010
Personal Best Score CD28.63European Championships 2010
Personal Best Score Original Dance46.98European Championships 2010
Personal Best Score Free Dance71.60XXI Olympic Winter Games 2010

2010 Europeans CD
2010 Europeans SD
2010 Europeans FD

2009-10 British Championships FD

FD Requiem for a Dream by Clint Mansell

2009 Winter Universiade FD

Competitive History

Season 2017-2018​
2018 Winter Olympic Games10 (68.36)10 (101.96)11 (170.32)
2018 European Championships6 (69.45)9 (98.97)7 (168.42)
2017 British Nationals1 (75.15)1 (109.90)1 (185.05)
2017 NHK Trophy5 (65.64)9 (92.51)7 (158.15)
2017 Cup of Nice1 (68.40)1 (104.58)1 (172.98)
2017 Nebelhorn Trophy1 (71.79)1 (105.34)1 (177.13)
Season 2015-2016​
2016 Team Challenge Cup- (NA)4 (100.90)3 (Team)
2016 World Championships877 (173.17)
2016 Bavarian Open111 (165.68)
2016 European Championships
866 (162.75)
2015 NHK Trophy555(155.88)
2015 Trophée Bompard4Canc.4 (58.34)
2015-2016 British Championships111 (173.88)
2015 Nepela Trophy222 (156.22)
Season 2014-2015​
2015 European Championships10-W
2014 NHK Trophy265 (137.88)
2014 Rostelecom Cup323 (158.02)
2014 NRW Trophy of Ice Dance111 (154.73)
2014 Coupe de Nice111 (157.08)
Season 2013-2014​
2014 World Championships999 (153.66)
2014 Olympic Winter Games11910 (151.11)
2014 Olympic Winter Games -- Team Event7-8 (Team)
2014 European Championships333 (158.69)
2014 British National Championships111 (147.10)
2013 Trophée Eric Bompard777 (128.59)
2013 Ondrej Nepela Memorial111 (148.64)
2013 U.S. International Classic455 (133.41)
Season 2012-2013​
2013 World Championships101713 (145.71)
2013 Bavarian Open111 (157.17)
2013 European Championships655 (152.95)
2013 British National Championships111 (153.65)
2012 NHK Trophy666 (122.80)
2012 Rostelecom Cup877 (126.66)
Season 2011-2012​
2012 World Championships121714 (129.31)
2012 World Championships -- Preliminary Round44 (PR)
2012 European Championships466 (145.31)
2012 Mentor Nestle Nesquik Toruń Cup111 (146.87)
2011 Golden Spin of Zagreb222 (147.58)
2012 British National Championships111 (156.66)
2011 Cup of China344 (130.39)
Season 2010-2011​
2011 World Championships171616 (126.29)
2011 European Championships181414 (116.47)
2011 European Championships - Preliminary Round33 (PR)
2011 British National Championships2-W
2010 Skate America788 (111.29)
2010 NHK Trophy888 (109.80)
2010 Coupe Internationale de Nice323 (113.14)
2010 Ondrej Nepela Memorial444 (115.47)
Season 2009-2010​
2010 Winter Olympic Games21191920 (143.61)
2010 European Championships16161516 (145.91)
2010 British National Championships2222 (158.86)
2009 Ondrej Nepela Memorial2544 (143.11)
2009 Ice Challenge14989 (135.32)
Season 2008-2009​
2009 Winter Universiade14151315 (117.13)
2008 Golden Spin of Zagreb88-W
2008 Finlandia Trophy8989 (120.12)
Season 2007-2008​
2008 World Junior Championships1726-W
2008 British Junior National Championships1111 (129.71)
2007 JGP John Curry Memorial10161713 (114.29)
2007 JGP Pokal der Blauen Schwerter 7121510 (122.02)
Season 2006-2007​
2007 British Junior National Championships2222 (109.34)
Season 2005-2006​
2006 British Junior National Championships5555 (102.71)


2016 Europeans Gala - Michael Jackson medley

2015-16 British National Gala

2015 Best of British Gala
2014 Rostelecom Cup Gala Michael Jackson Medley

2013 Europeans Gala - Michael Jackson Immortal Megamix Don't Stop Till You Get Enough

2012 Europeans Gala Fix You by Coldplay

2012 Oberstdorf Gala Act 1 EX Michael Jackson medley

2012 Oberstdorf Act 2 EX "Scalliwag" by Gaelic Storm and "Rhythms of the Fall"

2011 Cup of China EX Fix You by Coldplay

2012 Nottingham Torch Gala-Kissing in the Rain by Patrick Doyle
Ice dancers Olivia Smart & Joe Buckland; Penny Coomes & Nick Buckland perform before Jayne Torvill & Christopher Dean take to the ice with the Olympic Flame" (part of the lead the 2012 Summer Olympics).

2011 Penny & Nick skating for Ice Theater of New York at Bryant Park's Citi Pond to "La Valse d'Amelie" by Yann Tiersen and: "Tango de los Exilados" by Vanessa-Mae and Walter Taieb, their 2009-10 SD Program; choreography by Philip Askew

Golden Skate Articles and Threads


  • Jan. 2013: "Bobrova and Soloviev lead dance at 2013 Europeans"
    Great Britain’s Penny Coomes and Nicholas Buckland (60.59)....Coomes and Buckland were smooth in their Waltz and Polka as well and picked up three level fours as well...
  • Jan. 2013: "Bobrova and Soloviev capture European title in Zagreb"
    Great Britain’s Penny Coomes and Nicholas Buckland pulled up one spot to fifth at 152.95 points with a fast paced routine to British electropop music, Basement Jaxx vs Metropol Orkest. Their whirling lifts were a highlight and the team actually had, together with Tanja Kolbe and Stefano Caruso of Germany, the highest technical base value...
  • Jan. 2012: Pechalat and Bourzat defend European ice dance title
    Penny Coomes and Nicholas Buckland of Great Britain, both 22, were last to skate and ended the evening with a dynamic Elvis Presley Medley to the delight of the home crowd. They too, picked up excellent levels for their elements, and finished sixth with 145.31 points...
  • Jan. 2012: Bobrova and Soloviev surprise in Sheffield
    Penny Coomes and Nicholas Buckland of Great Britain lead the pack with 59.78 points in fourth place ...
    To the delight of the home crowd, Coomes and Buckland turned in a strong performance to Rhumba and Cha Cha. They earned a level four for both Rhumba parts, the lift, and the twizzles...
  • Nov. 2011: "Bobrova and Soloviev golden at Cup of China"
    Great Britain’s Penny Coomes and Nicholas Buckland were on the way to the bronze medal with their Viva Elvis Medley but then Buckland fell on the transition lift in the last seconds of the program, taking her down with him. That, and another deduction for an extended lift, cost the couple the medal as they slipped behind the French by just 0.58 points...They are interviewed about it.
  • Nov. 2011: Bobrova and Soloviev secure strong lead at Cup of China
    Penny Coomes and Nicholas Buckland of Great Britain sit in third before the free dance on Saturday. They are interviewed.


Other Articles and Media

Video Interviews

  • April 2016 - Nottingham TV - Penny & Nick at the 17 minute mark
  • April 2014 Penny and Nick do the Team Orange card game, and it results in one of the best and most candid interview with skaters that I have seen .
  • Penny & Nick at Ice Sheffield
    "Published on Apr 4, 2014 Current European bronze medallists Penny and Nick, who placed 9th at the recent 2014 World Championships and 10th at Sochi 2014 give us a quick insight to their careers and what it takes to become a successful skater."
  • Heartache & Figure Skating, Penny & Nick
    "Published on Mar 21, 2014 In an interview prior to the Sochi Winter Olympic Games, GB figure skaters Penny Coomes and Nick Buckland talked to Sports Liberated about their telepathic relationship, trying not to look stupid at the end- of-competition galas, and how the pair coped after finding out one of them had a serious heart issue"
  • 2014 Penny & Nick talk about Sochi prior to the competition
    "Published on Feb 6, 2014 Penny Coomes and Nick Buckland claimed their first major championship medal with European bronze in January [2014] and are hoping to perform just as well in Sochi"
  • Learn to Skate with Penny & Nick
    "Published on Nov 29, 2013 Team GB Figure Skaters Penny Coomes and Nick Buckland talk you through the basics of ice skating to impress a special someone...with a slight twist. Penny & Nick are on the road to Sochi 2014 hoping to compete in Olympic Figure Skating, having already compete together in the mixed Ice Dance at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games"
  • Penny & Nick British Champions
    "Published on Dec 23, 2012 Short film showing them preparing their latest routine"
  • Training with Penny & Nick just prior to the 2010 Olympics
    "Uploaded on Feb 11, 2010Ice dancers Nick Buckland and Penny Coomes show off their original dance in a training session at the Team GB Preparation Camp in Calgary."


Original Post by GF2445 on Nov. 30, 2014

This team has won me over. I will support them :)
Very sad to see them heartbroken in Osaka but at least they earned themselves some fans :)
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Feb 9, 2014
Penny & Nick missed the British Champs this weekend in order to skate at NHK so now they have neither the GPF place or the British title - your heart has to go out to them.
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Feb 7, 2012

I am so sad for them. I loved their programs this season and they had such a strong start. I hope these setbacks will give them the determination needed to climb again and be in contention.
They are a beautiful team who have contributed technical innovation to ice dance.


On the Ice
Oct 28, 2014
Absolutely gutted for the bad luck and health issues Penny and Nick have had to endure this season. Wishing them healing, strength and the ability to turn the page next season.


Wicked Yankee Girl
Jul 26, 2003
Penny's Instagram said:
After a positive beginning, last season did not end in the way that Nick and I had hoped for. During our preparation for the World Championships I noticed that I was becoming more fatigued than usual, and within a few days I started to experience difficulty breathing. I continued training and doing what I could in the hope that I would still be able to compete. However about a week before we were scheduled to leave, my doctors in America took the decision out of my hands and said I wasn't medically fit to travel to China and compete at the World Championships. Upon returning to England and working with my medical team here, I am now feeling a lot better and ready to start training again.
After an abrupt and unexpected finish to our toughest season, we were faced with a difficult proposition. We were asked to move to Detroit to train with Igor Shpilband. As hard as it's been for us all, we are looking forward to a fresh start and gaining a new perspective from Igor and his team. We are excited to start a new chapter of our lives tomorrow.

We cannot express how hard it has been for us to leave Evgeny, nor put into words what he has done for us both over the past 5 years. We will miss him and our team in New Jersey dearly. Evgeny Platov has become, and always will be part of our family.

The rules changed a lot this last season. They changed in ways that were unfavorable to couples with a large size difference whose strength was great lifts; in other words, Penny and Nick and Chock and Bates. C&B still managed to make the transition to the new rules. Shpilband is their coach. It is a logical move for Penny and Nick.

I will miss Platov's choreo. However, Igor seems to be OK with students' using outside choreo. I hope Platov will continue to do Penny & Nick's choreo. :bow:


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May 28, 2014
I hope Platov will continue to do Penny & Nick's choreo. :bow:
I don't think it would be possible. Most probably it was their Federation who insisted on them changing the coach and most probably they will be demanded to work with new choreographer to make their game stronger.


Final Flight
Jan 12, 2004
Happy to see they are keeping their free dance. It is so unusual and really showcases Co/Bu's strengths.


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Feb 7, 2012
Penny and Nick got to meet the Queen of England.
They are officially, the classiest ice dance couple.

ice coverage

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Feb 27, 2012
Penny and Nick got to meet the Queen of England.
They are officially, the classiest ice dance couple.

Tessa and Scott sat with the Queen and Prince Philip at dinner when the royal couple visited Canada a few years ago :yes: :cool:.


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Feb 26, 2014
I don't think it would be possible. Most probably it was their Federation who insisted on them changing the coach and most probably they will be demanded to work with new choreographer to make their game stronger.

Their choreographer was not Platov but Philip Askew and Zhanna Palagina. Philip is Penny's stepfather so I think he will keep working with them.


Wicked Yankee Girl
Jul 26, 2003

I updated Penny & Nick's OP. I really enjoyed doing it, too. Although they have had so many health setbacks, they have managed to earn a medal at Europeans, and have produced a number of really interesting dances. It is nice to see that Ice Theater of NY had them as one of their guest artists, and that there is video of the performance. A series of videos was produced, documenting their story as a lead up to the 2014 Olympics, which I found interesting. And by all means, don't miss their turn at the Team Orange Card Game!

I hope you enjoy reading and viewing their Summer Fan Fest as much as I enjoyed putting it together.


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Feb 7, 2012
They haven't had a twitter update in a while.
It's a good sign that they are working very hard.